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March 4, 2018 5:49 am  #1

Happy To Have Found This Forum~!

Gender: Female/genderfluid
Orientation: Pansexual, but with a strong leaning towards curious men with an alpha side or vice-versa
Age: 31
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA 

Interested in:  I have been drawn to people crying since I was very young.  It was my first sexual attraction.  I see tears as something that are more than just external, or even emotional, but something much deeper and larger and in a sense, sacred.  I am interested in tears of grief and pain, tears of joy, and tears of release.  True vulnerability, emotional emersion, and letting go completely are the most beautiful things to me.  Anything from someone tearing up and getting choked up when talking about something that moves them, to uncontrollable sobbing.  I find this particularly attractive in men, especially more masculine men, as I love the intimacy and vulnerability of emotional release.  I love to hold and comfort a crying person.  I love to kiss their tears and touch their face and encourage them to speak about what they are feeling.  To place my hand on their heart and help them feel safe and free to cry freely. 

***This is something that I can separate from sexuality if the other person is not consenting or the situation is inappropriate.  However, if the other person is also aroused by this experience, then I love when it becomes passionately sexual. 

Interest in the forum:  To meet other people like me.  While this has been a sexual attraction for me for my whole life, I do not often meet other people who have the same fetish.  Even in kink communities, tears and crying are often associated with sadism, and I am not a sadist.  I am more attracted to emotional vulnerability and the emotional connectedness, and within that I become incredibly sexually aroused. 

My own crying:  Unfortunately I do not cry very easily!  I wish I did.  I am moved to tearing up very often, but it is rare that I full-on cry, and I am very happy when I do, even if it is about something painful.  I wish it were an act that was more immediately accessible.  When it does happen though, I often get extremely wet, and have even sometimes masturbated while I’ve been crying and that leads to an incredible orgasm.  When I cry it is generally less out of sadness than being moved by things that I find poignant and beautiful.  It would be something I would be open to sharing when it happens, if there was some established trust. 

Other fetishes: Sex in public, group sex, cross-dressing, kink & BDSM 

Myself in general:  I am a writer and artist and create very emotionally driven pieces, and will often get very turned on in the process of creating emotion-heavy work. 

Fun fact: I rode a bicycle halfway across the country solo last summer.

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March 4, 2018 5:56 am  #2

Re: Happy To Have Found This Forum~!

I like some of your other fetishes too

Ugly crying is pretty crying

March 4, 2018 8:06 pm  #3

Re: Happy To Have Found This Forum~!

Welcome, my interest in crying is similar to yours, I also love kissing and wiping tears, as well as holding a person while she is sobbing. Feel free to post obs, either personal or as a comforter. Also, I think you would enjoy the Crying Fiction section. Hope to hear from you soon.


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