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July 13, 2023 2:54 pm  #1

Korean melodrama - Cherry Blossoms After Winter

This is about a love story between two gay teenagers who want to keep it a secret. At the end of episode 4 one of them starts sobbing all of the sudden after he drinks a few beers, just before they start kissing for the first time. I don't understand what they are saying in this scene but i guess there's a translation of it on youtube.  The younger actor, called Jinwook Ok is very cute and he's also a very cute crier. There are many instances of him tearing up all and crying  through the series.

 Cherry Blossoms After Winter
(at 18:22 the sobs are wonderfull ) ( he is sobbing again at 18:20, ep 5 after a fight with his lover, at 27:25 they both cry)

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