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August 28, 2018 6:27 am  #1

Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

This can be in your school days, or maybe just a few years ago to even recently.  I'll give one of mine.  (Before we continue, I have only gotten together with two of my crushes.  And I've had a lot of them.  I was either too scared to say anything, or they were already dating someone)
P.S. I'm also going to throw in my jacket fetish that I mentioned, (for those that don't known, I have a fetish for girls in winter coats as well), because to me that kind of enhances the situation.  Sorry.

Elaina:  Okay, I have had a crush on this girl since first grade.  She was my first crush. And at 36 years old I still have a crush on her. This is the first time I had EVER seen her cry. And she became my first hug with a girl. God help me.   
So we were actually in like, 4th or 5th grade.  I think it was 4th.  I was out at recess, playing by myself because most everyone else was in choir practice and I was among the view that remained.  The too-shy-to-sing-in-front-of-people group, if you will.  We had this tire fort (remember those? I miss them!)  I was the only one around I thought, when a girl (I can not for the life of me remember her name) crawled out from inside and called me. 
"Shawn can you watch Elaina? I have to get something."  So I crawled in, and my girl was sitting in the middle section, looking down at the ground, and very obviously sad about something.  She had her glasses sitting beside her. Wearing her usual coat... how do I describe it, it kind of had this mild purple brown color that had patterns you could see if you saw it in the light. I asked her if I could sit with her.  She didn't respond, so I did.  Nervously.  We must have sat like that for like a minute before she spoke, asking where the other girl went.  This is when she put her head up to look at me.  I saw how her mouth was twisted in that frown.  Her tears were in free flow and she was starting to do the hiccup noise, She just started crying.  So I asked her if she was okay.  She didn't respond.  She knew I had a crush on her, the girl club told her back in 2nd grade but I don't think she was ready for dates yet.  I mean, neither was I.  It was awkward seeing her cry her eyes out like that and me just sitting there.
I asked her if she wanted me to do anything.  She was really starting to let go now, sometimes wiping her eyes, and other times the tears fell to the sand.  I put my hand gently on her back, and I think she misinterpreted it, because she straight up hugged me.  Sobbing, sniffling, her coat brushing up against my bare arms (I wasn't wearing mine because it really wasn't THAT cold out, mom!).  And Elaina just cried.  I didn't know what to do. 
She looked up at me, we made direct eye contact.  I still think it was adorable what we said, just two little kids here. She was talking through her sobs.
"Do.. *sob* you still like (sobbing this next word)  me?"  I can see how wet her face was now.
 I kinda wonder now if she only cried in front of me because she knew I wouldn't make fun of her?  I also think the other girl just ditched her because she never came back.  Elaina did one of those involuntary wails, but it was low and she tried to hide it .
"I have to cry more." Oh she KNEW what she was doing by now.  Yea yea, I'll hug you again.
She put her arms around my neck and cried into them, her head on my shoulder.  She was stifling the noise by burying her face, I held her.  Her coat was so soft in my hands.

By the time recess ended, she had managed to reduce her crying to the occasional sniffle.  I wanted to hold her hand,as we walked back to the entrance, but that would have embarrassed her too much.  Oh well.

Update: found two pictures of her from back then in my stash.  I uploaded them to my FB page.  Available upon request.  

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August 28, 2018 7:11 am  #2

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Sounds like a fantasy that came to life! I've never seen a crush cry, but that's just the kind scenario I would fantasize about.

Ugly crying is pretty crying

August 28, 2018 9:30 am  #3

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Another crush.  And yes, it was almost like a fantasy, except we didn't really talk to each other much at all after that.  Mind you, these are the select few that I want to share that actually went well where I actually made contact.  I have the ones where I get ignored, snapped at, and the walk-away all stored in the back of my mind.  Those are part of the reason I became so afraid to approach any girl at all.  Not the sole reason, but it's up there.

Also I'm aware the way I normally write makes me give it more a novel feel.  I can't just write one or two lines "She was crying.  I hugged her.  The End."

I swear these actually happened, my friend.  Most of them were just one time occurrences sadly.

