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June 4, 2021 3:23 pm  #1


Sex: M

Orientation: Straight

Age: 25

Location: Australia

Interested in: Women's tears - I love mild, non-fussy crying where tears slowly form in the eyes and eventually flow down the cheeks, and there's mild snivelling. I like both sad and happy crying, angry crying is a bit of a hit and miss, depending on the tears and the expressions. As an actor, I also like fake crying, but I still prefer it to be realistic with an emotional expression and mild snivelling rather than just tears, or worse, no tears. I don't mind hard crying and sobbing, but that's not my first preference.

Interest in the forum: Just randomly found it when browsing for some crying related content and am still processing the fact that there's actually a forum for this and I'm a bit less weird for liking tears, lol! I think I'd be most interested in the videos section, I had a quick glance through it and there seems to be a whole world of unexplored videos of girls crying that's there.

Your own crying: I don't cry too often in real life to be honest, mostly just tear up when I get emotional, but I can cry on cue, and when I do, I usually let my tears flow all the way down my cheeks. My girlfriend (who is an actress) and I are both pretty good at crying on cue, and she knows about my fetish, and since we're both saving ourselves for marriage, the most intimate thing we do is make ourselves cry on cue and cuddle together, caressing and kissing each other's tears away.

Other fetishes: n/a

Yourself in general: I'm an actor and a gamer, in a non-sexual romantic relationship with a girl who's a beautiful crier and can cry on cue. I'm a massive fan of the Resident Evil franchise and also Silent Hill (though strangely those are the only two survival horror franchises I like). I'm not a big, famous actor or anything, neither is my girlfriend, and I unfortunately don't have any cool stories of watching crying scenes on set, none of the film projects I've been in have included crying scenes, though I do have a couple of stories from acting school which I might share sometime.

Other: Nothing much, can't believe it's taken me this long to find this forum, though I guess I don't browse the internet for crying content as much, given I get to see plenty of real life crying from my girlfriend and how we can watch movies and tv shows on demand with so many streaming services and YouTube.

EDIT - spaced things out a little bit to make it easier to read

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June 4, 2021 3:37 pm  #2

Re: Hi

Welcome gaming actor, I would love to read obs and self obs that you might be willing to share, your relationship seems interesting in the crying sense (to say the least).


June 21, 2021 3:15 pm  #3

Re: Hi

Thanks for the welcome and sorry I joined and just disappeared. Life's been hectic. My relationship is certainly awesome both in the crying and the regular sense, will share some obs for sure!

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