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February 29, 2024 11:31 am  #5581

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

We went to dinner and Tristan did have a few subtle looks at the waitresses in their uniform. I confess I did like them too.

Jarrod who was still a bit cross that he hadn't been allowed to play his game in the pool decided to talk to the captain. When he came back he told us he had cleared it with him that we could play Chicken Fight

I wasn't happy with this decision. The crew member had quite reasonably stated his case and it didn't feel right that we were going over his head. So the following day when we were deciding teams, I chose not to take part

Tristan wasn't pleased, but I reiterated what the crew member had said. Jarrod told Tristan it didn't mind as he could still take part.

Jarrod and Camilla and William and Anna started to play in the centre of the pool. It did look like they were having fun, but more of our fellow passengers started entering the pool and after Anna was knocked off William by Camilla she fell into a young boy who cracked his wrist into the side of the pool

He started crying and the game ended. The crew member from yesterday rushed up to see what had happened and tore a strip off Jarrod for playing the game. He didn't hold back his anger or his language. One of the waitresses called Marigold tended to the boys wrist and bandaged it up.

I had to walk away not wanting to blow up at Tristan in front of everyone

I wasn't happy about this. The crew member had politely and reasonably stated his case and I didn't feel right about it

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March 1, 2024 2:28 am  #5582

Re: Movie night

Disappointed we couldn't play chicken fight, we went off to dinner. Jarrod slipped away mid meal coming back saying he talked to the captain who overturned what the crew member had said stating we could play tomorrow after all.

Tristan voiced his point saying he agreed with the crewmember about his valid points and was rather upset Jarrod went behind his back so he politely declined to play tomorrow.

With that Jarrod went further to say he had already talked to the captain and reserved the pool for half an hr the next morning for our game. I was so excited I unconsciously disregarded any ill feelings Tristan voiced about our game tomorrow.

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March 1, 2024 2:43 am  #5583

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

Disappointed we can't play chicken fight tomorrow, we decide to go eat. I guess William could see the disappointment on my face as during our meal I feel him caressing and patting my quads, inner and outer thighs.

Halfway through the meal Jarrod excuses himself and comes back with good news. He went to the captain and he overturned the crew member's decision. We will be allowed to play chicken fight after all. More so even telling us he booked the pool for a half hr tomorrow.

Although Tristan voices his concern saying the more he thought about it the more he began to agree with the crew member and he wouldn't be joining our game tomorrow, we we're all too excited and unconsciously pushed his concerns aside.

After dinner William, Annabelle and I retire to our room early putting Annabelle to bed just as early. William then asks me if I'd like a massage. I guess excitement about tomorrow got the best of him when he asked how I'd feel about convincing a brother (or sister) for Annabelle.

As I remove my clothes in anticipation of my massage I answer William's question.

"I'd absolutely love to convince another child now if it were to happen. You're a wonderful father and Annabelle is at the perfect age to have a sibling (so their ages aren't too far apart)." I say excited (partially about tomorrow, partially about William's desire to convince another child).

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March 1, 2024 5:01 am  #5584

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

The final day of term before the Summer break was filled with anticipation as my family's plans came closer.

Kate had already sent me a text asking if I had a few more weepies in my DVD collection as she hadn't cried at a film in ages.

'Don't worry' I replied back 'There are quite a few to choose from'

Robyn was looking forward to seeing her best friends and her sister Billie for a week too

The big event was Kate and Dad’s trip to Copenhagen. On her birthday my sister would be tackling the S Train and the Metro on the same day

'I'm so looking forward to it' she said.  After giving Milly and Millie two emotional hugs as tears ran down our cheeks, I got on my train back to Chesham

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And I will lead them on a merry chase

March 1, 2024 1:42 pm  #5585

Re: Movie night

Next morning we all go to the pool, Enid warning us about potential harm, I tell her the center of the pool is closed, just for us, still, she decides not to play, taking Tristan along with her. So, we start playing, Camilla hops on my shoulders and Anna goes on top of William’s shoulders.

