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December 7, 2021 4:34 pm  #1

My friend the Rescuer

I was having a relatively normal day at college, keeping personal problems way in the back of my mind so they don't surface at school. After the second class I see a friend take a detour to the gym instead of going to the classroom, I text a close friend to tell the teacher I had an issue to attend and I might either get late to class or not show up, I'll catch up with class later, and decide to follow her to the gym.

I keep a distance, when she gets to the gym, she heads for an area of empty lockers and showers, I follow and finally catch up with her, I hold her shoulders and meet her eyes, they start to fill with tears, I reassure her: "It's ok, you're safe here, nobody is even close, don't be afraid." I caress her cheeks. I see her tears already forming in her bottom lashes and her body starting to shake a bit.

I bring one hand back to her shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze, then bring it to her lips, brushing them softly, her lips begin to form a curl, her body starts shaking more and her tears finally overflow her eyes, starting their descent down her fair cheeks. I cup her cheeks, catching her big, hot, round tears with my thumbs, tracing her thick tear streaks with the back of my fingers, then back to her tears.

At one point, I caress her lips, wiping a tear that reached her lips, as she had multiple tear streaks on her cheeks. She throws herself in my chest, I hold her tight, feeling her back tremble with each sob. I instinctively soothe her hair and hold her back with my hands, protecting her frail body in my arms. At one point she breaks the hug to take a breath, I cup her cheeks and kiss a tear from each of her cheeks and wipe the rest of her tears and tear streaks.

Her tears start subsiding, I am standing in front of her, no longer holding her body, just taking care of her tears, she seems to really like when I kiss and wipe her tears, so I kiss some and wipe others, making sure to take care of all her tear streaks so nobody notices she has cried.

We get out of the gym, and I notice I skipped two classes, every second was worth it.


December 7, 2021 5:31 pm  #2

Re: My friend the Rescuer

Not a week had gone by, she asks me if she can walk with me after school, I kind of hesitated, gesture that made her hint I was about to break down. I went the rest of the classes thinking how to shrug her away politely, I didn't want to break down in front of her.

Last bell rings, I quickly get my books and walk fast out of school, she runs to catch up with me, I have to deal with it. I tell her I have homework to do, she offers to help me with it and do her homework with me. I say that there is family at my place and we won't have a good place to do it, she offers her place. I couldn't keep the lie, I'm sure she would follow me to my place and find out there was nobody. I ask her: "would we be alone?" She nods positively. I have no choice but to go with her.

We get to her place, I place my books on the table, she drops her backpack on the floor, she guides me to the living room and motions me to sit in the sofa, she asks me if I'm ok, tears sting the back of my eyes, I try to push them back, she is quite good with body language, she places a hand on my thigh reassuringly and the other hand on my cheek.

That gesture encourages the tears to push harder and fill my eyes, she softly says: "It's ok to cry, you don't have to hide it." That did it, thin tears start to rush down the middle of my cheeks, slowly at first, but as she, expertly comforts me, they start to fall faster and more frequently.

At one point my tears are too many to keep rolling down the same streak, finding other ways, making more streaks on my face, I flush, I rarely cry this way. She notices and starts wiping my tears, I freeze, nobody had ever wiped my tears before, this is a completely new sensation for me, I guess I like having my tears wiped.

I relax, even lean my cheek against her soft hands, she continues to wipe my tears until they start to slow down. I blush once more as I say, without meaning to extern what I am thinking: "I'm sorry you had to see me like this but I'm glad it was with you, you made me feel something new, I have never had my tears wiped. Thank you for wiping my tears." She leans and kisses a leftover tears that was slowly drying on my cheek. I feel goosebumps and instinctively smile and lean forward, dropping both hands on her thigh, I flush as I think I trespassed her personal barrier, I don't move, after feeling her soft thigh jiggle against my hands, the smoothness and warmth of her skin, as she is wearing the school skirt. I don't know what to do next.

She places a hand on top of one of my hands, caressing it with her fingers. I feel more at ease, and I dare to ask her: "May I ask what was bothering you the day you went to the gym lockers? I hope I am not being to nosy." Her lips quickly form a curl and tears stream down her eyes in multiple streams, in less than ten seconds, individual tear streaks were no longer visible as she is sobbing loudly, not managing to form words.

I feel extremely sorry, it wasn't my intention to make her cry, I softly cup her face in my hands: "It doesn't matter what the reason is that causes so much pain, know that I'm here for you, never feel embarrassed crying in front of me, anytime you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you." I gently wipe her tears, kiss others as, before I can bring my hands back to the middle of her cheeks more tears are replacing the ones I just wiped.

I don't know what got into me, after fifteen or so minutes of her sobbing next to me, I am wiping her tears with one hand, leaning on her soft, jiggly, trembling thigh with my other hand as I kiss her curled lips. She gives into the kiss, time stops, eventually we break the kiss. I lower my face: "I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me." She lifts my face: "Don't be, whatever it is, keep it inside you." She says as she smiles.

The evening ends, we barely finished homework before the sun set. I go home, relieved and with a lot of emotions I have to process.

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