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March 29, 2024 1:17 am  #11

Re: Quick introduction

I'll briefly answer some of the questions:
- My ex is the only person whose tears I've wiped
- Can't say if having my tears wiped is sexual or not, it's definitely an emotional longing wanting the person you love to wipe your tears
- I've cried in front of both (not a lot, mind you, though probably slightly more in front of females), and I usually wipe my tears when crying in front of others and can only think of maybe 2-3 times I cried in front of someone other than my ex that my tears flowed as I was crying a lot
- I don't think so based on the top Google search result which says men cry on average about 1.3 times a month, I definitely don't cry every month, the brief experiences I've shared have been over the period of say around 6-7 years (my average, if you count tearing up, of course including times I've cried by myself) over this period would probably be around once every 2-3 months (might be slightly higher as there have been shorter periods within these years when I've cried more often); I have seen a few male friends cry


March 29, 2024 11:33 am  #12

Re: Quick introduction

Thanks for answering my many questions. I should have qualified my last statement.

There is a theory each generation on males is crying more frequently and more open than the generation before. It's a generalisation of course and there will be many exceptions to this theory. Regardless of the average frequency (I'll pick up on that in a second) and statistically speaking your generation will cry more than my generation (I'm over twice your age!) and my generation cries more than my father's generation. The theory hypotheses that male crying changed dramatically during the world wars when men had to be stoic - stiff upper lip and all that - and it's taking several generations to revert back to the way male crying was pre the world wars. Just a theory of course - other may agree to disagree.

The issue with the 1.3 times per month - I think I saw 1.6 times per month for men and 4.4 times for females - is what do they consider as crying. These higher frequencies may count tears in a persons eyes - a momentary flash of emotion. Where as most people would consider tears in eyes as being a bit emotional, or moved. It would be interesting to see figures where to count as crying a tear had to leave a persons eyes. I would bet it would be closer to your once every 2-3 months average. And as you point out you may have periods when you cry several times in quick succession and then nothing for 6+ months. 

Can be an interesting discussion point...

I've put together a lengthy crying questionnaire to try and get better stats - I'll post a link in another thread.  


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