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August 11, 2011 12:50 am  #1

Apologies for Stalling

Um, apologies, guys... I know I posted about the crying roleplay a week ago, but it seems that my roleplay partner is missing in action.  Communication has been a bit sketchy, so because of this, I'm not really sure what's going on.  It looks like I might have to find a new partner, although I'm going to try one more shot at communication first since it was actually Punkchick's idea to do a roleplay in the first place and she might just be busy and not answering emails right now.  I really do love the crying-hypnosis plot, so if I get a new partner, I'll just get the partner to create another female character to take the place of Abby, but the rest will remain the same.  So anyway, Punkchick, if you see this post, please update our forum members on your status with regards to the roleplay, or, if you have decided to continue with it, you can even go ahead and just post the next Abby post in the IC thread that I've already started (found below).  If I hear nothing and nothing new appears in the IC thread either, then I'm going to assume you're basically "off the grid", so to speak (it happens... real life gets in the way sometimes), in which case, I'm sure you'll understand why I had to make the decision to move on.  Hope everything is OK.

Again, apologies to the forum for the lack of fiction currently available on the forum (well, I did post a really short one), but I wanted to try my next fiction in roleplay format -- just seems like fun!

Here's that In Character thread again:

IC thread:


August 17, 2011 5:02 am  #2

Re: Apologies for Stalling

Hey, I already messaged woundedpuppy privately about this, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry to everyone for sort of abandoning this.  I've been really busy as my summer goes on and the time at which I have to go out of state again draws closer.  I've been trying to get practiced up for my driver's license, friends have been keeping me away from the computer, and most importantly of all, my military boyfriend has been home on leave, meaning every second possible goes to him.  I've explained to woundedpuppy that I should be able to come back in full force by September and have left the decision of whether to wait for me or find a new partner up to her.  Regardless, I shall be a lot more active next month.


August 17, 2011 1:39 pm  #3

Re: Apologies for Stalling

Hey, it's great to hear from you!!  No sweat -- we're into mid-August already, so September seems like it's just around the corner.  Thanks for letting us know your reasons -- if you were losing interest in the the crying roleplay, I really wanted to move on in order to get some fiction going on the forum, but I can certainly wait until September.  In fact, September will be my turn to get busy, but I'm sure I'll still have time for some quick in-character posts.  That's the beauty about roleplay... it seems like only half the work and time needs to be put in because someone else is doing the rest!

Enjoy the rest of the summer with your boyfriend and let us know when you're settled in in September.

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