Michelle:  I lived only two blocks down from Michelle's house.  We lived close enough that I walked to her house regularly in my childhood years.  We were really close,  I was in her trick-or-treating group, and we always went to each others birthday party.  She liked me in grade school, but  was an Elaina fan back then.  We've given hugs before though, just as friends.  Michelle was easy to talk to.  Still is, actually.  She had a basketball hoop I'd play her and her sibs on, and, more importantly, she is the reason I became a fan of the Monkey Island games.  My mom has her to thank for my constant begging to get my own computer so I can play them. 

One thing I always noticed, whenever she wore a coat, she would ALWAYS wear the same scarf.  Right up until 8th grade, she always had that white scarf.  And I have her on my friend list on Facebook.  She still wears a scarf the same way (Not the original one)  I dunno, I just mention it because it's become like a staple of her wardrobe.  Like the fourth doctor in Doctor Who.  She had her hair cut real short in grade school so that if it wren't for the clothes, she'd be mistaken for a boy.  When we went to middle school, she grew it out a bit and made it into curls.  It's now beautifully straight and just past shoulder length.  And she has these big doe eyes that make me love her more..  I think they've only become prominent more recently in fact.   
Alas, she's married

Ah, anyhoo... .
7th grade, After school I was going to go wait for her in the stairwell that connects the front entrance with the school hallway because her mom was picking me up today.
After a few minutes, I saw Michelle come down the stairs.  I had seen her cry before, but those times she had always gotten comforted by her mom or a teacher.  She sounded panicky when she cried, like trying to catch her breath and then exhale in quick rapid fire sobs:  *gasp*.  heh heh heh heh heh heeehh"  If that sound effect helps. (It doesn't)  Really hard to describe in text. But she could be really dramatic. I remember gym class when we had to run laps, and she came back to the gym teacher crying and unable to speak.  It was kinda funny honestly because it was his first time seeing her cry and he was thinking she was about to die.  We knew she was fine, it's not our first rodeo, but he was traumatized.
See unlike mine, her family was a very emotional one, they wear their hearts on their sleeve and always try to help each other whether they're angry, sad or just stressed.  I never learned to be emotional, I'm a more closed off robot when it comes to feelings.  Mom's been friends with her parents for a long time and used to babysit them and one time she told me how annoying it was that Michelle's sister (Stacy became a crush in highschool) would follow her around crying to her and mom didn't really like that because my poor mother was uncomfortable around emotions.  So Michelle was often a little too honest with people, on the upside she's a very trusting person.

But anyway, when Michelle was walking down the last steps, I noticed she kind of had that look on her face, when they are trying to hold it in.  Her eyes were wide and she had her lips pursed together.  She saw me but there was no smile.  And yes, I am to blame for having a weakness for crying girls, or else I wouldn't be here.

I also noticed she got a new green coat.  Old blue was finally getting too small for her I guess.

"Michelle, are you okay?"  That got her to look my way so I could see.  I knew she was going to cry.

She nodded and did a quick smile still holding herself together.
I'm ashamed to say I wanted her to cry to me. 

She was really silent.  I had a guess about what happened . For a few weeks Michelle was crushing on a boy that, to put it nicely, wasn't interested in her at all.

So I wanted to get her to cry it out, but I didn't want to come off as a jerk.   She beat me to it though.

Honestly didn't expect that.
Her panicky sobs were very vocal and I'm honestly surprised no one had come in to check on her.  Her hands were covering her nose and mouth but I could see her eyes.
I didn't hug her at first but I rubbed her arm while she stood there.  Again, I saw her cry like this before.  I could never do anything but watch those times so I was inexperienced in how to comfort her.  I think she was waiting for me to say something though.

"Do you want to talk about it?"
Shook her head no.
"You want to hug?"
No head movement that time.
Okay, so... hug?
Yup.  Hug.
And I liked it.  Damn me.

It was a hug like we usually do, but I was rubbing her back as it heaved with her crying.  Her new coat felt great too.  The scarf was soft on my neck.   I didn't know the pain of rejection yet, that wouldn't come until high school. 

I admit this is where my crush on her started.
She had calmed down, still crying but not panic mode. 
Her mom arrived after that and we carried on in the car, her mom taking charge with her, which was fine after I already got the hug.

