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July 14, 2020 9:48 pm  #1

A little about me :)

Sex: Female
Orientation: Cis/straight
Location:United States
Interested in: filming and taking pictures of myself crying
Interest in the forum: getting to know others and the community, diving into dacryphilia and what our community is really about, videos & pictures
Your own crying: muffled crying, happy crying, sobbing, voice/breaking voce/shaking, crying and shuddering, red puffy eyes
Other fetishes: I'm new to the fetish world, as well as this community, and I'm still getting to know myself and my sexuality
Yourself in general: I'm a 20 year women who comes from a toxic household, and has spend the majority of my life thinking that crying is a sign of weakness. I spend a lot of my time crying, due to my personal life and mental illness. When i discovered this community i felt seen, and it took some time for me to work up the nerve to create an account. But here i am. I hope this introduction doesn't make anyone uncomfortable. 


July 14, 2020 11:28 pm  #2

Re: A little about me :)

Welcome aboard! We're always happy to have new people. I'm sorry to hear about how you've been repressed, but everyone here is very accepting.

"Bless me now with your fierce tears..."

July 14, 2020 11:50 pm  #3

Re: A little about me :)

I am glad you decided to introduce yourself. As NeedHerSobs said, we all are very accepting, if you need to talk, you can pm, I'll be more than glad to answer your questions. Interesting you are into filming, feel free to share videos or pictures, like your name says, let us "watchyoucry".

Have a wonderful day.


July 22, 2020 11:20 am  #4

Re: A little about me :)

sorry i havent been active for sometime! i've been working overtime in order to save up enough to move out. I was actually thinking about starting an Onlyfans and posting my pictures and videos on there in order to have another source of income and be able to move out asap. What do you guys think about that? could i get some feedback? thank you

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July 22, 2020 12:08 pm  #5

Re: A little about me :)

I am not very familiar with Onlyfans way of earning money, but if it works like YouTube, that you can monetize, I am sure a lot of us would watch your videos so you have a lot of views and get to earn something extra.


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