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April 1, 2023 2:43 am  #3901

Re: Movie night

"Hon." I whisper trying to get Jarrod 's attention, snapping him out of whatever he was watching going on between William and Anna. "Although adorable, Anabelle is a heavy little girl. Care to give her back to Anna for me?" I ask rather quietly as not to disturb any of the other guests.

I give Annabelle a loving g kiss on her head as Jarrod delicately takes her from my arms.


April 1, 2023 3:04 am  #3902

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

As soon as Anna's parent turn to look at Jarrod and Camilla I lean in slightly and whisper in Anna's ear "Thank you my love for so delicately wiping my tears despite my obvious embarrassment. You are the most loving and caring wife...and now mother...that I've ever had the fortune of being with. I hope Annabelle grows up to be just as sensitive and caring as you."

As soon as I finish, I see Anna's tears start their journey down her beautiful cheeks as she takes a deep shaky breath. The first tear slides out of the middle of her left eye rolling beautifully down her cheek. She closes her eyes, causing a  tear escape out the middle of her right eye and another one out of the outer corner of her left. I lean and start kissing a few tears and streaks, wiping others as she blushes slightly.

I turn to look at my in-laws and notice they have a smile on their face as they stare at us surprised. I can't blame them, as I have made a drastic change.


April 1, 2023 3:15 am  #3903

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

I feel William lean in and kiss a few of my tears and streaks, using the pads of his thumbs to wipe others despite my embarrassment. I'm so grateful for the changes he has made since our near fallout. Still taking care of my tears I see him turn his head slightly in the direction of my parents, but I don't have time to focus on them as I see Jarrod slowly approaching with Annabelle in his arms.

"Anna and I love our niece very much, but feel its time she met some of her other relatives. We'd hate to hog her." Jarrod said sweetly apparently waiting for me to open my arms to accept her.

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April 1, 2023 3:34 am  #3904

Re: Movie night

As I'm watching William taking care of Anna's tears, Camilla tells me: "Hon. Although adorable, Anabelle is a heavy little girl. Care to give her back to Anna for me?" She gives Annabelle a loving kiss on her head as I delicately take the baby from her arms and bring it to Anna.

As I reach Anna, I politely tell her: ""Anna and I love our niece very much, but feel its time she met some of her other relatives. We'd hate to hog her." I can't help but lean in and tenderly wipe a warm tear from her still lightly blushed cheek. I look at her and William at the same time (I see Will from the corner of my eye).

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April 1, 2023 1:45 pm  #3905

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as Jarrod hands me back Annabelle I'm caught off guard by the feeling of another hand on my cheek. I soon realized it was Jarrod lovingly wiping a tear off my cheek before heading back to Camilla. I couldn't help let another smile escape my lips as I feel totally comfortable and loved being taken care of by two guys.

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April 1, 2023 1:51 pm  #3906

Re: Movie night

As soon as Jarrod walks back across the room he gives me a loving smile, cupping my cheeks. As he brushes his fingers across my now drying cheeks I feel an unfamiliar wetness on his thumbs and shudder a bit at its coldness.

"Anna's tears." Jarrod begins trying to explain. "Couldn't help myself seeing William so lovingly wiping them." He continues, but quickly adds "But you're will always be my favorite to wipe no matter the circumstances."

After a min of silence between us he asks "Care to go mingle with the others?" As he takes my left hand in his right and helps me stand up (as the longer I'm pregnant the harder it seems to be able to do).

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April 2, 2023 4:08 am  #3907

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

It had been such a nice surprise to see Caitlin for a few days during spring break. Even if it had been a wrench to say goodbye to each other once again

However as we hugged goodbye with tears streaming down our faces, we took comfort from the fact we wouldn't be parted for much longer

Even though I knew it would drive mad, I had started a countdown to graduation

It turned out I wasn't the only one. Lila was counting down too. She wanted to become Valedictorian and her friend Rita Salutatorian, and nobody was going to get in her way

'ESPECIALLY not you three dorks!' she admonished me and my two best friends in the corridor when we got back

'You leave me and my friends alone' I snapped back at her as I saw tears in Susan and Marie's eyes

'I'd rather be a dork with friends that love me, than a bitch like you with followers' Marie shot back, tears running down her cheeks. Luckily the bell rang and we separated to go to our respective classes

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April 2, 2023 3:17 pm  #3908

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

I'd returned to Oxford following my brief trip to New York. Milly and Millie were excited to see me back and asked about my break. They were happy for me that I managed to see Robyn

'Not long to go now before I go back to support her and her friend Marie as they visit every New York ferry stop' I told my best friends 'They are doing it for a Guinness WR'

'Sounds like fun' Milly said. 'I hope they do it'. Millie had some not so pleasant news. Apparently the film club had found out about our private weekly film sessions and had cancelled our membership because we were watching too many 'problematic' movies

'Well stuff them' I exclaimed tears running down my cheeks. 'I love our weekly film session. Robyn also wants to do a movie marathon of some of my collection in the summer'

'That sounds lovely' Millie replied, a tear streaming down her face. She wiped it quickly and we began our first class of the day

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April 4, 2023 12:18 pm  #3909

Re: Movie night

Emma's POV

The movie night was really fun. Natalie and Helen didn't need to watch a film yo start crying as The Juice Bar had received a great review in a local guide book

I did get slightly jealous of Lindsay when Helen cried. Her doll like face looked really beautiful when tears ran down her cheeks.

But only slightly. Seeing my wife cry was also nice - not that I would want to see her cry if she was in distress - but when she cried at a movie, it was such a thrill to see tears streaming down her face.

We wrapped up the movie night around midnight and as both couples just lived two streets away, me and Natalie walked home hand in hand, enjoying the click clack of our boot heels on the pavement

Neither of us were working the next day, so we both decided to do a jigsaw together. So we put some music on - which didn't make us cry unfortunately, we both decided we had cried enough the previous evening - and enjoyed each other's company.

We didn't get to finish the jigsaw when we had to go to bed, but just left it for another day

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April 4, 2023 12:28 pm  #3910

Re: Movie night

Emily's POV

My relationship with my girlfriend which had not been in a good place for a month or so had got better since I had let Poppy back into my life

She was much happier too. On alternate weeks she and I would walk round the city exploring various places and then the following week she would take a train with Jen

I heard about Audrey's break up with Laura and was a but shocked to be honest. They had seemed so in love at Enid and Tristan's wedding. It sucked that they were forced to break up by Laura's parents

I talked to Tristan about it, and he was sympathetic but replied there wasn't much he could do. I tried to shed a tear or two as I knew he loved it when I cried unfortunately even though my eyes filled with tears none of them wanted to run down my cheeks, so he had to be content with dabbing my eyes instead. And then we went back to work

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