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May 25, 2023 10:01 pm  #421

Re: Best friends

I am getting lost in the comforting feeling of him kissing my tears when I hear my husband return for the rest of his things. I try to ignore his presence when I hear him harshly tell me that I must have a very considerate friend if he's willing to kiss my tears as in all the yrs we were together he never even kissed them.

I feel my heart drop and another lump beginning to form in my throat when my boyfriend surprises me and speaks up. He tells my husband just as harshly that I'm not the first friend whose tears he's wiped. He explains that his close friends are happy to have him wipe their tears. He continues telling him he should have done so to me when he had the chance. And that he has no idea what he's lost. I then feel him lovingly wipe my tear streaks from my cheeks with the backs of his fingers.

I'm taken aback. I don't know what to say or how to feel, so I just stand there and indulge in the feelings of him taking care of my tears while I listen to my husband angrily walking back to the front hall and back out the door, slamming it behind him.

"C-c-can we g-g-go to y-y-your place f-f-for a b-b-bit?" I begin asking through hitched hreathing. "I j-j-just don't t-t-think I c-c-can stay h-h-here right n-n-now." I finish through more hitched breathing.


May 26, 2023 1:56 pm  #422

Re: Best friends

My beautiful girlfriend, as soon as her ex angrily leaves, slamming the door, finally breaks down and, through hitched breathing, asks me to go to my place, as she can't stay here for now. She is trying to hold back her sobs but tears are still streaming steadily down her cheeks.

I lean to kiss a few tears and streaks from her cheeks, then take her hand and walk with her to my car, open the door for her to get in, and, as soon as I am in the driver seat and put my seat belt, I firmly drop my open right hand on her left thigh, indulging in the feeling of her smooth, silky, warm skin and her soft, shapely quad muscles jiggling in my hand.

As I drive, I can't help but close my eyes every now and then, indulging in the feeling of her quads jiggling in my hand and her tears landing on my hand and on her thigh. I give her relaxed thigh a couple more pats, involuntarily feeling a tent forming as I feel her muscles jiggling in my hand and her tears raining on my hand and her leg, as I tell her: "We're almost there my love, I'll take care of your tears the way you deserve as soon as we get there. You'll be able to sob freely there, so, just a couple of min and you can release it all. Never forget I love you with all my heart." I slide my hand along her jiggling thigh, wiping a few tears from her thigh as I park at my place.

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May 26, 2023 9:47 pm  #423

Re: Best friends

After he takes care of a few more of my streaming tears and streaks with loving kisses he delicately takes my hand and walks me to his car, opens the passenger door, quickly gets into the drivers seat (not forgetting to put on his seat belt) then finally I feel him drop his right hand on my left thigh making my quads jiggle in his hands.

I nearly get lost in my intrusive thoughts as he drives until I finally feel him give my thigh a couple pats making them jiggle in his hands. It was then I finally realized my tears were falling both on his hand as well as my leg. I then heard him say in a loving tone that we were almost at his house and as soon as we arrived he would take care of my tears properly.  He added that I'd be able to sob freely there. Then he reminded me how much he loved me.

As soon as he finished speaking my mind just kept repeating that I'd be able to sob freely. It was the only thing that kept me going as my abs and throat ached and my eyes burned from the effort of trying to keep my sobs.

I then felt him slide his hand along my thigh as he wiped a few of the river of tears that were now on my thigh as he finally began to park. I looked out the window as he got out of the car and realized we were in front of his house. He then opened my car door, took my hand and led me inside his house throwing his keys on the side table, never even closing the front door.

Finally feeling secure we were in a private place I couldn't hold it in anymore and I just let myself collapse to my knees...


May 28, 2023 1:50 am  #424

Re: Best friends

As soon as we get out of the car and into my place, she collapses on the floor sobbing loud. I get on my knees, hugging her tight, as if trying to contain her sobs from escaping, feeling her body tremble strong in my arms and her stream of burning tears seeping through my shirt. I lift her like the princess she is, feeling the back of her thighs, soft, my fingers sinking in her skin and tender muscles, and take her to the couch.

As I place her there, she is still loudly sobbing, I go and close the door, locking it from the inside, going back to her, my full attention is on her. I caress her calves, which jiggle with each sob, sliding my hands along her smooth, silky skin, towards her soft, feminine thighs which jiggle against my hand as I give soft pats on her relaxed muscles that bounce my hand with each sexy ripple. I feel a bit ashamed, why am I being turned on as my beautiful girlfriend sobs her heart out. I remove my hands from her legs (even if she feels comforted) and bring them to her cheeks, lovingly wiping her tears and streaks as they form in her beautiful cheeks.

