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May 19, 2022 2:18 pm  #1

ARO from recent self obs

My girl and I start a conversation about the future of our relationship, as she was thinking of possible sad events, she started gradually crying, the conversation went on and I got immersed in her thoughts, I felt tears in my eyes, my throat hurts as I try not to cry. At one point it becomes too hard to keep listening to her talking about a sad future though her tears, I excused myself and walked towards the door, she calls me back, I hesitate but go back with her.

To avoid her seeing me break down, I go for a hug, as soon as she hugs me I break down sobbing, I couldn't control my voice as I tried to talk, only a relatively high pitched sound emerged. Surprisingly very few tears ran down my cheeks. As we break the hug, we look at each others eyes, I finally manage to control my lips (they involuntarily made the characteristic arch (like an inverted U) and we wiped each other's tears, reassuring that love will overcome all obstacles and we'll always be together, no matter who wants to see us apart.

I kiss a tear from each cheek, wiping the remaining tear streaks on her cheeks as she brings her finger pads to my cheeks, lovingly wiping the hot tears that had run down my cheeks, turning her hands and with the back of her fingers clears my face from the tear streaks.

We go to our bedroom and rest for a while, falling asleep, as soon as we got up we had the most intimate, lovemaking session we've had in the year. I made sure her whole body shook from reaching the point of no return (twice).


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