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August 28, 2018 12:50 pm  #4

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Almost, the crush I have had for more than 10 years had to move to another state, she invited her closest friends (me included, of course) to her apartment for our last grill, at one moment we were sitting and talking, three of her coworkers, her and me, she got sad saying goodbye and she stood up, I followed her and noticed her watery eyes. I hugged her and felt her back shudder as if sobbing, we broke the hug and she, unfortunately blinked her tears back. I remember she told me once over the phone “I am going to cry”, at that moment I wish she were in my arms.


August 28, 2018 2:03 pm  #5

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Oh ouch.  Nothing like the old phone cry to make you hate long distance.  

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August 28, 2018 3:09 pm  #6

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Here are some short ones, three are obs only, some are contact.

I have four more long ones but I had to ask them first since we actually are still friends. Only one has replied so far, she thought it was funny.  I doubt they'd say no, but I wouldn't feel right posting it otherwise. (One of them is my favorite)
All but one of these are at high school, either in class, in the cafeteria, or just on my morning walk-arounds before class where I'd walk around the first floor halls.  (exercise, trying to keep in shape. Not to be creepy.)

April:  (Obs) Honestly wouldn't call April a crush.  She was one of the ones who would bully me in middle school.  She mellowed out after, but it was hard to forget.  Anyhoo, it was in homeroom, I sat two seats down from her, she was a red head with long curly hair.  She came into class red faced and with a tissue.  I didn't spend the whole day staring at her because I had homework but I heard her sniffles.  Okay, for that moment I liked her.  But yea, didn't last, she was still kinda mean.

Abby:  I knew her pretty well, but not enough to call her a friend.  We were "lunch buddies" lets call, it.  During lunch in the senior section of the cafeteria.  It was a small side room of the main cafe, with a tiny deli and a jukebox which I'm almost positive was perpetually broken.  I had actually seen her just before in the hallway talking to a guy I was acquainted with, Brian, who was the popular, class clown, every girl asks him to homecoming type guy.  I wanted to hate him but he made me laugh.  I usually sat in the corner table, where I can people watch.  Abby rushed in, clearly holding it in,  and  tossed her bag to the floor beneath the table and sat beside me, then she put her head into her arms on the table, crying .  She had her blue and black jacket on.  I patted her back, Aaron across the table asked her "What happened?".  She sat up and leaned into me, so I just had an arm around her while she cried and talked to us.

Jessica: (obs)  I never met her before, but I developed a crush on her after one time during a walk around I saw her crying against the wall.  She had her hair parted where you could see her forehead, and she kinda had a big nose (not ugly big, just more prominent than the other girls, like Jennifer Grey before the surgery)  She was talking on the public phone and the tears were very visible on her cheeks. one dripped down onto her shirt before she wiped her face.

Melissa:  All together I guess she didn't cry that much, but over four years, I've seen her cry just enough to like her.  She was chubby but not fat, and had long curly black hair. She was short too,compared to my 6'1 at the time.  I'd call her a highschool friend..
#1)  (Obs)  This is where I got my crush on her.  She had come into English class in a leg cast, with crutches.  She was crying and continued to when she sat down. Brian (same Brian mentioned before) is like "Did you hurt you leg, I'm guessing?"
"Yes Brian, I hurt my leg!"  she did laugh a little when he said that, but they often annoyed each other.  They argued like this a lot.  She just had gym class and fell the wrong way   She let us sign her cast.
#2) A long, black coat that went down to the ankles.  Melissa had this on when I saw her crying the second time.  We were both heading down the stairs after school.  "Why so sad?"  She stopped at the landing so I did too.  She got in a fight with her dad on the phone.earlier and now she was going to have to stay overnight with a friend.  We were just there talking, other kids were on their way out.  Her friend was waiting for her in the parking lot.  I walked her down the halls, her voice was cracking as she told me.  She had her hand clutching my arm so we'd walk at the same speed.  It was over too quickly honestly.  But I did ask her for a hug before she exited.  It was a nice quick one where I got to feel her in her coat , and I swear she sobbed once before letting go.
#3)  Junior year. I had arrived at the classroom, but forgot that it was being held at the library today so the door was locked with a note.  She was already there and about to leave for the library when I showed up.  She had that coat on again.  Her mouth was slightly open and she was sobbing.  "Hey Mels, it's gonna be okay."  I walked with her, she had been pushed around by these other girls (bullies) in lunch.  When we got downstairs she asked me to go on in ahead of her. She didn't want to go in and let Brian see her like that.  The bell was about to ring in a minute but I doubt she cared.  So I went in and she paid a visit to the bathroom.  It's all good.

