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July 25, 2017 1:56 pm  #1

Hi there!

I am pretty sure most of you have read this already on the meetup thread, but I am posting it here, too.

Sex: Female
Age: 43 this Friday
Orientation: Straight, married woman
Town, Country: Duluth, GA, USA

I am married to a wonderfully emotional man, but my enjoyment of men crying is purely from a comforting perspective, more emotional, than sexual. I do not enjoy seeing people in pain, but my mom instinct is more of comfort than "ooh - let me see you cry!" LOL...As for what I like - it is mostly men crying - predominantly white (not a racial thing - just what I prefer...) actors in TV shows and movies. If it happens in real life - I am the first one there for comfort...and usually male and female friends come to me first - since they know I am an empath, and quite the mother figure. I don't know how or why this started, but I have enjoyed this from as far back as I can remember. I believe it may have first started after hearing Robert Morse cry as Dudley Pippin in Free to Be...You and Me when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old. I was fascinated by it, and it was only on a 33 LP, since it didn't become a movie til years later. For you younger kids, that's a record. was strange that they kept saying it was OK for boys to cry, since I thought it was OK for everyone to cry; and being so young myself, I figured everyone just did. And the album, for those of you who know of it or remember it, were very outspoken about gender roles. So, after that, I started really getting into seeing ANY boy cry - in real life, my fellow students and friends, or seeing a movie with boys crying. They appealed more to me than girls crying did. I remember seeing The Champ and seeing Ricky Schroeder bawling at the end, and I was fascinated. It took off from there.

This board really fulfills my need for seeing scenes and actors, and gives me some really good videos to play over and over again. There is something about a comforting scene though, that gets me. It's like I can pretend I am that comforter, and I find that when actors are being comforted in scenes - and I guess in real life, too - they tend to open up and cry more...deeply, more body-wracking - like Jesse in Breaking Bad when Walt holds him - he just SOBS, deep and guttural. That is what I like. I tend to be more auditory than visual, too...I guess that stems from first hearing a guy cry on a hearing the sobs are more important for me, although tears streaming from a guys face are nice, too. But with sobbing, I can look away from the screen or close my eyes and pretend that they are in front of me. I really enjoy picturing myself comforting and holding them as they are inconsolable. In real life, I have and do comfort my husband and other friends. It is not a turn-on per se for me when I am holding them - it is just a fluttering in my stomach and my heart breaks for them. I just tell them to let it out. I have been very fortunate that in the past, men have felt very comfortable with me to cry in my arms while I rock and "shhhh" them. But real life is harder to watch for me then actors. I love the sobbing like a little boy and I think that is the mothering/comforter instinct in me. 

My own crying: I am a very sensitive person, and almost anything can set me off - happy or sad. Other than watching TV shows or movies, I usually cry about 1-2x/month - depending on my hormones and mental state. I do take medication for bipolar/depression, so usually I am OK, but there are some days or situations that are just too overwhelming, I actually HATE crying myself, but inevitably most of my family and friends have seen me cry at one point or another.

I really do not have any other fetishes, and honestly - male crying is not sexual for me. I don't get turned on by it rather, I get a nervous, anxious feeling when they are ABOUT to cry - and I silently root for them to break down - whether it is in real life or a show/movie.

Myself in general: I love to sing, did theatre for years - looking to get back into that. I am very outgoing, friendly and like to have fun. I enjoy playing board games, bowling, pool, cards, travelling, amusement parks, and love animals - I have 6!! Contrary to my crying obsession - I actually love comedies and sitcoms. And I will actually go to a movie or watch a show specifically if I know there is going to be some good male drama.

I really am an open book, and since only two people responded to the meetup suggestion, if you want to privately email me so we can chat about our love of crying, feel free! Thanks for reading!


July 25, 2017 3:04 pm  #2

Re: Hi there!

usually cry about 1-2x/month - depending on my hormones and mental state. I do take medication for bipolar/depression, so usually I am OK, but there are some days or situations that are just too overwhelming

We ought to getting about 1-2 observations per month then

Ugly crying is pretty crying

September 7, 2017 1:17 pm  #3

Re: Hi there!

Ha! Yes, I tend to cry a lot and easily, but I hate when I do, and I really can't ever control the tears. Grrr... I have never recorded myself or written about my experiences crying - but I think I may have to start! LOL... 

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September 9, 2017 2:16 am  #4

Re: Hi there!

Hi, Missy.

Because I'm asexual, I can really relate to what you say about crying being an emotional, rather than a physical, turn-on, and about comforting.  I too love seeing someone (preferably in a dramatic situation and not in real life) rock and "shush" the (preferably male) crier!  Rubbing the crier's back in a soothing manner always gets me as well. 

I can also relate when you say that you yourself hate to cry.  The only time I "like" to cry is from happiness, or when I'm watching an emotional movie, play, or show.

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