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May 13, 2022 4:37 pm  #1

Another Portuguesse actor bawling his eyes out

I first  saw Marco d'Almeida in a Portuguesse soap opera called  a Joia de Africa. He didn't cry much in it but showed some potential at some point having a very sudden, natural breakdown later on when he showed this beautiful flushed face, teary eyes and cracked voice. Then i saw a clip of him in another soap called My Love ..(or something like this) in which he has a longer sobbing scene that I put in the video section but shortly after  the poster erased his account from youtube and that gem was  really gone.
This year in April I managed to acces some more episodes from this soap in which he plays a man who suffered a severe trauma because of an accident in which his father died and his girlfriend got injured. He has a massive guilt trip that streches over a few episodes in which he's shown recollecting some events as he attempts to commit suicide. He feels guilty for acting like a coward by not saving them.  The crying is really intense  and realistic, his voice is cracking every time he tries to talk through his sobs. He's also shown being comforted by other characters and then in therapy where his face is shown in a close up as his emotions overcome him. (I later read that these parts got him an important prize in television at that time.)
I really hope you can see the clips. I found them with great difficulty after having tried to access them from an official site. I'll post the key ones with some background from the story. Some show gradual, built up crying or simply tearing up, others are more gut-wrenching. ( at 51:41 he tries to reason with a close friend why he didn't save his father and his girlfriend from the fire,  from this point on he doesn't cry much, he's just shown on the verge of crying as he recounts the event, at 55:22 his voice is cracking) ( this one has a slow built up, he talks to a former lover and friend , it starts at around 8:00 minutes and he cracks at around 10:46, he wipes his tears at that point at 13:17 the scene continues with him confessing his guilt, his eyes are teary again and he's shown being comforted at the end). ( at 14:09 he's shown tearing up, there's a close up of his face and at 17:00 he 's comforted again by the same character). ( he's shown hangging himself as he discovers that he girlfriend who was caught in the fire is still living. She's the one who rescues him. Because of pain he has a major breakdown but he also covers his face while sobbing. His eyes are shown glistening with tears.) ( more sobbing at around 29:20, the scene continues at 36:18)

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“To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”
― William Shakespeare

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Re: Another Portuguesse actor bawling his eyes out

In this one he's shown in therapy as he tells a story about how his guilt started from childhood when he couldn't save his brother at the right time. He's wiping some tears and his voice cracks up a few times. I find particularly beautiful that he tries to supress his tears, he's self conscious of them.
I think this part is great , it starts from 4: 00 untill around 7:00 minutes .

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“To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”
― William Shakespeare
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