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May 24, 2024 9:09 pm  #1

New obs (f)

Ok, so I never thought I'd had such an opportunity to do this one day, but there it is:
Today I had a colleague that felt tired and sad while some of us were having our lunch break, and she started to talk to me and another guy sitted right next to her, and there were very few other people around in our living room at work...
I was sitted in front of her, with a table between us. I just casually asked her if she was alright, and she only started saying she felt tired, and then I immediately noticed something was wrong with her. She was rubbing her forehead with one hand with her eyes closed and I never saw her do so...and then she opened her eyes and I could literally see tears welling up in her eyes. The guy next to her was telling us random stuff about the morning team he thought they were kinda' unfriendly towards us and she agreed with what he said, while I just shrugged about it because I didn't pay attention to them enough so it could bother me anyway...but I noticed it bothered her enough she looked like she was about to cry just for mentioning this subject, and then I just told her "you look like you're about to cry from tiredness", and it's something very unusual for us to talk about. Then she just carried on by saying: "yeah, I think this is kinda' like what I'd feel like to do right mother told me the other day than my grandmother from my father's side wasn't feeling alright these last days and it might be the last time I could see her", and then I just nodded by saying: "I see, it's not helping to make you feel better these days, I understand...", and she just nodded me back and she started to close her eyes again, and her mouth started to shake a little, so I immediately knew she was about to melt down. So me and the other guy started to try comforting her. She put her head next to him while he was patting her on a shoulder and her head, and I held her a hand while rubbing it very gently...he just said "it's ok, it's ok..." and I said "go ahead, we won't judge you, just let it go if you feel the need to..." She was constently wiping her tears at first, using her fingers or her nails on her eyes, but then she allowed herself to let some tears running along her nose, while crying silently but always trying to prevent herself to cry all out, so I could only hear her breathing a little louder but not that much. She hided her eyes with one hand and her mouth was half open at some point but she was barely moving...maybe some tears went into the guy's chest but I couldn't see enough from there.
And then she raised herself again but still staying sitted with us, just saying "thank you", and we just told her "you're welcome", and I added "it's ok to cry, you have the right to do it, we won't blame you for that, there's no shame about it", and she just smiled at me, so I also said "when it needs to come out, it needs to come out", and she was started to feel better but then another girl asked her what's going on, and she just repeated to her what she already told us, so it made her sad again and her eyes started to well again, her mouth shaked a little and she wiped most of her tears with her fingernails, slowly but surely, and then I rubbed one of her arms and shoulders and said "don't hold back, don't hold back", and I shaped my voice in the most gentle way I could possibly muster, and finally, after wiping an umpteenth time her eyes, she let a single tear drop from the corner of her left eye while she was bending a little on her left side with an elbow on the table, and it fell midway from her cheek, or even slightly before, but it happened so quickly I couldn't see where it landed...and that was pretty much over. She still had tears in her eyes but she kept wiping them gently with her fingertips...she really felt and looked tired indeed, but hopefully not in any pathological way possible: no dark circles around the eyes, no bloodshot eyes, a good skin shape and she has like very smooth caramel colored skin, in her mid 20's (I'm in my mid 30's), midway frizzy and curly blond dyed hair at the top of her head and the other half brown with big light brown yellowish golden hazel eyes, kinda thick lips and very slight double chin and rounded throat, but with a full neck and she's quite slim and tall, almost as tall as I am but still smaller than me by a very small margin, and I'm 5'11 or 180 centimeters tall.
So yep. That happened today. Couldn't believe I would witness that in my life again and being comforting a coworker like I did and the way it happened. A true miracle...and I'm not a believer, by any means actually! :D ^^'

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May 26, 2024 12:15 am  #2

Re: New obs (f)

That's a lovely experience. It's always a bit strange to comfort a coworker, in my experience, but it's also been a blessing at the same time when you can break through that barrier and have a close moment with another person.

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May 27, 2024 10:53 am  #3

Re: New obs (f)

Thank you. That's right, and it's always when it's the least expected this kind of things happen, as far as I'm concerned...I was a bit scared at first how she would react to my attempt to comfort her, but she seemed thankful to me eventually, so I ended up relieved and satisfied by this experience, even though it didn't happen in my most wished standards, unsurprisingly for me, but still I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Massively shed tears with high innie belly buttons women, these are my favorites thingsĀ 
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