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February 22, 2024 4:00 pm  #1

ARO from a friend’s self obs

The one who made this special request will know it’s for her.

A close friend (F) invited me to a movie night at her place, she mentioned everyone would leave her house and she didn’t want to be alone. I arrive at the time we had agreed, but I knock and she doesn’t open.

As I’m waiting at her door, I turn the knob, surprisingly finding it opened, so I dare step in. As I approach the living room, I hear a fast, hitched breath coming from one of the rooms. I think I can recognize my friend’s sound, so, I boldly approach the room and, with the least noise, I enter, only to find her watching a video and sparkling (with the light of the screen) tears that leave the thickest streaks I have ever seen, down the middle of her cheeks.

I don’t move, noticing she’s not aware of my presence. Her tears slowly crawl down her cheeks, as if she’s a Hollywood movie star, stopping at her chin, never falling.

When a second pair of tears start their way (this time faster, since the streak is already there), I can’t resist my desire to take care of her tears, approaching her.

When I reach her side, I cup one cheek, wiping the tear from her chin with my thumb, following the streak with the back of my fingers, as I kiss her other tear, leaving several kisses along her thick streak, drying it with my lips.

She turns to look at me, I smile: “I’m here because you invited me, thank for the sweet welcome.” She replies: “How did you get in, who opened?”

I answer with a half teasing half serious tone: “Either someone left it open or your guardian angel opened it for me so I could take care of your tears.”

She motions me to sit and watch what she’s watching…


February 22, 2024 8:07 pm  #2

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

That's insanely beautiful


February 28, 2024 10:11 pm  #3

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

I playfully push her lightly as I sit next to her, dropping my hand on her thigh (feeling her relaxed soft muscles jiggle under the fabric of her sweatpants), looking into her eyes: “What are you watching? Do you still have more precious tears for me to wipe?”

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March 1, 2024 2:10 am  #4

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

"Come see for yourself." I said as he pushed me aside to sit, hoping my tears wouldn't be alone.

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March 1, 2024 5:05 pm  #5

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

I turn my eyes to the screen and keep caressing her thigh through the fabric of her sweatpants…

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March 1, 2024 9:09 pm  #6

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

I enjoy the feeling of his hand as it caresses my thigh through my sweat pants as I get lost again in what I'm watching. I'm so comfortable/relaxed  by the feeling of his hand any uncomfortable feelings I may have had about crying in front of him ceased.


March 2, 2024 6:45 pm  #7

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

We continue watching the video, I glance at her face every now and then.

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March 3, 2024 4:43 pm  #8

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

I let my tears continue to fall unchecked as i watch the rest of the video nearly forgetting I wasn't alone.


March 5, 2024 3:30 am  #9

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

I continue watching the video with her, gently wiping her tears and streaks, kissing a tear or streak every now and then until there is no trace that shows she has just cried.

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March 5, 2024 8:36 pm  #10

Re: ARO from a friend’s self obs

I feel him wiping my tears and streaks, even kissing a few throughout the remainder of the video. After the video is over I turn to look at him hoping to see some evidence he's cried as well. Its rare (even for me) to see him that vulnerable.


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