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Crying Videos » Men crying on The Flash (2014), mostly Barry Allen » Yesterday 10:26 pm

6x15 Barry confronts an enemy in a mindscape. His eyes get so prettily full of tears before they fall.

Crying Videos » Male actors crying » Yesterday 10:22 pm

Four scenes of a teary or crying Nick Blood in Jewish horror film The Offering. He's teary in the first scene, crying in the second and third scenes, and teary in the last scene. I remember him from Agents of SHIELD  and it's lovely to see him actually cry. He's so expressive!

Josh Holloway in Colony 3x9, sitting on the floor quietly crying. I like how even though he's trying to suppress any sound, when his wife sits with him, he looks her full in the face while still crying.

Ioan Gruffudd in Harrow 1x10
And again in 2x5

Crying Videos » Colin Farrell clip central » Yesterday 10:17 pm

Multiple instances in Banshees of Inisherin.

First, a cop beats him up and his estranged friend silently helps him home and he cries a little on the ride.

He's teary saying goodbye to his sister who's moving to the mainland, and then he cries softly upon finding his pet donkey Jenny dead. (Warning: while we do not see Jenny die, it's clear her death was caused by choking on a severed finger she ate, and we do see vomit on the ground from that, and before that, he finds other severed fingers. It's a weird movie.)

Crying Videos » Josh Holloway - Whisper » Yesterday 10:00 pm

I went through a phase where I was too timid to watch scary movies but I would look up the plot of every scary movie I could find on wikipedia, and Whisper is from those days. Gonna watch that one.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 9:22 pm

Amans lacrimae
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William’s POV:

As a new wave of tears run down Anna’s gorgeous cheeks in multiple thick streaks, a sob manages to reach her throat, which she suppresses. I feel getting more turned on, anticipating feeling myself inside her as she sobs. I continue my caresses down to her hips and thighs with one hand, bringing my other back to her face, wiping her precious tears and streaks as I softly say: “Feel free to sob my queen, as a matter of fact, I would really love to make love with you as you sob, I’d be delighted to feel myself inside you as you sob. Would you be willing to give me the opportunity of becoming one with you as you sob?”

I give her thigh a loving squeeze, making it jiggle in my hand.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 9:10 pm

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I can’t stop myself from giving in to my passion (which I notice Camilla is in the same channel) and strip her out of the sexy outfit she is wearing, skipping fore play, almost instantly becoming one with her.

As soon as I enter I feel her squeezing and clenching my member with each sob. I feel myself quickly building up to the point of no return, I don’t remember the last time I felt Camilla’s perfect thighs and calves this way (the perfect balance between firmness and softness as her thighs and calves feel at the same time fit and jiggly), I kiss her big, burning tears and streaks as I thrust, no longer than 3 minutes I feel both of us exploding like never before. Her whole body trembling in ecstasy as her thighs and calves jiggle and wobble hard in my hands and against my hips and thighs, her breasts also jiggling with the intensity of her climax.

We lay, Camilla rolls on top of me, her tears still falling down her cheeks and landing on my pecs, as I drop my hand on her  thigh, feeling it jiggle in the sexiest way one can feel.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 7:59 pm

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Tristan’s POV:

I’m glad my beautiful wife agrees to wear a sexy pair of shorts for our horseback riding, she says she is doing it only because it’s our honeymoon, anyways, I feel in heaven as I feel her perfect thighs jiggle in my hands while we ride the horse on the trail. Afterwards, we got some lunch then headed for the movies, I am surprised I can’t get enough of kissing her cheeks and caressing her thighs and calves as we watch the movie.

Next day we go hiking on the Nature Trail, it’s only 3 miles but I can admire her sexy body as we walk. After a delicious lunch we go to the Photo Scavenger Hunt, where I get to tease her hugging her from her back, caressing her abs, patting her thighs and calves as she corresponds in the same playful, loving way.

Before dinner, as Enid puts on her necklace, I see beautiful tears roll down her cheeks, against my will I allow them to fall unchecked (as she loves feeling her tears roll down her cheeks), she says: 'I wish we hadn't got to go back tomorrow' as another tear runs down her right cheek.
I reply: 'We don't have to you know, Kim can handle everything for us'.
Enid replies: 'She doesn't take a week off, here and there' a final tear runs down her left cheek. I wait for it to stop before wiping it and agreed we would return home as we planned the next day.

That night, I make love with Enid in the most loving way I know, it’s an intense experience, physical, emotional and even spiritual.

Next day we return home.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 6:42 pm

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Sadie's POV

'Thank you' my latest Valentine’s Day couple said as I placed their main courses in front of them.

It had been a very busy day and it was approaching 8:30. Me and Liz were exhausted but we had to keep going as we not only had 90 minutes of service left, but we had to derig the decorations afterwards. Luckily we would have a day off to recover

Because we needed an experienced waitress with us, we needed either Natalie or Helen to work the night shift. Natalie volunteered to work as her wife Emma had also offered to lend a hand. The agreement with Helen and Lindsay was they would do the same thing next year

Alicia came back to the Juice Bar with her girlfriend Ally, and it was really nice to see her again. Helen gave her a hug as tears streamed down her face

Me and Liz got a little emotional too but as we were working it would have been unprofessional to cry, so we just wiped our eyes when they filled with tears

After the last diner had left, Natalie and Emma and Helen and Lindsay helped us put everything back to normal, the late hour making Helen and Lindsay's boot heels very pronounced on the Juice Bar floor

Liz thanked the girls for helping as we locked up and we both drove home to our block of flats

'Thanks for today' Liz said to me as we sat on the step outside our flats to take our boots off. Tears began to run down her cheeks. 'I appreciate so much, the sacrifices you've made for us since I bought the Juice Bar'

Tears began running down my cheeks too.

'Your welcome' I said taking one of her hands in mine and giving it a squeeze.

Not caring that we had tear streaks on our faces, we exchanged a passionate kiss and said goodnight

Crying Fiction » Best friends » Yesterday 1:17 pm

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She gently pulls me into a hug, guiding me to bury my face in her neck. I feel a single tear fall from each of her eyes splashing my neck as she whispers in my ear:
"I'm sorry you're hurting so much. Please feel me as your safe spot and allow yourself to sob as loudly as you need to. I'd hate to embarrass you in any way. If it'd make you feel better I won't even look at your face until you feel better."

I allow my body to tremble in her arms as I continue to sob softly for about a minute. I break the hug and look into her face, surprisingly, what I thought was a single tear reveals her beautiful tears with a few fresh streaks on each cheek.

Even though I am still crying, I lean and kiss a tear from each of her cheeks, kissing a streak from the middle of her cheek all the way to under her eye. Slowly swiping my thumbs across both cheeks, taking care of her hot tears and thick streaks. Softly saying: “I don’t need to hide my face from you, you have trusted me all your raw feelings, even fighting against your own self consciousness, you have given your hundred percent to me, allowing me to wipe and kiss your tears, feel your pouty, curling lips, bathing my hands and neck in your precious tears. Why should I be any different?”

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