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June 25, 2019 9:23 pm  #641

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

In the new Pet Sematary remake, Jason Clarke cries a silent tear at his child's funeral. Movie isn't out on VOD yet, so I don't have screenshots.


July 4, 2019 8:50 pm  #642

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

I'm told David Duchovny cries in the 2000 romcom Return To Me.


July 4, 2019 11:01 pm  #643

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

If anyone is in NYC, I’d recommend seeing Moulin Rouge on Broadway. I saw last night and it was amazing!!
Aaron Tveit (who plays as Christian) always sings the song “Roxanne” with all his emotions and at the end of Roxanne he’s usually in tears. My seat was 4th row from the stage so I could see his face clearly. I saw that he was tearing up while singing and at the end there was already a tear track on his right cheek. I thought I was just imagining the tears, but the person sitting next to me said to her friend, “He’s crying,” so I know I wasn’t the only one seeing the tears. A few seconds later I saw a tear (or two) falling from his left eye and that’s the confirmation. I cannot forget that scene and his expression, too bad it’s not allowed to film.

I heard from some fans who have seen the preview last year in Boston and this month in Broadway that he cries a lot on Act 2, beginning from the song Roxanne, to Crazy/Rolling in the Deep, and the next few scenes and songs. It also helps that the ending is not a happy one (if you have seen the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge, you'll know what I mean).

Other than his amazing acting, singing, and dancing, the lead actress Karen Olivo (who plays as Satine) also has some crying scenes, although I’m not sure if she sheds any tears at all or not, but there's a sobbing scene. In Aaron’s case, the crying is not acting, it’s more like the expression of pouring out his whole emotions during said scene. He always emotes pretty strongly, so I heard.

I saw again a few days after the first, and was pleasantly surprised by how emotional Aaron was that day; he basically started crying at the end of Roxanne and didn't stop until the end of the show. He couldn't wipe his tears and snots, therefore he sniffled many times in between the songs/dialogues. And at the end, he even had to calm himself for a while (while letting out a sob) before he could sing the last line of Your Song (the orchestra had started with a note for him to sing, but he was quiet for a long while).
After that, he had to continue narrating the story, so stayed in character (didn't wipe his tears/snot), and narrated the story with tears on his cheek. It was such a heartbreakingly emotional performance. I was really lucky to have been able to see everything from up close.

Some fans who went in the following days have also said that they saw Aaron singing in tears during the songs I mentioned above, even when they came again on a different day. 
I'm coming again soon to watch the show, I will never get tired of seeing that phenomenal performance!

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August 7, 2019 1:33 am  #644

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

So jealous of you, sakura!


August 14, 2019 1:04 pm  #645

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

So, Sakura...the ending scene of Moulin Rouge when Satine dies and Christian breaks down was done so well by Ewan MacGregor in the movie. How did Aaron do it?? Was there sobbing? Was it a long scene, like the movie did? I love Aaron! I am so jealous you got to see it! LOL..


August 15, 2019 10:26 am  #646

Re: Crying Scenes Directory

missyjdma wrote:

So, Sakura...the ending scene of Moulin Rouge when Satine dies and Christian breaks down was done so well by Ewan MacGregor in the movie. How did Aaron do it?? Was there sobbing? Was it a long scene, like the movie did? I love Aaron! I am so jealous you got to see it! LOL..

I had to watch the ending of the movie again to answer this.

In general though, I wouldn't compare the movie to the live musical, because they focus on different elements: the movie, even though it's a musical movie, focuses more in the acting and storyline, while the Broadway musical focuses more in the singing and dancing, and not so much in the storyline, tbh. 

So unlike in the movie, their banter when Satine's dying is very short in the musical; they're not given many lines at all. They just exchange some lines, then Satine dies. So what Aaron does in the ending scene is the same: Satine dies, Christian has to sing the last line of Your Song -- "how wonderful life is when you're in the world" (therefore there isn't time for a breaking down scene that involves sobbing like in the movie). Then the church bell tolls [i.e. Satine's funeral], and then Christian has to narrate the epilogue. 
(As a comparison: it takes around 4-5 minutes in the movie, from Satine dying to Christian breaking down, while it takes like 1-1.5 minutes in the musical, or even less than that, depending on how fast Aaron gets to sing the last line of Your Song.)

When I saw Aaron on my second performance, after pausing for like 20+ seconds (with a sob in between) to finally be able to sing the last line of "Your Song", he couldn't wipe his tears during the funeral (to stay in character), and just stayed there with his head down until he had to narrate the epilogue. When he lifted his face and narrated the epilogue, I could clearly see his face full of tears and his voice was nasally/watery.
For a Broadway musical, one has to sit really close to be able to see the tears from the actors' face, that's why you can't really compare it with the movie. Ewan did such a great job breaking down in that scene, but I still count myself lucky to be able to see (and hear) Aaron cry a lot in the live musical.

It's different from night to night, of course. Oftentimes he doesn't cry in the ending scene, sometimes he cries after singing Roxanne, or during the songs Crazy/Rolling in the Deep. But in general, there's no question as to his ability to emote, as some fans have testified to see him singing in tears in different nights (and still maintaining his vocal stability, I don't even know how he manages to sing so well while in tears!). So if you're coming to New York and going to see Moulin Rouge on Broadway, make sure to buy a seat as close to the stage as possible ^^


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