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April 20, 2022 10:25 am  #1

Hi! Self introduction!

Sex: female
Orientation:not sure, somewhere between heterosexual/bisexual/asexual (biromantic or heteromantic)
Location: Taiwan

Interested in: I have two favorite types of crying. First one is full on bawling, face red and puffy, covered in tears. But those kinds of crying are harder for me to imagine since it's harder to come up with a backstory for when imagining, and bawling is less often seen. The other kind of crying is when the person tries to hold back the tears but ends up failing

Interest in the forum:I've been stalking this forum for a couple years now for obs and fictions, so I thought I'd make an account so that I could interact with people when I want to

Your own crying (a few tears/streams of tears, hide face in hands/wipe tears from face/allow tears to fall unchecked, cry silently/snivel/sobbing and shaking, no facial expression/mild chin tremble and lopsided lip/pronounced lip curl and chin tremble, normal voice/breaking voice/shaking or wavy voice):amount of tears depend on how hard I'm crying,I wipe away my tears, either with a tissue or the sleeves of my shirt if it's not a lot, usually when I'm crying I don't talk, make much noise or facial expressions at all, I just lay in bed, dead in the eyes, tears falling across my face

Other fetishes:don't feel to comfortable sharing this yet, might do so in the future though

Yourself in general: I'm a senior in highschool, planning to study psychology in college but I also might change to a different major. I like drawing, reading, watching Netflix or YouTube. I'm kind of a boring person

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April 20, 2022 12:50 pm  #2

Re: Hi! Self introduction!

Welcome, I hope you like the fiction that is currently the most active section of the forum, I can relate with your favorite types of crying, I also love that. Do you always cry alone or do you reach someone you trust to comfort you? 
I have to acknowledge you're the first from Taiwan on the forum. By the way, you definitely are not boring, having artistic hobbies is one of the most interesting things you can have.


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