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May 12, 2017 3:42 pm  #1

Rules ++READ THIS!!!++

The purpose of this forum is to give members a chance to meet with people with whom they share similar interests. Posters are obliged to abide by the following rules when posting in this forum:

1. If you desire to initiate a meetup, start a thread. You MUST include ONLY the following information

- Your age
- Your town and country
- A brief and clear summary of interests and exchanges (roleplaying, discussion, friendship etc)

2. Any further information must only be exchanged through private messages.

3. Alternately, you may want to connect through social media, phone or video chat. In this case only state your age and interests, and exchange any other details through private messages.

Cryinglovers aims to be a safe place for dacryphiliacs to connect with each other. If a meetup does take place, be sure to create a safe environment for yourself and the person or people you are meeting.

Ugly crying is pretty crying

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