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December 1, 2011 1:59 pm  #1

Bruce Willis crying in the shower

I have been searching for good crying scenes with Bruce Willis. There are not may to choose from, and if
he rearly cries in a movie it's always the famous "one tear" cry (like in Armageddon).
BUT; it turns out that in "Unbreakable" from 2001, there are some deleted scenes that never made the movie.
One of the scenes shows Bruce's character breaking down in the shower after he returns home being the only survivor from
a terrible traincrash.
The scene blew me away! Unfortunately I'm not so good at videoediting, so I don't know how to make a clip
yet. But I managed to take a couple of screen caps. Enjoy!

Tears are words the heart can't express...

December 1, 2011 8:20 pm  #2

Re: Bruce Willis crying in the shower

nice! I really want to see the whole scene now...

It is such a secret place, the land of tears.
-- Antoine de Saint Exupery, "The Little Prince"

March 15, 2013 5:32 pm  #3

Re: Bruce Willis crying in the shower

Suckerformanlytears...You can see Bruce Willis crying 4 times in the Colour of the night, a 90's drama and it's not just a one tear scene. You can also see him crying in The Story of Us in a beautifully depicted scene and then again he cries many times in Hostage

''I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out!''
Woody Harrelson

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