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January 16, 2023 10:30 pm  #3621

Re: Movie night

Sadie and Liz are the first to arrive followed by Jarrod's parents, then William and Anna and finally Tristan, Enid, Melissa and Lisa. As we sit down I finally tell sadie, Lisa, Jennifer, and Jessica I'm pregnant. They couldn't be happier for us. I guess Jarrod couldn't contain his excitement either as he hugged me tight as he caressed my cheeks before giving me a deep loving kiss on my lips.  Once the excitement finally began to die down We start eating sherry and mince pie. I couldn't help but keep a constant smile on my face as Jarrod never ceased to caress my thighs and cheeks, kissing her and caressing my hair all throughout.

We then decide to announce a movie before dinner, as to let it finish cooking. We watch Rewrite with Hugh Grant before dinner. Its a nice movie, but one that is very hard not to shed some tears during. During the movie I feel some tears beginning to sting the backs of my eyes. I grab Jarrod's hand and give it a squeeze trying to distract myself. I certainly didn't want to embarrass myself crying in front of so many people. When I knew it was inevitable I discretely leaned over and buried my head in the crook of his neck and !at a few tears escape, trying not to comp!early break down. Right before the last scene I lifted my head and went into the kitchen  to set the table and serve dinner. I took an extra min to wash my face as I hadn't given Jarrod any time to dry my tears and they were starting to dry on my face.

After a lovely dinner I got up and started clearing away the dishes for dessert. Everyone immediately got up and helped pitch in telling Anna and I (who were almost 7mos and almost 2mos respectively) to sit down and rest.  That left Anna and I a bit of time to talk.


January 17, 2023 4:30 pm  #3622

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I can't believe time goes by so fast, I remember indulging in lovingly wiping and kissing Enid's tears at Jarrod and Camilla's house on Christmas Day and now, I am standing at the altar, waiting for my beautiful bride to be to walk into my arms. I glance quickly seeing Robyn,, my sis Melissa and her girl, Lisa, Jen, Emily, surprisingly Laura and her girlfriend, obviously Jarrod, Camilla, William and Anna, along other friends.

I feel pretty excited about this moment.


January 17, 2023 8:21 pm  #3623

Re: Movie night

Emily's girlfriend's POV

It was the day of the wedding and me and Emily got ready in our smart ushers outfits. We separately did each others hair too.

The temperature wasn't too bad, although I waw grateful I could wear my knee high boots as in combination with some dark tights they did keep my legs warm. I was concerned that Emily would be okay though as hers were stiletto boots. But she said she would be fine

Emily did get tense a but when Robyn and her two best friends arrived. Apparently Robyn was dating Emily's ex.

We all stood up when Enid arrived and walked down towards Tristan. Me and Emily linked hands as we watched her walk down the aisle, tears running down our cheeks. Our fellow usher Jen was also crying, tears streaming down her face

We wiped our tears and saw we weren't the only ones. Robyn and her friends were crying too. After the ceremony we moved to the hotel for the reception, which was lovely.

We managed to circulate round the guests during the meal and at one point, I got talking to Laura one of Tristan's friends. I had just sat down to take my boots off, so I could massage my feet when she came up to me and she told me of her interesting hobby.

'Because it's winter, I can't break any windows' she was telling me. 'But when it gets warmer, I'm going to start up again. I can't wait to smash my dining room window'

I had to admit, I was fascinated and more than a little jealous. I would love to be able to smash a window, but Emily rented her house and her landlord would never let me do it

It was soon time for the dancing and Emily joined me - also having taken off her boots - on the dance floor and we swayed in time to the music

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January 17, 2023 8:37 pm  #3624

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

Enid walked down the aisle and she looked so beautiful that me and Susan soon had tears streaming down our faces. The ceremony was perfect and the vows were very moving. They even set Marie off and soon she had tears running down her cheeks too.

After the ceremony we all decamped to the hotel for the reception. However during Tristan's Dad's speech, I felt a wave of loneliness come over me. Quietly telling Susan and Marie that I would be back shortly I left to find a quiet corner to myself.

