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October 31, 2021 8:17 am  #1

Have you ever had a fantasy fulfilled only to end up disappointed?

As in, did you ever end up comforting your dream person only for the moment not to end up as you imagined it, or had a fantasy come true that wasn’t actually as interesting/exciting/fulfilling in real life?

I personally had a minor disappointment while comforting my dream person, an ex who has always had an attitude that men should cry only by themselves and for a short period of time, and i dreamt for months for him to break down in front of me. When it happened the only thing i really wished to experience was for him to sob into my shoulder, but he only sniffled quietly which was a liiiiittle disappointing.


November 25, 2021 5:52 am  #2

Re: Have you ever had a fantasy fulfilled only to end up disappointed?

When I (f) was 14 or so, I already very much knew about my male comforting fantasy and had imagined those scenarios with all my guy friends. One day one of my guy friends was at the park and when I approached him he was crying while sitting on the swing. Sort of just sniffling with a red puffy face. I gave him a hug and he sobbed into my shoulder.

It wasn't my ideal scenario though because it didn't last very long as he had to rush home, also it's better if I'm attracted to him and I wasn't, also my sister was there making it very awkward since she's uncomfortable around crying people. Still, it was better than nothing I think.

I'm still very young so I'm hoping as I live my life I'll witness my partners crying in front of me. Word of advice: watch A.I. with anyone you want to cry in front of you. Saddest movie ever.


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