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June 13, 2024 7:26 am  #6051

Re: Movie night

Amans lacrimae wrote:

Tristan’s POV:

The following day Enid goes to see Mirabelle, when she comes back she says she got the money in installments, the first will be $36000. I can’t help but shed a tear of relief. My beautiful wife kisses it from my cheek, then I suggest if she wants to make love (I could use a release and the best feeling in the world).

Enid's POV

Our night of passion was the best we had ever had. All the tension and stress of the last few months had gone and we were both able to be happy once again.

The following morning, Tristan apologised for not being the best owner he could.

'You were right' he said. 'I have been playing the part of owning a coffee shop a bit. Letting others do the heavy lifting. You, Kim and the girls. But I am getting better. And when you finally are free of your rehabilitation you'll see how much better things are'

I kissed him passionately on the lips my  eyes full if tears. I broke the kiss and gently ran my hands through his hair as they streamed down my face

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June 13, 2024 7:34 am  #6052

Re: Movie night

reptongeek wrote:

Robyn's POV

'Now I know Miss Hardwick and her friends are nice to look at' the Headmaster gently chided the Year 10 boys. 'But you can't all go with them'

There was some grumbling as seven of the boys were swapped out for an equal number of girls.

Me and my two best friends were acting as chaperones so Year 10 could go Trick or Treating. I was glad to volunteer as I hadn't done this two years ago. Susan and Marie who were visiting for the week were excited to do it again as they had such a good time doing it in NY.

They both wore the same costumes as last time, Susan was going as her namesake from The Chronicles of Narnia, Marie a Crunchem Hall student from Matilda and I finally got to wear Princess Anna's travelling outfit from the second Frozen movie, Billie having managed to secure me the correct pair of boots to wear

Once the groups were finalised we were ready to set off

Robyn's POV

'You have the coolest friends, Miss Hardwick' Lilly told me as we walked round the streets getting Halloween treats. 

My eyes welled with tears. Susan and Marie would be so happy to hear that

'How did you meet?' Lilly asked.

'Susan was my roommate in College' I explained as tears ran down my cheeks. 'One of the boys in my year paired me up with Marie, he thought I needed another friend after my first relationship ended'

'They mean a lot to you don't they' Lilly said gently, noticing my tears.

'Yes they do' I replied softly. I wiped my tears, it wouldn't really do for the kids to see me crying.

We moved onto the next house

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June 14, 2024 3:37 am  #6053

Re: Movie night

Tristan’s POV:

Enid, my beloved wife is also in the mood of fulfilling our matrimony sacrament. We have the best love making ever, I revel until satisfied on my wife’s toned thighs and calves jiggling and wobbling in my hands and against my hips and thighs. All stress, pent up feelings, resentments and misunderstandings dissolve.

The following morning I apologize to my wife for all my faults, she forgives me and gives me the most delicious kiss on my lips and runs her hands through my hair as tears stream down her cheeks. I can’t resist and, as I cup her cheeks I wipe her tears with all my love, then, when we break the kiss, I kiss her remaining tears and streaks from her angelical face.

After recovering from the feeling of being in heaven, taking care of my extremely beautiful wife, I whisper in her ear before kissing her ear lobe and the side of her neck: “I promise to start taking courses on how to manage a coffee shop and leadership on team building, I also promise to love you more than ever, not that I don’t do, but I want to make you completely happy.” I lift her thigh and give her outer thigh a firm, full of love pat, feeling a strong tent that pushes until I feel her body putting resistance to my tent as I feel her sensual outer thigh jiggle in my hand.


June 14, 2024 4:10 am  #6054

Re: Movie night

Emily's POV

Working at the coffee shop was proving to be much better since the trial. Both Tristan and Enid told us not to worry about the damages they had to pay, it was taken care of and it wouldn't impact the business

Me and Isabel were so happy, we couldn't stop the tears from streaming down our faces.

It was a shame to lose Mirabelle though, she had been brilliant to work with but now Enid was finally back in the shop, we didn't need her anymore, and she had always insisted it was a temporary arrangement.

My partner had some good news for me also when I got home. Audrey had texted telling her we could visit her again. I'll admit I was surprised as last time, we had smashed so many of her windows.

But according to her text she wanted us back before the cold set in. She'd modified the list of available windows and we were to let her know when we were ready.

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June 14, 2024 9:21 pm  #6055

Re: Movie night

As soon as Jarrod enters with a thrust so hard I can't stop my thighs from jiggling even if I tried; I then feel him quickly bring his right hand between my legs as he begins stimulating me nearly making me instantly wet. I feel my outer thighs and quads begin to jiggle against his left hand making me move closer to the point.

"You're making me so wet. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold off." I say with a loud moan(hoping I didn't wake Jackson) debating if I'm ready to place my hands on his.

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June 14, 2024 9:28 pm  #6056

Re: Movie night

Hearing Camilla's words brings a smile to my face: "You don't have to hold off, my love. I'm ready to receive your life bearing waters, don't worry about anything." I get ready to feel my beautiful wife's hands on mine.


June 14, 2024 9:39 pm  #6057

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as William and I get in the cab the ride seems bumper than usual. I take the opportunity to use this to my advantage and I drop my left hand on top of his right hand as it was placed on my right thigh. I look over at his face and see him start to smile, more and more with each passing bump

After a few min of us indulging in each other I hear William whisper in my ear "Look at what your sexy jiggling thighs did to me." He said pointing to his wet spot with his free hand.

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June 14, 2024 9:42 pm  #6058

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I whisper in Anna's ear: "I hope it dries before we reeach the hospital, but I can't guarantee it won't get wet again, unless you do something about it." I give Anna a teasing smile.


June 15, 2024 4:04 am  #6059

Re: Movie night

Liz's POV

I stood out on my hotel room balcony with tears streaming down my face.

Sadie came to join me and intertwined her arm with one of mine.

'My parents would have loved this place'  I told her a small sob escaping from my lips. Sadie wrapped my arms in a loving hug. I could feel her own tears fall onto my top soaking into the fabric.

After holding each other for a few moments we broke the embrace, wiped each other's tears and exchanged a passionate kiss.

We then decided to join the girls for breakfast. Their cheeks showed tell tale signs of tear streaks too, so they had obviously been crying at the view like us.

After breakfast we got ready to get onto the bus

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June 15, 2024 4:40 am  #6060

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

We'd returned to base and it was time to say goodbye to our young charges.

The groups with Susan and Marie were really sad to see them go, they clearly had a lovely time. One of the girls even said goodbye to Marie in her own language

We'd sent a picture to Jen and Poppy in New York who were doing the same thing with Poppy's boyfriend Amit. They were pleased that we had enjoyed ourselves.

We got in my car ready to go back to my flat. The girls were staying with me this time so they didn't have to pay for a hotel.

'It'll be just like old times' Marie said happily, tears running down her cheeks.

We all settled in and I drove out of the school car park

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