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March 20, 2023 5:13 pm  #3871

Re: Movie night

Camilla and I go on the four hour drive, even though its kind of cold, seems that the pregnancy makes Camilla feel hotter, which I kind of like since she decides to wear a sundress that covers just a little below mid thigh. I smile as I get in the car, knowing the four hours will fly quick as I indulge feeling Camilla's beautiful soft thighs.

As predicted, in the blink of an eye we reach William's and he brings us in. As soon as we see Anna, dressed in a beautiful dress and Annabelle in her arms I notice Camilla's eyes shine, I caress her cheek...


March 20, 2023 5:19 pm  #3872

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I make sure everything is ready for our families to arrive, the first are my parents and Anna's, as they are getting comfortable, Jarrod and Camilla arrive. Camilla looks beautiful, her pregnancy is showing now, she is wearing a beautiful dress that highlights her worked out, yet, a bit soft now (because of pregnancy) legs, she kind of reminds me of Anna's beautiful thighs as they jiggled when we were in Hawaii on our last vacations as we hiked while she was still pregnant.

Jarrod doesn't resist asking to hold our loving Annabelle in his arms as he caresses Camilla's cheek. I go and take Annabelle from Anna's womb and bring it to Jarrod...


March 21, 2023 9:27 pm  #3873

Re: Movie night

Although cold, I don't seem to feel it. I choose a mid thigh sun dress to wear to William and Anna's. I see a smile quickly forming on Jarrod's face as we get into the car. It seems he can't keep.his hands of my thighs during our drive. His right hand is either placed on my thigh or caressing it the whole drive. The four hrs seem to fly by.

We soon arrive at William and Anna's. We notice we are not the first to arrive seeing both William as well as Anna's parents have already arrived. I am immediately drawn to Annabelle. Looking at how lovingly Anna is holding her in her arms I can't help but feel myself beginning to get a little emotional. I begin thinking of what it will feel like to hold my own baby when the day arrives.I feel tears of love and happiness beginning to fill my eyes. I am startled out of my thoughts by Jarrod delicately caressing my cheek.

As he is caressing my cheek he asks William if he can hold Annabelle. He immediately says yes and picks her up out of Anna's arms and brings her to Jarrod. I can't help but feel a sense of love I've never felt before seeing how gentle he is with her.

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March 21, 2023 9:38 pm  #3874

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov,:

The day arrives for everyone to come to meet Annabelle. William does a wonderful job preparing the house for our families leaving me to just take care of Annabelle. He cleans the house and prepares a lovely meal for everyone.

Just at around 3pm everyone starts arriving. First William's parents then mine.  As everyone is chatting and meeting Annabelle Jarrod and Camilla arrive at just about 4pm. Before we really have a chance to catch up Jarrod asks William if he can hold Annabelle to which he almost immediately gives a happy yes. Before I know it she is out of my arms and into his.

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March 21, 2023 10:04 pm  #3875

Re: Movie night

As I have Annabelle in my arms, I turn to Camilla, smiling, seeing her beautiful eyes full of emotion. I offer her to hold Annabelle. As she picks Annabelle from my hands I bring my hands to her barely growing abs, leaning to kiss her cheek, keeping my cheek there for a few seconds.


March 21, 2023 10:11 pm  #3876

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

As I see Jarrod holding Annabelle I feel happy tears slowly fill my eyes. I turn to look at Anna with a big smile on my face and blurry sight…

I turn to look as Jarrod hands Annabelle to Camilla, I look into Camilla’s sparkling eyes as Jarrod leans and kisses her…


March 22, 2023 3:59 am  #3877

Re: Movie night

After a moment Jarrod asks me if I'd like to hold Annabelle. I couldn't be any happier and nod an affirmative yes. I delicately pick her up as I feel his now empty hands delicately being placed on my abs. I let out a little gasp as I'm caught off guard by his loving gesture. As soon as I have Annabelle stable in my arms I see him lean in and feel him place a delicate kiss on my cheek. I'm trying to hold back my emotions but when he lingers with his cheek against mine I give up fighting and let a single tear flow from my eye and into his cheek.

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March 22, 2023 4:05 am  #3878

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

After a moment of William watching Jarrod holding Annabelle he turns to look at me with a big smile on his face. I'm glad he is so happy to have both our families here, but as he turns his head slightly I can see a slight shine in his eyes, that of impending tears. I don't want to embarrass him in front of all of our family so I just smile back at him as I delicately grab his hand and discretely begin to rub circles on the back of his hand with my thumb.

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March 22, 2023 7:17 am  #3879

Re: Movie night

Rachel's POV

It was really nice to meet up with Gemma and Billie again. I'd completed my run through all Montreal Metro stations that day and met them in their hotel for dinner

'The scenery is so beautiful' Gemma said , tears running down her cheeks. 'It makes us both cry every single day' I smiled with appreciation, and showed them some pictures of the stations on the metro.

After dinner I took my leave of them both and they gave me a hug goodbye, Billie with tears streaming down her face

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March 23, 2023 7:19 pm  #3880

Re: Movie night

I feel Camilla a bit tense but quickly releases, I feel a warm tear wetting my cheek.I remove my cheek from hers, cupping her face as she holds Annabelle, lovingly swiping my thumb slowly across her cheeks and my index and middle along the curvature that follows the trail from the outer corner of her eyes...


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