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Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 6:28 pm

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Enid's POV

Our solicitor had some good news for us a couple of weeks after our court case. He had appealed our damages and managed to get them reduced to $205,000 meaning Mirabelle would be able to keep more of her inherited fortune.

I went to see her to give her the good news myself and she was very pleased.

Me and Tristan felt lighter than we had been for months and we celebrated with a love making session when I got back home

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 5:52 pm

Amans lacrimae
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William’s POV:

Feeling Anna’s outer thighs jiggling freely and uninhibited as well as hearing her sexy moans (plus the fact that she enjoys her thighs jiggling in my hands) brings me to the point rather fast. I say, almost whisper, through ragged breath: “My sexy wife, hearing you enjoy the feeling of your sexy thighs jiggling in my hands, added to the feel of your completely relaxed muscles and the sexy sounds you are making, is bringing me, rather quickly, to explode and fill you like I don’t think I ever have. Are you feeling the same thing I am?”

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 5:46 pm

Amans lacrimae
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Hearing Camilla’s words, I smile: “Would you like to watch our wedding album, or would you rather watch a movie? But if you’re tired we can cuddle and sleep, unless you want round two to take place.” I end with a hint of flirt.

Crying Fiction » Best friends » Yesterday 5:31 pm

Amans lacrimae
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Feeling she’s more than ready (as am I) I ask: “Choose intensity (rough or soft) and position (get creative), remember, today you get to choose everything, I’m here to make you happy, and don’t refrain if you feel the desire to moan or make any noise of any kind, I know you’re enjoying this as much as I am, plus, that’s why we’re in a hotel, this is even expected.”

I shake her sexy outer thighs, feeling the indescribably sensual jiggle only her thighs have, as I wait for her answer.

Crying Fiction » ARO from a friend’s self obs » Yesterday 5:26 pm

Amans lacrimae
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Feeling her completely relaxed muscles jiggle as she pats my hand as it rests on her inner thigh as well as hearing her request, I reply: “I must warn you I can be quite sensitive even if I don’t shed usually shed tears, I can also be very passionate and hardly refrain from feeling the need and desire to pat, shake and see as well as feel your beautiful thighs and calves jiggle and wobble in my hands, regardless of where we are and who is present.”

At the same time, I feel strong and very firm, more than ready to become one with her, unable to refrain myself: “Oh, I think I didn’t tell you, feeling your soft thighs jiggle in my hand, especially when you pat my hand on top of your thigh, is one of my weakest spots, you can even cause a “boy accident”, at least an impending desire to become one with you, to say the least.”

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 2:57 pm

Anna's pov:

I can't help but let out a loud moan as I feel William's hands start bouncing strongly on my outer thighs. He then teasingly asks me if I like the feeling of my thighs jiggling in his hands.

"Mmm-hmm." I utter as I nod my head unable to get any other words out.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 2:52 pm

Jarrod smiles at me as I feel him drop his hand on my outer thigh befote telling me how much he can't wait to have another opportunity to wipe and kiss my happy tears in front of our friends and family.

"Yeah, that was pretty amazing. You really do know how to make me feel like the most special person on the planet." I quip back as I begin smiling as memories of that special moment in our wedding come flooding into my memory.

Crying Fiction » Best friends » Yesterday 2:47 pm

I see him smile as he acknowledges what I said before feeling him jiggle my calves as he simultaneously bends my legs. With that he spares no time kneeling between my legs as to get a better angle to enter.

I let out a loud gasp as I feel him give a rather rough thrust as he enters. I make sure to leave my thighs fully relaxed so they jiggle completely and unrestrained with each additional thrust.

Crying Fiction » ARO from a friend’s self obs » Yesterday 2:43 pm

I see him smile as he tells me that he loves what I'm proposing and will always be glad to wipe and kiss my tears, and hold me any time I need.

"But you must promise to let me do the same for you."  I reply back as I drop my left hand on top of his right that is already on my left inner thigh.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 7:10 am

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Emma's POV

'This movie will never not make me cry' I declared to Natalie, as tears ran down my cheeks. My wife was crying too, her tears beautifully defined in the evening light as they streamed down her face

We were having a Movie Night on our porch curled up on our two seater chair. We had started with E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and it was just coming to an end.

Natalie wiped her tears and hopped off the sofa, click clacking her boot heels over to our laptop to remove the movie.

After wiping my own tears, I accepted the DVD box with a passionate kiss and flicked my way through them, playing with my boot zips as I did so.

I chose one and put it on, telling Natalie that it was The Joy Luck Club.

We both settled ourselves on the couch again, gave each other another kiss and got ready to cry at another film

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