As the game starts, I feel a sensory overload, Camilla’s thighs wobbling in my hands as she keeps her balance, her calves wobbling against my arms and the sides of my chest as she balances them, and seeing Anna’s thighs and calves wobbling in William’s hands and sides of his chest, brings an involuntary tent inside my shorts.

Unfortunately a kid doesn’t see the center of the pool is closed and, when Camilla manages to make Anna lose her balance, she lands on him, injuring his wrist. I quickly lose the tent and tend to help the kid, a bit angry because he didn’t follow the rules.


March 1, 2024 2:05 pm  #5586

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

Anna, sharing the desire to conceive another child, accepts my massage more than gladly, the massage gradually turns into an extremely emotional love making session, she offers herself completely to me, allowing me to revel and indulge in her sexy wobbly muscles, her precious tears and her mind and soul in an intimate act of procreation.

I reciprocate willingly giving myself completely to her as well, hoping to conceive a child.

Next morning, still sensible to her skin and emotions, we go to play a round of chicken fight, as soon as she sits on top of my shoulders I feel extremely excited, and when I see Camilla’s thighs and calves wobble in Jarrod’s hands as I feel Anna’s sexy thighs and calves wobble and jiggle in my hands and against the sides of my pecs, I can’t stop myself from reaching the point of no return, hoping it doesn’t become noticeable in the pool.


March 1, 2024 9:32 pm  #5587

Re: Movie night

Enid decides to join Tristan sitting out of our game. They instead volunteer to watch the kids for us. I quickly hop on top of Jarrod's shoulders as Anna does the same to William.

I can't help get a little excited as the game starts as my thighs are wobbling in Jarrod's hands and my calves against his arms and the sides of his chest. No sooner than our game began it ended. As I knocked Anna off William's shoulders she landed on a kid who didn't follow the rules and was playing in the middle of the pool. We all ran to his aid.

"He shouldn't have been in the middle of the pool." Jarrod said a bit more angry than I anticipated.

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March 1, 2024 9:45 pm  #5588

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

After a wonderful night of tender love making we wake early the next day for our game. Unfortunately Enid joins Tristan and sits out, instead volunteering to watch our kids so we can still play. I sit on top of William's shoulders while Camilla sits on top of Jarrod's. I immediately feel my thighs and calves wobble and jiggle in William's hands and against the sides of his pecs quickly exciting myself.

All of a sudden Camilla pushes me off of William sending me flying into a kid who was playing in the middle if the pool (when he shouldn't have been). Frightened I may have really hurt him I rush to his aid with William and Camilla quickly following. Jarrod, on the other hand was taking his time, more mad that the kid was playing where he shouldn't have been than what could have possibly happened to him.

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March 2, 2024 6:21 pm  #5589

Re: Movie night

As we get out of the pool, I am a bit mad because the boy ruined our game and I don’t see a group of guys and girls playing ball on the pool side, the teenagers are bantering, as is in their natural behavior, when suddenly I hear a slapping sound, quickly turning to its source, one of the teenage boys is drinking lemonade and turned to say something with gestures, when his hand flies and impacts Camilla’s thigh just in the curvature between her quads and outer thigh.

(Does her muscles resist the  unexpected pat without jiggling or do they give in and jiggle with the contact? Does she choose to flex her muscles to try to prevent them from jiggling (with a chance of success or failure) or does she keep them relaxed not caring if they jiggle, maybe even wobble, or resist firmly? Or does she not have time to react (in order to make a decision)?

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March 2, 2024 6:42 pm  #5590

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

As we get out of the pool and walk back to our rooms to change, I notice Camilla (since she’s walking ahead of us with Jarrod) getting accidentally slapped, I have a flashback of the day Anna and I went to the park and a prankster boy patted her thigh, seeing the scene, I turn to Anna: “See, you’re not the only one caught off guard.”


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