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September 12, 2021 5:53 am  #841

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

While waiting for Jarrod to finish his work William got talking to Caroline. She told us about what happened to her and Elliott and I noticed tears start to stream out of eyes and down her porcelain cheeks making her face turn a slight red ish color. Although I wasn't her biggest fan I did feel for her.

William turned to look at me and I could tell in his eyes that he was getting comfortable enough that he wanted to wipe Caroline's tears. I nodded a reassuring nod and immediately William sprang to her side, cupped her cheeks with his strong hands and delicately began wiping her falling tears.

Upon seeing William wipe Caroline's tears I felt a love for him that I thought was gone. It sparked something I didn't even realize I was missing. It was one thing to be lovingly taken care of by my husband in my time of sorrow but a totally other thing to be watching him take care of another woman in her time of sorrow.

After he finished wiping all Caroline's tears away he turned to talk to Elliott. After what happened last time they spoke I was a little nervous but to my surprise William actually apologized to him for his behavior last time. He really was proving that he was a changed man.

Just then Jarrod came out of his office and told us he had promised to go after work to purchase Camilla some new clothes for her upcoming new job before we surprised him. He then asked us if we'd like to get settled in his house for a bit so they could still shop. Before even hearing our reply he handed us his house keys and told us he'd see us in a couple hrs.


September 12, 2021 6:00 am  #842

Re: Movie night

We finish shopping and we went straight home, as William and Anna are waiting for us at home. We get there relatively fast and get it with Camilla's set of keys. Once we're in William opens a bottle of grape/cranberry juice and serves four glasses, he then tells us that his relationship has taken a 180 degree turn. I could see a shine in his eyes that is quite unusual of him.

Anna comes and gives me a hug and thanks me for what I did for them, she then goes to Camilla and does the same...


September 12, 2021 6:04 am  #843

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna and I get to Jarrod's house, get our stuff in, set it behind the sofa, rest for a while... When Jarrod arrives, I saw him enter with Camilla, I expected him to knock, as I had his keys, I see he's in a serious relationship with Camilla, in order to give her keys. I quickly go to the kitchen and serve four glasses of grape/cranberry juice, as I no longer want to drink alcohol, it transforms me into someone I don't want to be anymore.

I tell them the news about our renewed relationship, and, surprisingly, I feel happy tears start to fill my eyes...


September 12, 2021 6:33 am  #844

Re: Movie night

We drove home quickly after our shopping trip. We were both excited to hear William and Anna's good news. Once we got there Jarrod asked me to use my keys to open the door as he had lent his to William so they could get settled while we shopped.

As soon as we got in William quickly and excitedly opened a bottle of  grape/cranberry juice poured four glasses and served us. It seemed weird for our company to be serving us but just then William began speaking.

"I'd like to propose a toast to the love of my life Anna. I know our relationship hit a rough patch recently, but since then things have seemed to take a 180 degree turn around. We've even decided to start trying to start our family again after our recent tragedy." William said beaming from ear to ear.

Anna quickly came and gave Jarrod a big hug as the excitement had gotten to her. He hugged her back while she thanked him for what he did for them. Then they came to me and did the sane thing.

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September 12, 2021 6:43 am  #845

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

Jarrod gave William and I keys to his house so we could get settled while they did some shopping after work. We got in bringing our bags and set them behind the sofa as to not make much of a mess. We rested for a bit.

A little bit later we were startled by the opening of Jarrod's door. We thought we had the only key, but now we realize Camilla had one too. I guess they were more serious than we thought. Before Jarrod and Camilla had even set their shopping bags down William was already in the kitchen pouring four glasses of grape/cranberry juice for eacch of us. William then made a toast to me wich took me by surprise.

He told them that we had worked through our recent rough patch and our relationship had taken a 180 degree turn for the better and that we were planning on starting to try to have a baby again.

I could see happy tears starting to fill William's eyes but I really didn't want to bring much attention to it as I didn't think he'd want Jarrod or Camilla aware so as soon as he sat down on the couch I just grabbed his free hand with my free hand and began delicately rubbing circles on the back of his hand to descretely yet lovingly ease his tears.

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September 12, 2021 6:56 am  #846

Re: Movie night

I was surprised how soon my brother's relationship changed for the better, and I was more surprised he used juice to toast instead of wine. Once he finished giving us the good news, we sat. I noticed Anna was rubbing circles in William's hand, as if trying to soothe him...


September 12, 2021 12:14 pm  #847

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

After I talked about planning to get pregnant again, tears welled in my eyes, Anna guided me to sit down and started rubbing circles on the back of my hand, that sweet gesture made my tears overflow, a couple of silent tears rolled down the middle of my cheeks, I allowed them to course their way freely and unhindered.


September 12, 2021 5:57 pm  #848

Re: Movie night

Caroline's POV

Elliott came over that night and it was another wonderful experience. First we had a mass build of all my Transformers combiners, he did the Decepticons and I built the Autobots. 

Then while we were waiting for our pizza's to arrive he played with my hair for the first time since he'd last been in my apartment. I'd missed it so much that tears ran down my cheeks as his fingers tenderly moved between my fronds of hair. He even created a new hairstyle just for me.

After our pizza's we moved into the bedroom and our session of love making made me feel such an idiot for cheating on him with William.

'Are you meeting your goddaughter this weekend' he asked me as we talked after having sex

'Yes, I am' I replied.

'Can I meet you afterwards' he asked shyly. With my eyes filling with tears again, I said yes he could 

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September 13, 2021 5:30 am  #849

Re: Movie night

William made a very nice toast yet very unusual seeing as how it was made with juice instead of alcohol, but I figured William must have had a good reason for it. That thought quickly escaped my mind as we sat and I noticed Anna rubbing circles on William's hand. I quickly noticed this gesture although usually comforting made tears that I didn't even notice were in his eyes overflow.

I was frozen staring at him as how he used to never let his emotions consume him especially in front of anyone. Just then I saw Anna release one of William's hands from hers then lean over from where she was sitting. She then placed her right hand on his left cheek and delicately thumbed away a couple tears on his left cheek.

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September 13, 2021 5:42 am  #850

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As William was making his toast I could see tears start filling his eyes. As soon as he was done I guided him to sit down. I didn't want him to feel embarrassed so I started rubbing circles on the backs of his hands with my thumbs trying to calm his emotions and make his tears dissipate. I knew he was finally comfortable crying in front of me but I wasn't sure how he'd feel crying in front of anyone else.

I guess that gesture was too comforting for him because instead of his tears subsiding a couple began to silently overflow from the middle of his eyes and down his cheeks. I noticed him blushing slightly at his lack of control in front of Jarrod and Camilla so I  released one of his hands that I was holding, while still rubbing circles on his other hand, and leaned closer to him placing my right hand on his left cheek and delicately thumbing away a couple of tears that were on his right cheek.

I wanted to take all his embarrassment away as best as I could.

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