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March 29, 2012 8:20 pm  #11

Re: Self Crying

meantangerine wrote:

Oh wow, tearhunter, that's pretty incredible. Tears falling down the side of the nose are my personal favorite. You should take pictures!

There was a guy, Mark, on the old forum whose fetish was specific to his own crying... wish he was still around.

I can't say I really enjoy my own tears. Generally I'm too busy being sad

Don't know that I'm brave enough to take pictures of my tears and post them on an open forum - scared to death someone would recognise me !

I'm not sure that I'm mentally turned on just by watching my own tears, although I do get physically turned on.

It's a difficult one to explain - although I have the opportunity to enjoy my fetish relevately frequently by the fact that women cry much more frequently than men I still don't get to witness tears whenever I want or from whomever I wish - so wish I could invent a method to make any woman cry real tears at the flick of a switch. Anyway, at times when I am turn on and wishing perhaps that a particular women I'd seen had bust into tears I'll make my eyes water and imagine the tears I can see very clearly transposed onto the face of the woman I'd like to see crying - gives more depth to my minds eye. The fact that male tears are female tears are exactly the same viewed really close up helps. Not sure that makes sense, so I hope you guys get what I mean.

In a similar way - I sometimes allow non-emotional tears to roll down my cheeks unchecked even when I have no method of viewing them directly. Because I am not upset I can concentrate on how tears feel as they fall from my eyes and roll down my cheeks. Although I am always completely alone I wonder what people would think if they saw me with tears streaming down my face. I remember a few mouths ago I had a bit of a cold and I was sneezing like crazy in a work toilet cubical - so much so that tears started pouring from my eyes (about 5 or 6 from each eye) - I sat with these tears on my cheeks, dripping off my nose and chin wondering what my work colleagues only a few meters away would think if they could see me. And as I walked back to my desk the strange feeling I had that I knew I'd just been crying (well sort of) and no one knew. Strange eh!

Just remember something I'd thought of doing but have never been brave enough - sorry this is turning into a long post !

Using a vapour rub for colds (called Vic in the UK) I can make my eyes stream with tears so it looks like I am crying - even with out any of the other crying signs like sobbing etc. I've always wondered about going to a very public place (train / bus etc) but somewhere I knew 100% I would not be recognise or would never visit again anytime soon and making my eyes water as if I was really crying. I'd allow my tears to run down my face unchecked and in full view and observe the reactions of other people to this male stranger crying - would they say anything or just ignore - if you where that person watching me cry what would you do? Not all out sobbing - just slient tears slipping down my face - as if very sad about something.

As well as answering / responding to my ramblings above - what do you do when your eyes water in public (not crying) due to wind or cold etc.
Do you let them flow or wipe them away incase someone sees them and thinks you are actually crying for real?


March 31, 2012 2:31 am  #12

Re: Self Crying

First of all, oh my God, I love Wild Thornberries, haha :D.

Second of all, I never like my own crying as far as the fetish goes. I guess I like it in that it makes me feel better (and I also cry over like, books and movies and stuff, so it's not like I'm super horrifically upset most of the time) but I just don't enjoy it like that. I guess the only side of it that it lets me imagine being comforted. Although, I don't really know, because the one time I cried in front of my friends and one of my male friends moved to hold me, I freaked out and ran away. It must be one of those things that seems nice in fantasy but in reality just embarrasses me too much.


March 31, 2012 11:41 pm  #13

Re: Self Crying

TorNorth wrote:

@Woundedpuppy: I'm still that guy I haven't had a proper cry in years. I tend to clench pretty hard when that lump in that throat comes. I only get a bit teary sometimes like what I wrote above. But if that entertains anyone, I'll post those little incidents more often.

