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August 7, 2011 7:20 pm  #11

Re: Just noticed...

woundedpuppy wrote:

Every day for 10 days?!?  So.... hot.  I think I could become addicted to that.  Did you miss it a bit when it eventually stopped?  Or did you feel 100% glad when it stopped because that meant he felt better?

Well, he was dealing with some really crappy stuff, and I was very glad to see him smiling, working out, laughing, all the stuff he'd stopped doing for a while. But I had definitely (and somewhat guiltily) enjoyed the 10 days of crying and extreme emotions. I was SO happy that he felt better, but I was still thinking about those 10 days for the rest of the month. Not wishing they'd continue, just remembering the wonderfulness of all of those emotions and comforting...!


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