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June 30, 2023 8:34 pm  #1

New obs (M)

Finally got the chance to comfort a male friend a few days ago.

Was talking to an online friend of mine (never met him in person, but known him for about a yr). We were chatting (text on messenger) and some of his old memories were brought up. After a few min he sent me a pic of him with tears running down his face. I was sending him comforting words/pics. He sent me a few more pics of the progression of his tears.

Once his tears started to slow we started talking about men/emotions etc (he started that topic). Then he apologized for ruining my night with his problems. I kept telling him not to apologize and to message me any time he needed a shoulder.


January 3, 2024 10:48 am  #2

Re: New obs (M)

Sorry bit late to this post - wow - when he had the opportunity to easily hide his crying he sent you pictures of his tears! He must trust you a lot as you now have pictures of him in tears - has he done this before or since?

What did he say about male emotions and crying? Did he admit to being a frequent crier?


January 3, 2024 5:36 pm  #3

Re: New obs (M)

He hasn't done this before or since but he did admit that every now and then he does cry but as a man tries to hide it or do so in private.

He kept apologizing saying that he feels men aren't supposed to cry but that he couldn't help it, at that particular time he was just so overcome with emotions (sad, depressed). He also felt that I wouldn't be one to judge him for his feelings (like a lot if people would).

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January 4, 2024 10:29 am  #4

Re: New obs (M)

He must have been in such an emotional state he wanted to let you know he was hurting so bad that he was crying. It would have been a spur of the moment decision - I'm so upset I need to let my friend see just how upset I am. 

Do you feel he regrets sending pictures of him crying to you? Sometimes you can do something in the moment and regret it afterwards. Although, he has admitted he does cry from time to time - he just has this view that men are not supposed to cry. Which is rubbish because as he's shown men do cry.

I don't know if you are able to still bring it up but you are probably in a very unique position with him. You know he cries from time to time - you know what he looks like in tears - you have seen his tears. So, you can say this to him and reassure him he can come to you and cry anytime he likes without fear of any negative judgements from you. He's opened up and cried once - he will be able to do it again.


January 6, 2024 4:19 pm  #5

Re: New obs (M)

I'm not sure exactly... I mean for a few days thereafter he was apologising for crying, so he was the one bringing it up. Also for a few days thereafter I was definitely reassuring him he can come to me and cry anytime without fear of judgement. He has even (since that incident) said that he's "felt like crying, but the tears just wouldn't come." That particular incident hasn't been brought up since (because although I do care I just don't want to embarrass him).

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