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December 12, 2021 9:57 pm  #1

2nd obs with my dream comforting person

Was at a 2000s themed party with my best friend and her boyfriend. It wasn’t yet that crowded because we came pretty early.
We had just arrived, bought our drinks and stood around the wardrobe area and chatted. I happened to catch a glimpse of one of “his” friends passing us by, and just as i leaned towards my bestie to whisper to her that i just saw his friend so we might run into him…its him. Approaching me. (Context: we drifted apart 2 months ago because tldr; i was pretty sure that we could never make it as a couple and i haven’t seen him until last night…we still love each other so f much.)
It all happened so fast. He grabbed me in a tightest hug ever. I could tell he was tipsy by his voice, he told me “I love you and i always have loved you.” and he started sobbing into my shoulder. Like, so hard. I was in shock, i just held him as strongly as i could. He tried moving away saying that “it’s fine” like the first time i comforted him but i kept hugging him. I saw that he had a slight crying expression and his face had gotten a bit red. He kept silently sobbing for some time and i just held him.
Sadly i don’t remember if i managed to wipe his tears because 1. i was tipsy too and 2. he left abruptly to find his friends.
Still, the whole experience was magical. HE was unexpected, let alone his tears. And with all the lights, people and music around us…it was truly something else. Never would i have imagined for another opportunity to comfort such a stubborn and tough-acting individual AGAIN but hey…hope this isn’t the last time.


December 12, 2021 11:57 pm  #2

Re: 2nd obs with my dream comforting person

Wow, no wonder your long silence was worth the wait, I understand the shock left a lot of details out of your memory. Was anybody else present with you when this happened? I also hope this is not the last time, hope to chat with you again.

Have a beautiful week and Merry Christmas.


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