I lean and kiss her lips, hoping to receive a good response...

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May 28, 2023 1:57 pm  #425

Re: Best friends

He immediately gets down on his knees next to me and begins hugging me a if nothing else in the world matters right now. I let my body break, my whole body trembling in his arms as my tears soak his shirt. After a moment I feel him lifting me and gently placing me on the couch.

I barely feel him get up as he quickly goes to close the door before coming back to the couch. I feel him caress my calves as they jiggle forcefully with each sob, sliding his hands to my thighs which also jiggle forcefully with each sob. He then begins to pat my thighs, only for a few sec before I feel him remove his hands and place them on my cheeks instead, lovingly wiping my tears and streaks.

I am quickly taken aback as I feel him lean in and kiss my now extremely pouty lips. I can't believe he finds any of this even remotely sexy but I am too upset to give it too much thought; instead as soon as he parts our kiss I lean my cheek on his letting my tears rain on his cheek as my sobs echo in his ear.


May 28, 2023 7:04 pm  #426

Re: Best friends

As soon as she breaks the kiss, she leans her cheek against mine, her hot tears raining on my cheeks. I close my eyes, enjoying the storm of tears that transfer from her silky cheek to mine. I rest my cheek on hers for as long as she needs. I cup her other cheek with my free hand, slowly and with all the love I can show her, wipe her tears and the streaks that so gracefully adorn her cheeks.

As we are sharing such an intimate moment, I softly whisper: “It’s ok my love, feel free to release your emotions freely, don’t feel embarrassed if you need to sob, wail, cry hard or soft. I’m here for you, always ready to wipe and kiss your tears and the beautiful streaks left by them until there is no sign that you cried.”

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May 29, 2023 3:16 pm  #427

Re: Best friends

As my tears are raining on his cheek I feel him cup my free cheek and wipe my tears and streaks from my cheeks. I then hear him whisper that its ok for me to release my emotions and that I shouldn't feel embarrassed even if I need to sob because he'll always be there to wipe and kiss my tears and their streaks.

After what seems like forever I finally break our embrace, look deep into his eyes and whisper "I love you" as I take my left hand and wipe my remaining tears off his left cheek. Curiously it feels like some of the tears are warm rather than cooling (like my would be).

"Honey?" I blurt out a bit suprised...


May 30, 2023 4:10 pm  #428

Re: Best friends

After what seems like forever she finally breaks our embrace, looks deep into my eyes and whispers: "I love you." as she removes her left hand and wipes her remaining tears off my left cheek. As she wipes my cheek, she, surprised, blurts: "Honey?"

I lower my eyes to her thighs and give her adductors a firm pat, gathering courage through the feeling (and blissful sight) of her inner thigh jiggling in my hand. As her muscles stop jiggling, my hand resting on her thigh, I answer: "I couldn't see you so sad and broken without feeling sad for you, I'm sure you would have shed tears too if I was in the same situation." I lean my right cheek against hers.

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May 30, 2023 7:45 pm  #429

Re: Best friends

As soon as I acknowledge his tears I see him lower his eyes to my thighs as he gives them a firm pat making them jiggle in his hand. After a few sec he answers explaining how seeing me so sad made him feel sad adding that if the roles were reversed he thinks I'd feel the same way. He then leans his cheek back against mine transferring a few more of his newly shed, hot tears to my cheek.

"Of course I'd feel sad (and maybe even shed a few tears) if I saw you as sad as I just was. I mean I love you too much not to." I begin sincerely. "I just thought it was a really sweet yet surprising gesture is all. I mean I've never had anyone cry tears of empathy for/with me. Not even my husband (even hen we were madly in love)." I finished feeling a smile begin forming on my face.


June 2, 2023 7:16 pm  #430

Re: Best friends

She replies: "Of course I'd feel sad (and maybe even shed a few tears) if I saw you as sad as I just was. I mean I love you too much not to." She sounds sincere, then she continues: "I just thought it was a really sweet yet surprising gesture is all. I mean I've never had anyone cry tears of empathy for/with me. Not even my husband."As she finishes  a smile forms on her face.

As I hear her, I feel my heart full of love, I drop both hands on the curvature between her quads and her adductors (inner thigh), feeling both thighs delightfully jiggle in my hands, her muscles giving in, allowing my hands to sink in her relaxed, soft muscles as I lean to kiss her lips passionately.

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