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July 2, 2024 2:19 am  #1

Speed Round: Movie Recs

Stressed today and just need to see some g-d good acting. List me off some of the best movies you know with male crying scenes. The requirements?

An actual breakdown, not just teary eyes or something. This may or may not sound weird but I need the catharsis of someone else sobbing because I just don't have the energy to right now.

-Preferably "hot" peoole but I use this term loosely. When I saw hot I don't mean conventionally attractive necessarily. Certainly not "pretty criers." Use your best judgement. If you think they're hot, I probably will too.

-a dude. A guy. A man. What have you.

Bonus points if the movie is:

Emotional throughout
Super gay
Has prettt cinematography
Not something I'd necesarrily have seen before. Id rather watch something unique tonight. Ready set go, try to get back to me quick!

What am I if not a woman who likes hot men who cry a lot

July 2, 2024 9:04 am  #2

Re: Speed Round: Movie Recs

I recommend you watching the series Death's Game. It has intense, compelling crying from the lead character in almost every episode and the breakdown parts are filmed in a very unique  and detailed way. way. The story never gets dull anyway. Other characters cry or sob as well through all of it.
As far as the hotness goes I personally think South Koreans are rather hot but of course not all of them but men look kind of effeminate and cry really easily or at least after minimal self restraint.


July 2, 2024 8:30 pm  #3

Re: Speed Round: Movie Recs

Is visual sobbing alone acceptable, or do we need to hear it as well? I'm asking because one of my favorite scenes was from PBS' "Victoria", where her lady's maid got married to the chef and they went off to set up a hotel. Sadly, the lady's maid died of cholera from drinking a medicine made with cholera-tainted water. There's a scene after Victoria visits her right before she dies where her husband is clearly distraught and sobbing wildly -- but, sadly, the only sound is the music they put over the scene. Visually, it's very moving but I still wish they'd turned the music down so we could hear it as well.

"We have our stalking memories, and they will demand their rightful tears."

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