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February 2, 2024 12:25 am  #1

Is this guy right or wrong?

I was on Twitter/X until I came across this post. And I want you to give your opinion.


February 2, 2024 1:37 am  #2

Re: Is this guy right or wrong?

I have to admit that even though in this community the admin and mods have done a great job keeping it friendly, there are pervs out there, including the kind who takes the dacryphilia to the dark side and look for sadist or masochist stuff.


February 2, 2024 1:08 pm  #3

Re: Is this guy right or wrong?

I think this post might just be pointing out that people with dacryphilia fetishes in general are all perverts anyway...which I find a bit disappointing to say the least, in my opinion. That's how I interpreted it. But I might be wrong, hopefully!

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February 2, 2024 4:04 pm  #4

Re: Is this guy right or wrong?

Meh, it’s just someone clutching their pearls because they just learned about the existence of sfw kinks, and clearly have never heard of asexual kinks.  
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February 4, 2024 11:33 am  #5

Re: Is this guy right or wrong?

It's a difficult balance I think - this post overplays dacryphilia as some dark sadistic, perverted activity that the world needs saving from and people need to protect themselves from. And while I accept as @Amans lacrimae says there are people who take this fetish to the extreme I would suggest most people enjoy their fetish without harming other people.

You could easy say - don't wear a low cut top or a short skirt in public because guys will look - same could be true for a guys going swimming - it's the norm for them not to wear anything on their top half - I know some women get turned on seeing fit guys with only a tiny pair of shorts on!

There are many many fetishes out there - not just ours - the world would be a very boring place if people could not enjoy what turned them on. As long as it's done respectfully.

My view is as long as I do no harm - ok some people if they knew I was turned on because I saw them cry might feel uncomfortable - but the key point is they don't know. It's similar to the low cut top situation above - will I look? Absolutely - I will glance quickly, but I won't stare - I won't act in a way that will make the person uncomfortable - it's the same with someone in tears.

So, I think the poster has gone way over the top - probably just to get attention - many people who take the extreme moral high ground on things are doing it for their own notoriety rather than the people they claim to be saving. 



February 4, 2024 11:07 pm  #6

Re: Is this guy right or wrong?

Technically right. Except...anything can be a fetish. Where's his post warning people about twerking? Or foot stuff? Or applying makeup? Or ASMR? He tells people to stay safe, but how is someone getting their rocks off watching someone fake cry harming the latter?

Sounds like a normie idiot, to me.🤖🤡

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