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October 27, 2019 11:38 pm  #1

Voice actors crying in podcasts/audio dramas (5 examples)

May I present the rather untapped source of crying which is the world of podcasts and audio dramas! Even audio-only crying has the ability to break my heart and send a tingly whoosh through my torso. I'm partial to voice actor David Ault's crying, so his are the instances that I notice the most. And all of these stories happen to be suited for Halloween too!

From The No Sleep Podcast
Duplex, story 2 starts at 35:05. Voice: David Ault
There’s nothing in forest glen national park, story 3 starts at 46:50. Voice: Jeff Clement
How not to get rid of a body (darkly comedic context, but cries twice), story 6 starts 01:37:00. Voice: David Ault

From Shadows at the Door Podcast. Voice: David Ault
The Signalman
Silent Warnings

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