I sat down on a flight of stairs, tears running down my cheeks. I missed Caitlin so much. I sent her a text and within a few seconds she was calling me.

'Hey beautiful' she said. Seeing her face on my phone screen made another round of tears run down my cheeks

'I'm sorry, I'm not interrupting anything am I' I sobbed

'No, I'm just going out to meet Millie for our weekly film watch, but I can be late.' Caitlin said. Tears began streaming down her face. 'I wish I could be with you Rob'

'Me too' I replied, wiping my tears. My heart ached with so much sadness. We talked for about ten minutes, before hanging up. When we did I needed a couple of minutes to compose myself. Luckily Susan and Marie found me and they both gave me a comforting hug.

'I'm okay' I told them. 'Let's enjoy the dancing'

At the end of the night, Enid tossed the bridle bouquet which Jen caught

'I hope this is a lucky omen' she told us, tears running down her cheeks. 'Because currently my love live sucks'

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January 17, 2023 8:53 pm  #3625

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

The church wedding was perfect. I'm so happy Tristan decided to have one. Because our first wedding was in the early hours of the morning and there was so much stress behind it, it kind of didn't feel special

But this one was. Both me and Tristan said our vows as our tears flowed and it was so magical

We decamped to the hotel and me and Tristan sneaked off with Melissa and Lisa to get their report on Robyn and her friends

'They all cried' Lisa reported. 'You were right Enid, they are beautiful criers, their tears were so perfect'

'Particularly Susan' Melissa put in. 'She looks gorgeous with streaming tears on her face'
We hadn't forgotten to keep an eye on Laura, but she was very well behaved and didn't break any glass. I did see her discuss her hobby with Emily's girlfriend though and saw her eyes light up when Laura mentioned to her that she regularly smashed a window

It was soon time for the dancing. Emily and Anna joined us on the floor after they had taken their boots off (not surprisingly, their feet must have been aching). One of the songs made me cry, but Tristan ever the gentleman wiped them away as they ran down my cheeks

Soon it was the traditional bouquet toss which was caught by Jen. I heard her say to Susan that she hoped it was a lucky omen

Me and Tristan then travelled home for an early night. We were catching a flight the next day for a short two day honeymoon

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January 18, 2023 7:27 am  #3626

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

Enid and Tristan weren't the only ones flying away early. Alicia who had flown in from the West Coast to be Enid's bridesmaid also needed to fly back too

We managed to grab a couple of minutes, and she was worried for me that I was going through a long distance relationship too

'How are you coping?' She said tears streaming down her face. I explained it was really hard, but having Susan and Marie to bear the load with me helped a lot.

'I wish I'd done the same' Alicia said, wiping her tears. 'Then I might not have got so overwhelmed and moved to the west coast'

'I'm sorry you broke up with Leo' I told her, as tears streamed down my face. 'It must have been awful'

'It was for a couple of weeks' Alicia admitted, another tear running down her right cheek. 'But Natalie and Emma gave me the courage to go to a gay bar and I met someone knew'

After wishing me good luck and a safe trip when me and Marie did our Guinness attempt in the Summer, we parted

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January 24, 2023 5:02 pm  #3627

Re: Movie night

Sadie and Liz are the first to arrive followed by my parents, then William and Anna and finally Tristan, Enid, Melissa and Lisa. As we sit down Camilla tells Sadie, Lisa, Jennifer, and Jessica she's pregnant. They couldn't be happier for us. I can't contain my excitement either as I hug Camilla tight as I caress her cheeks before giving her a deep loving kiss on her lips. We go to the table and start eating sherry and mince pie (except Camilla), since Camilla isn't having dessert, I try to be her dessert caressing her cheeks, hair...