Maggie:  Maggie was three grades below me,and I had already graduated by now, It was her Junior year so about 16-17 years old to my 20-21.  But she was close friends with my godmom's daughter Emily, who was my mom's goddaughter, so I've also known Maggie pretty well..    We went to a party Emily was bringing us to for her neighbors graduation and Maggie was there. 
So, they got into an argument, her and Em, which ended up with Em slapping her.  Her dad, my godfather took her away, which meant my godmom gave me and Maggie a lift back home..She had quivering lip and whimpering.  godmom kept checking in the rearview mirror to see if she was okay. She asked me if she was okay too.  
Maggie didn't say anything the whole ride, but at one point I held her hand on the trip back.  She wiped away tears with my hand in hers.

Karly: (Obs) She was a crush I didn't talk to but admired from two cafeteria tables away.  She was tearing up but there wasn't any quivering or lip curl..  A few tears down the cheek, quickly brushed away.

Katie:  (Obs) NOT A CRUSH.  I hated this girl normally. She was a loudmouth brat. But I noticed one day if nothing else, she was a good crier.  She was letting the tears fall right to the ground and her voice cracked so many times when she talked.  She kept telling her friend how much she "hates this f***** school".  Her friend was silently listening as she vented, then Katie just screamed at the top of her lungs "I HATE THIS F****** SCHOOL!" and threw her water bottle down the hall.

Kim & Kelly:  (Obs)  Sisters, Kim was a year younger.  They were both clutching each other with lip curl and red eyes.  One thing I noticed was that Kelly always had more sunken eyes while Kim was more full in her face, Kim had long light brown hair past the shoulders, while Kim was cut just above shoulder length.  They were both sitting on the floor by the lockers and hiccup sobbing.  I wanted to give them both a hug, but I just didn't know them that well.

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August 28, 2018 9:21 pm  #7

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Nice obs, about Maggie, I loved the detail of you holding hands and her wiping her tears, did she wipe her tears with your hand?
I mean, did she actually guide your hand to her eyes or cheeks?

Also, Katie’s obs, I love when girls allow tears unchecked, did you notice if tears were streaking her cheeks, or did tears streamed down her face leaving it entirely wet?


August 29, 2018 1:50 am  #8

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Both, my hand touched her face a few times when she wiped.

Katie's was mostly because she was holding a bottle in one hand and her books in the other so her hands weren't free. I can't remember the cheeks, I didn't look that often, but I remember the tears dripping off her chin. If that helps.

I also wonder if I should include a picture of the girls or not since I suck at describing them?  Or is that against the rules?  I mean, like pictures from the yearbook, (1999) not any current ones. Unless they're close friends.
Also because I feel like I need proof.

I have many more highschool stories coming, I really did go looking for the tears back then, I was fully aware of my fetishes at that point. Some repeat performances.
Emily (from Maggie's story) has more than anyone since we practically grew up in each others  houses and she and I were family if not by blood., And there are more with Maggie including a fun one that I had to get her permission to talk about.  She gave me the okay.   
The one I REALLY  want to share is still in limbo, (I don't think she checks her messages very often.)  But Maggie and Sarah said yes, so that's gonna be lovely.

So few people have seen their crushes cry?  This makes me sad.  It's a wonderful experience that can bring the two of you closer.

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August 29, 2018 6:54 pm  #9

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

Emily:  This is the one I really wanted to tell you guys because I want you to know that there are women out there who really have fun with our fetish.  This is also my favorite memory.
Em and I were SUPER close.  We shared a crib, her mom was bffs with mine.  I always came to her birthday and she always came to mine (The family parties anyway, I usually had a party the day before with my other friends and it always got a little too macho for her. LOL) 

Her parents were emotionally distant so she'd often come to my mom or me for a cry.  And oh. My. God, she was a beautiful crier.  And sometimes a LOUD one.  Especially after I revealed to her my fetish (Both of them).  She would most of the time cry openly in front of me afterwards.  The only time she didn't, understandably, was when her granma passed away, and when she was in physical pain.  And she always wore the softest coats in the colder weather for me.  I think that actually became her preference too, because she still only buys the biggest ones even now.  She's married with a kid and I don't see her very often except on social media.  I must have rubbed off on her.

