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March 25, 2019 8:23 pm  #11

Re: An Introduction To Myself

TearsOfCheese wrote:

Pleasure to meet you guys, I'm 21 years old, a Male, and am Bisexual. Now I'd like to get this straight with you guys, but I don't have a fetish for Dacryphilia, but rather a deep platonic feeling for it. Seeing others cry as a kid always made me feel both bad and weird, especially when it was somebody I least expected that would shed tears... As I matured and got older, I came to realize that I want to help those who cry and make sure they feel better fast. Now I do find crying very cute, but I never could find it sexy.

I'm more interested in guys crying, for some reason. Just cute to see males do something they're forbidden in society to do because they'll "Look weak". 

Honestly I'm the same way (except I'm female). it seems misleading to call this 'thing' I have for crying a 'fetish' at all because there's only been one time it was slightly sexualized. Usually it's like, an emotional high. This jolt in my stomach. Gives me intense butterflies. All that. Its hard to describe because theres not really names for these types of feelings


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