We then decide to announce a movie before dinner, as to let it finish cooking. We watch Rewrite with Hugh Grant before dinner. I had never seen the movie, I feel Camilla grabbing my hand, giving it soft squeezes.Not long after Camilla leans over and buries her head in the crook of my neck, I guess she's trying to avoid being seen crying, as I feel hot tears raining on my neck. I feel her making an effort to not comp!early break down. Right before the last scene she suddenly stops leaning on me and quickly goes into the kitchen, not giving me the opportunity to wipe or kiss her tears.

After dinner, we all got up to clean, except our two pregnant princesses.

As Camilla and I are left alone, I ask her: "Why didn't you let me take care of your tears? I mean, every girl there had tear streaks on their cheeks, I guess you would have been one of the few (Tristan also took care of Enid's tears) whose tears would have been lovingly taken care of (as William didn't take care of Anna's tears)."

We go to bed, I tease Camilla, motioning to take her pajama off...


January 24, 2023 10:35 pm  #3628

Re: Movie night

Jarrod asks me why I didn't let him take care of my tears as everyone had tears running down their face at one point or another.

"I don't know really... I guess it was just too many people I didn't know that know the whole embarrassment thing." I began blushing slightly. "Remember how long it took for me to be completely comfortable crying in front of you...and in public too..." I finished kind of trailing off.

I guess not wanting me to feel any more embarrassed than I already did Jarrod decided to change the subject motioning for me to remove my pajamas.

"I have a proposition for you." I began giving Jarrod a sly look. "If you still want I'd love to have fun with you...but...would you like to rewatch Rewrite? I have a good feeling I've seen it on Netflix. That way you could wipe my unchecked tears in privacy... So I definitely wouldn't hold back this time." I finished really hoping he'd indulge himself in the latter.

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January 27, 2023 2:01 pm  #3629

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

Millie was worried about me, when I turned up to her house late and with drying tears still visible on my face.

'Are you sure you want to do our movie watch today' she said

I nodded as a fresh round of tears ran down my cheeks. Millie readied the DVD player and we sat down to watch The Pink Panther

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January 28, 2023 3:39 pm  #3630

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV

Finally the day of our wedding is here, this one is extremely beautiful as there is no conflict behind it. I arrive at the Church, wait for Enid at the altar steps, after a few minutes she comes, looking radiant. We stay in front of the altar as the lectures pass by, they moved most of us to be more prone to tears as they were quite emotive. I am resolved not to hold my tears back today.

As we say our vows, I see Enid's beautiful gray eyes shed the most beautiful tears, they are big and sparkle with the light of the church, her tear streaks thick and shiny, enhancing her facial features as they draw artistically her cheeks, first one, then one more, then two more. Seeing her tears seem to invite my tears to join as I feel hot, happy tears begin to course down my cheeks, I leave them unchecked as we are saying our vows. By the time we finish our vows and are about to kiss, Enid has six beautiful streaks on her left cheek and five on her right.

The bishop says I can kiss the bride, I cup her cheeks as I lean in for a kiss, I hear a round of applauses as I wipe her tears while I kiss her. My heart skips a beat when I feel my beautiful wife's soft hands on my cheeks wiping my tears in return. I have mixed feelings, I feel vulnerable (but not ashamed or embarrassed) having my tears wiped in front of around 50 persons, and on the other hand I feel lucky to have the most beautiful girl in the world wiping my tears and showing it to the world.

As the ceremony ends, our friends come and congratulate us. Robyn and Susan come first, I don't remember the last time I wiped Robyn's tears but I'm not missing this opportunity. As she comes to hug me I hold her shoulders to stop her steps, I bring my hands to her cheeks, wiping her tear streaked cheeks, she surprises me corresponding the same way, Robyn had never wiped my tears before. I blush. Next comes Susan, then Camilla, who also wipes my tears, I shiver at the touch. Then comes Jarrod, William, Anna, I see her eyes full of emotion and thick streaks on her cheeks, as she smiles and wipes my tears I don't know what spurs me to bring my hands to her cheeks, even in front of William, and I slowly wipe her tears. My sis and Lisa come next.


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