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December 22, 2020 3:06 pm  #1

New Obs

It's been relatively hard to get obs during quarantine, and most obs have been from two family members, rarely adding a third (all female, by the way).
This obs is from my wife, and what makes it special is the fact that she allowed her tears to dry on her cheeks. She talked on the phone and when she hung up, she started to tell me what he told her (she found extremely tender and heartwarming) and started to tear up, her tears looked so beautiful that I thought, for the first time, I'll see how many tear streaks form during her crying fit, and I had to use all my will power to not kiss and wipe her tears. After a few minutes, two tear streaks were visible on her right cheek and one on her left with a pond below her left eye, it was just wetness for about half an inch around her eye with only one tear streak on the middle of her cheek, on her right eye there was a tear streak on the outer corner and in the middle of her cheek. I think I saw one tear roll down from the inside corner, but there was no streak visible afterwards.

I am pretty sure next time she cries I'll compensate and take care of all her tears.
Merry Christmas to all of this beautiful community members.


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