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August 15, 2020 4:16 pm  #61

Re: Crying on cue: stories behind the scene

I just read the finale of Agents of SHIELD, my heart is racing, as I'd love to see the takes that were not used for the final scenes, Chloe Bennett said she barely made it once without historically crying, not another shot was able to be made without her sobbing. In her own words: Recalled Bennet, “That scene was very difficult to shoot because we would have to shoot everyone leaving their chairs, and it literally was me just sitting there alone in a circle of empty chairs when just moments before I was looking at the faces of these people I’ve spent time with. Poor [director] Kevin Tancharoen… That was the scene I lost it on set. I think we only got two takes before I was pretty hysterical. When I looked around for my close-up shot of all of the chairs, it really f**ked me up. So shooting that was very, very difficult. They probably only got one take where I wasn’t just hysterically crying. It’s such an image to be sitting there and all of a sudden they blink out and you’re the last one. It was so special to have that moment with Clark.”

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