Thanks TorNorth... yeah, some of us are a little desperate on the male observations, so even your little lump-in-the-throat stories will be welcome (at least by me)  It's all in how you tell the story


April 1, 2012 12:03 am  #14

Re: Self Crying

To answer Tearhunter's questions, if I saw a stranger crying, I would just try to secretly observe him without looking obvious.  Only if we already had a reason to be interactive (such as if he were a waiter in a restaurant who was serving my table) would I feel more open about making any sort of comment.  I'm not really sure how that would go, but a lot would depend on how he was behaving and whether he looked like he wanted to be left alone or not.  If he actually apologized to me for being teary-eyed, though, I'd be all over that... would try to make the most of the moment and see what else came of it!   As for the other question, I think I would wipe irritant tears at about halfway down my face (where I'd normally wipe them) and not really worry that anyone would mistake my tears for crying.


April 12, 2012 11:28 pm  #15

Re: Self Crying

I have been giving this thread, especially Tearhunter's post, a lot of thought.  In fact, I have been giving it thought with regard to other aspects of life that have nothing to do with the fetish as well!  Allow me to quote:

tearhunter wrote:

at times when I am turn on and wishing perhaps that a particular women I'd seen had bust into tears I'll make my eyes water and imagine the tears I can see very clearly transposed onto the face of the woman I'd like to see crying - gives more depth to my minds eye. The fact that male tears are female tears are exactly the same viewed really close up helps.

tearhunter wrote:

In a similar way - I sometimes allow non-emotional tears to roll down my cheeks unchecked even when I have no method of viewing them directly. Because I am not upset I can concentrate on how tears feel as they fall from my eyes and roll down my cheeks.

I have only one incident that I can remember where my own crying helped turn me on.  Quite frankly, I was already turned on because I was deep into a male crying fantasy alone in my bed (um, trying not to get too graphic here!), but what made me cry was how real the fantasy seemed.  It was like I imagined the guy's pain so well that I felt myself being moved to tears by him.  And 'holding' and being moved to tears by a man, well, that turned me on -- even if the man himself was entirely a figment of my imagination.  I have not been able to reproduce that kind of turn-on since, because it takes an extraordinary amount of concentration to imagine that scene so vividly that it would make me cry.  And when I watch crying videos, I'm really mostly mentally interested (rather than literally turned on) because I guess I am more detached.  I really felt like the guy was in my bed with me that day, sobbing deeply as I held him.  It was so REAL that it registered as real tears on my face!

But my main point is... what other aspects of life could this be applied to?  Tearhunter refers to his own eyes watering but then imagining his tears transposed onto the face of the woman he'd like to see crying.  He even points out that male and female tears are exactly the same viewed close up, which is a pretty cool.  In the opposite direction, are there other things in life where you could "transpose" what you see from others onto yourself and experience them that way?  Like, if you look at a confident person, rather than envy their confidence or try (and fail miserably) to muster up confidence on your own, could you not try to "transpose" their confidence onto you?  Can we "borrow" these kind of things from other people and make our lives better because of it?  They say that smiling is contagious and that if someone smiles and you find yourself smiling when you see it, then you end up feeling better yourself.  I am just wondering if there are other things I can "transpose" onto myself besides the crying to be more self-sufficient about experiencing the "feelings" that I want to experience.  If we are feeling unsuccessful in life, can we look at a successful person and rather than feel envious of their success, attempt to "transpose" that feeling onto ourselves and experience much the same thing, as if it were contagious like a smile?  I'm not talking about delusion here and not feeling envious of the other person's success and wanting to duplicate exactly what they've got going on in their life -- just finding the feeling, and perhaps using that feeling to take actions towards successful unique ventures of our own.  I'm just fascinated by this "transposing" concept.  I think my crying in bed did help me better imagine that the guy was crying, and maybe my sobs were kind of "his" sobs, maybe my tears were "his" tears, I'm not sure. 

This post has been very long and I don't expect anyone to answer, as it is probably confusing, but it's just something I've been mulling over.


April 12, 2012 11:40 pm  #16

Re: Self Crying

Haha, it just occurred to me that I posted an obs, and I never do that!  I rprefer not to post my own observations.  And this one was rather adult-like in nature as well (reading between the lines!)  But I'm fine with sharing it -- just this one.  There's not really any more detail than what I said, though.  I don't remember how many tears there were and I don't remember where they landed.  There wasn't enough that it would have gone down my chest or anything like that.  And since I wasn't crying hard, I don't imagine that I looked overly pouty either.  It was just eyes welling up with emotion and probably a bit of sighing.  I was lying on my side, so I guess any tears would have spilled in that direction.  And me hugging the duvet or something like that.  Omg, I can't believe I just shared that!!  Hehe.


