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Introduce Yourself » Hi there, I am newbie » Yesterday 11:25 pm

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CGF wrote:

welcome.  It seems we may have some common ground.  I'm male, 38, interested in female crying.  I also struggled to find my place and thought there may be something wrong with me.   I also understand the frustration with videos on youtube being removed.  I have a small handful of links to videos on paid sites I could send you, but I can only send you the previews, you would need to pay the content providers for the full videos.  

Thank you <3
It is really still like magic for me to talk about my passion on a forum and to find people feeling the same. Thank you for the suggestion. I think I will ask for some videos I lost. I have some playlists on YouTube and my own one, and I can share them. I regret that I did not make my own playlist earlier, as this way I could save the videos that were in removed playlists(

Introduce Yourself » Hi there, I am newbie » Yesterday 11:17 pm

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Amans lacrimae wrote:

Interesting about the group therapy, so you are I more into the comforting aspect of crying, does your wife or a close friend cry often in your presence? Do you comfort her? Do you wipe or gently wipe or kiss their tears?

Unfortunately, not as often as I would like) The reason my wife can cry is often due to our quarrels, and that is why she can be aggressive while crying. I feel guilty and want to justify myself. To feel an intention to comfort, it is important for me not to be involved in tears causes.
Sure sometimes I comforted her, and after or during that, we had sex. I love to kiss her tears, face, and lips during her crying, but moreover, I love to hear sobbing and see lip curls and her chin tremble. This is deeply attracting me. Also, she knows about my passion, and as it is easy for her to start crying just thinking about something sad, she could be kind enough to cry during sex.
As for me, I feel emotionally during sex; it is something between high-tone moaning and sobbing, and she loves this emotionality.

Crying Fiction » Best friends » Yesterday 5:04 pm

I feel my sobs start to dissolve (although my tears continue to flow steadily) as I feel him blowing and breathing hot air on my inner parts. After only a min I let out a low moan when I feel the touch of his hands on my inner parts. As I still have my hands on his shoulders I squeeze them a bit harder than I meant to as he continues to stimulate me.

"If you want to become one with me we better get out of the shower or I'm not going to be able to hold off long." I say indulging myself in the feeling of his hands in me.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 4:59 pm

Melissa's pov:

My brother tells me how much he appreciates that I can make it out for a weekend before we hang up. Immediately after I shut off the t.v. and begin looking for airline deals. After about an hr I find one that doesn't seem too expensive. It departs Friday night and returns Sunday night. I buy the insurance just in worst case scenario I have to change flights and stay an extra day or two.

I quickly text my brother the details hoping he'll approve.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 4:55 pm

Anna's pov:

I feel him bump his hand against my inner thighs and I give him a sly smile knowing it wasn't an accident. I decide to try my best to firm my thigh muscles so they resist his touch just a bit. I mean I know how much he loves them when they jiggle but right now I'm finding it hard not to explode and I think having my thighs jiggle would completely send me over the edge.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 4:50 pm

I guess Jarrod liked my suggestion as he  said he'd be home around 2 so I should pick shorts and a top for both me and Jackson and be ready for him to puck us up.

After Jarrod sat back down and finished breakfast I helped him clear the table before he left for work. While he was at work I figured it best I kept myself busy so I finished the dishes and cleaned up the rest of the kitchen before putting Jackson for a bath. I then spent a while picking just the right outfit for us to wear to the beach.

I chose a light blue pair of yoga swim shorts and a fitted light blue t-shirt that came about 3in above my waist. A short while later I found the perfect outfit for Jackson as this would be his first time at the beach. I chose a light blue top and shorts set with dark blue sharks on both.

Eagerly awaiting Jarrod's return I finished getting myself dressed, then I changed Jackson (diaper and clothes), gave him a bottle and put him down for a nap while I waited.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 9:36 am

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Enid's POV

Alicia rang me up after she heard about Laura. She asked if she needed me to come up, which caused tears to run down my cheeks

I said it would be nice, if she wouldn't mind. Because Tristan wasn't working in the shop while he grieved I was finding it a little hard to be honest

She replied, she would be up as soon as she could get away

Crying Discussion » Crying Scenes Directory » Yesterday 9:32 am

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Steven Yeun has a crying scene in BEEF, Netflix, S01e03, Minute 8:00

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 9:31 am

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Emma's POV

Sadie had learned about the death of Robyn's ex Laura when her pen pal had sent her latest letter. She'd asked me and Natalie to tell Alicia as they were classmates

'I didn't really know her that well' Alicia told us. 'Apart from the fact she was a fellow bisexual, we didn't interact much. I should speak to Enid, see if she needs me'

At the mention of her best friend, tears streamed down her face. She wiped her tears and resumed drinking her coffee.

Wanting to talk about happier things we talked about her and Ally's plans for their homeless shelter

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