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August 10, 2019 3:17 pm  #21

Re: First time

andjyx wrote:

The thing is that there wasn't much of the visible part on that occasion. As soon as i started quietly sobbing, he grabbed me in his arms and literally all my tears ended on his shirt and neck. Same happened when i cried again a few minutes after, when he teased me about something but i was still upset so i broke down again, he immediately hugged me tightly and in both occasions i have cried on his shoulder literally until the moment i stopped crying completely, so there were no running tears that day.

I do think that the symptoms change with age; i think that we cry more freely as children, never hiding tears or holding it in...and as we get older we tend to hold it in, hide our crying face etc. because we start to feel ashamed of crying without care. Nonetheless, i also think that men are more of "quiet" criers; based on what I've experienced in real life, most of them just bury their faces in their hands and sob silently, and not for too long also, whereas women are more prone to letting their tears fall unchecked while also making crying faces and even sobbing freely.

Haha thanks i guess, that's so sweet! I do love having my tears wiped away and also doing it for other people (preferably males...don't know why, i just feel more compassionate when a male cries). Well i don't cry that often, so when i do, i cry a lot. And they mostly run down in a single stream, they form multiple streaks when i'm literally having a complete meltdown which is thankfully rare.
Honestly, i tried not to pay attention to the people passing by, i was really not too amused with crying in public. But i am sure no one stopped to ask what's wrong and so. And as i mentioned above, i haven't had any tears run down my face as they all ended up on him lol. But i did cry in front of him again, though on that occassion i didn't cry on his shoulder. It was a regular hug (like, my chin was on his shoulder) so the tears that ran down my face ended up on his shirt when they went all the way down. And that time he did wipe my tears and we both smiled (actually, just the right one...he probably didn't realize that i had another tear streak that went from the corner of my left eye down to my lips).

I've had people hug and comfort me while i cry, but his hug was definitely something else. Even though he ended up disappointing me on one occasion, the way he comforted me that day just shows how emotional and compassionate he is, no matter how childish at times. Which is probably why i was so in love with him. And yes, I've had my tears wiped mostly by guys i have been with, and maybe a couple of friends. Actually I've had a guy friend sleep over three months ago and we were laying on my bed on our sides, i broke down because of something that had happened the night before and started sobbing in his chest. When i moved away he gently kissed away my tears which made me feel priceless (my whole face was wet because i cried intensely and for a good 10 minutes). 

P.S i have read the obs you provided a link for and oh God, its one of the most beautiful i have read on this site so far! So amazing that the girl ended up crying without a shame in front of you.

Amazing obs, having your tears wiped by your crush is priceless (how could he have missed that tear?) .
The other obs seems also beautiful, he must be really confident in order to kiss your tears.

By the way, to quote you have to look for the message you are quoting and it has the option to quote, near of the edit option area in your own posts.

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August 11, 2019 5:24 am  #22

Re: First time

andjyx wrote:

P.S i have read the obs you provided a link for and oh God, its one of the most beautiful i have read on this site so far! So amazing that the girl ended up crying without a shame in front of you.

Just noticed the obs I provided in the link is not the one intended, here is the one I originally wanted to share with you.

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