April 12, 2012 11:47 pm  #17

Re: Self Crying

p.s. I do remember sharing a pouty mouth one before (possibly the only other self-obs I've posted here!) where I was receiving a rejection of a project that was personally important to me that I had worked very hard on.  I am pretty sure I tried to hide my downturned mouth by holding a coffee cup in front of my lower face (you can kind of let a coffee cup linger there for a moment without looking too weird) and trying to sip the coffee.  But my hand was shaking so badly, I remember, that I soon abandoned that plan.  I'm sure it was obvious to those around me that I was fighting back the tears!


April 13, 2012 3:07 am  #18

Re: Self Crying

Woundedpuppy, that was a good observation and I'm glad you shared it! I actually remember tearing up one time when I was fantasizing about a man crying, but that was because the fantasy became a little too realistic. It was about a real friend who was going through real problems, and I was imagining him breaking down in front of me. But I was also really hurting for him. When I started imagining what he'd say, my eyes welled up with tears. I felt oddly aroused by my pain, as if it were contributing to the general emotion of the fantasy and making it more intense. So I know exactly what you mean.

I think emotions can be sort of "transposed" onto oneself. I mean, if I'm around people who are experiencing a particular emotion, I generally will begin to feel that way myself. I suppose that's part of empathy, but also just the nature of moods being "contagious." And sometimes when I see someone with particular confidence, I will feel more confident in allowing myself to feel secure and motivated.

Another thing (is this even related? lol) is that sometimes I record my own crying sound effects or videos (usually fake crying). When I listen to them, I'm certainly not imagining myself crying, because thinking about my own pain does not turn me on. I just listen to the sounds/look at the face objectively, even though I obviously know it's my own face. Complicated procedure, I know. VERY occasionally, I can be turned on in the moment by pretending to cry (not just upon later viewing). When I was a kid (12 and younger), I used to act out scenarios in my room that often included sobbing. I could only do this for short periods of time before becoming weirded out by listening to/watching myself, but it was fun for a few minutes.


April 17, 2012 1:25 pm  #19

Re: Self Crying

I really enjoy crying myself, particularly when it's over a film (crying from sadness is obviously less enjoyable), but I don't get aroused by it - I just enjoy the release, and the sensation of the tears rolling down my face.

Has anyone ever enjoyed group crying? A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the film The Hunger Games, and there's a particularly heart-wrenching part that got to me, and I was crying freely without wiping my tears away so they were dripping onto my chest. I didn't really want my friends, who were sitting either side of me, to hear me sobbing properly so I was trying to be quiet, and by not wiping my eyes I felt I was drawing less attention to the fact that I was crying. But I could tell that they were too, because I could hear sniffling, and once I'd stopped crying and discretely wiped my face with my sleeve, I could see them doing the same thing out of the corner of my eyes. I kind of enjoyed the feeling of being part of a mass-cry (I could hear crying all over the cinema), both as a crier being absorbed in the film and because others were sharing the cry and none of us were hurting. It wasn't a big turn-on or anything (they were my close friends, so I couldn't find their crying arousing, plus I couldn't see anyone's face) but it was interesting.


April 18, 2012 1:21 am  #20

Re: Self Crying

Oh, I love mass-crying (good term for it!) too. That's what happened when I saw Titanic.

I have to say, when I went to see Hunger Games, I was the only one who didn't cry (I love the books but not the movie, long story). It's quite funny/frustrating, though, because I saw it with four boys and a girl, and ALL of the boys claimed they cried and I noticed/heard... nothing. I was rather pissed but also just pleased that it had happened while they were near me, and also how insistent they were about it afterwards ("If *I* cried so much over it, why didn't you cry?!")


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