Emily went through a lot of depression and self loathing in her teenage years.  I think because her parents weren't the type to be all feelings and emotions.  We didn't go to school together, she went to my rival school (Booooo!) so I didn't see her there.  But that was fine because she often stayed over at our house.  I know all she ever wanted was to feel loved and my family gave that to her whem she felt she wasn't getting it at home.  We were kind of a couple at this time.

Again, she knew about my fetishes, but to my knowledge she never told anyone, not her parents or mine.  I thank her for that. That'd be embarrasing.  In return, however, she gets to TEASE me with them relentlessly.  Because she is evil.  I vow that everything below is true.

This one time she was staying over at our house for the weekend because her parents were tired of her and needed to recuperate.  Mom was staying with them to help. so we had the house to outselves for the whole day.  we were about 15.  Both in t-shirts even though it's cold inside, we had changed earlier. because we were in the snow and the sweaters were in the dryer.

At one point, when we were just watching tv, she grabbed my hand and squeezed.  I looked over and she had started crying.  She let ger tears drip off her face because she knew that drove me crazy and wanted me to comfort her. I squeezed back.  
Before anything else happened, this lovely little manipulator let go of my hand, grabbed her purple Northface coat off the railing post and put it on, then sat next to me again.  It wasn't that cold inside, she knew what she was doing.  Mostly she thought I'd comfort her better if she gets me excited.  I'd just let her believe that ;)

"Shawn?" She held my hand again. "I'm going to cry, help me."  Oh she's good.

"Is it cause of your folks?" I asked
"It is."
"They love you, you know.  And I love you too."
Her mouth contorted into a full lip curling.
"I love y-hoo t-toohooohoooo" Ahhh huh huh huuuuhhh!" She sobbed out those words.  She touched my hand to her cheek and leaned into it, closing her eyes, I felt her wet cheeks as the tears rolled.  I put my other hand on the other side, she opened her eyes again, letting more tears fall.  Her forehead met mine and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kept crying.  "I d-hon't hear it from them though." she hiccuped.
"They're not good at that, I know."
"I get it here though from you and your mom.  Than-kuh you-hooooo"
She leaned in so I just went for it.  No tongue, just upper lip to lower lip kiss.  This made her start loudly just bawling.  Her head was on my shoulder and our cheeks were touching.  She couldn't decide to keep her head there or just have our foreheads touch, she alternated until I just lied down and let her cry on top of me forehead to forehead.  Some of her tears fell on my face.  She took my shirt off then dropped herself fully onto me so I could feel her in her coat on my body.  Manipulative!

I held her.  "I like your coat thing. It's really cute." she murmured.  "Are you cold?"  She put her arms around me, her lip still curled and tears still falling.  I kissed her again.  "Em, we can stay like this."  That made her laugh a little and she buried her face in the side of my neck and cried herself out.

 She actually fell asleep on me. Her face was still wet from crying.

That's my favorite cry memory.  Nothing else happened, I was a gentleman.  Emily is a lovely lovely person inside and out.  I'm sure her husband knows that too.  Lucky son of a---

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August 30, 2018 12:55 am  #10

Re: Have you ever seen one of your crushes cry?

As I write these down it gets me thinking.  You know what I noticed?  The earlier in age they find out about it, the more they'll be okay with it.  With Emily, (And Heather) They knew about my dacryphilia when we were really young, so they grew up knowing me and to them it became just a quirk of mine.

I mean if your brave enough to tell your girl/boyfriend or spouse about it more power to you.    For me,  Em really got into it with me as you can see, and Heather, who was VERY uncomfortable crying in front of others, felt more safe crying in front of me.

Whereas Maggie who found out on her own later, always thought it was weird and would often let me watch her cry unchecked just to fuck with me.  (She always told Emily about it because she thought it was funny)

Now I understand why everyone here is saying it's hard to discuss with people.  We can have fetishes with whips and wax and spanking torture, but God forbid we enjoy watching people cry!  That is wrong!  I get it now.  It's why most crying porn is doubled with torture or abuse.  I don't like how society is so hypocritical towards us.


More stories coming soon I guess.

Also I have the pictures if anyone wants to see what everyone looks like, just send me a PM with your e-mail.  I have conditions of course. ;)

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