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Crying Fiction » Best friends » Yesterday 10:16 pm

Amans lacrimae
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When we reach the mall, we walk around the stores, looking for outfits. As we stop and stare at an outfit I point out to my girlfriend (an outfit that I really liked), a teenage boy around 16-18 bumps against a girl in rollerblades and tries to recover balance accidentally patting my girlfriend’s outer thigh.
(Does her muscles resist the  unexpected pat without jiggling or do they give in and jiggle with the contact? Does she choose to flex her muscles to try to prevent them from jiggling (with a chance of success or failure) or does she keep them relaxed not caring if they jiggle, maybe even wobble, or resist firmly? Or does she not have time to react (in order to make a decision)?

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 9:45 pm

Anna's pov:

After a wonderful night of tender love making we wake early the next day for our game. Unfortunately Enid joins Tristan and sits out, instead volunteering to watch our kids so we can still play. I sit on top of William's shoulders while Camilla sits on top of Jarrod's. I immediately feel my thighs and calves wobble and jiggle in William's hands and against the sides of his pecs quickly exciting myself.

All of a sudden Camilla pushes me off of William sending me flying into a kid who was playing in the middle if the pool (when he shouldn't have been). Frightened I may have really hurt him I rush to his aid with William and Camilla quickly following. Jarrod, on the other hand was taking his time, more mad that the kid was playing where he shouldn't have been than what could have possibly happened to him.

Crying Fiction » Movie night » Yesterday 9:32 pm

Enid decides to join Tristan sitting out of our game. They instead volunteer to watch the kids for us. I quickly hop on top of Jarrod's shoulders as Anna does the same to William.

I can't help get a little excited as the game starts as my thighs are wobbling in Jarrod's hands and my calves against his arms and the sides of his chest. No sooner than our game began it ended. As I knocked Anna off William's shoulders she landed on a kid who didn't follow the rules and was playing in the middle of the pool. We all ran to his aid.

"He shouldn't have been in the middle of the pool." Jarrod said a bit more angry than I anticipated.

Crying Fiction » Best friends » Yesterday 9:16 pm

The week goes by rather quickly and before I know it it is Saturday. He wakes me up rather early saying he couldn't sleep in as he was too excited about our shopping trip. We quickly get up and dressed as he tells me he'd like to take me to the mall. He volunteers to get us breakfast on our way so we have more time for shopping.

"I can't wait to see what your thighs will look like in your new outfit." He says as he pats and caresses my left thigh with his right hand as we drive.

Crying Fiction » ARO from a friend’s self obs » Yesterday 9:09 pm

I enjoy the feeling of his hand as it caresses my thigh through my sweat pants as I get lost again in what I'm watching. I'm so comfortable/relaxed  by the feeling of his hand any uncomfortable feelings I may have had about crying in front of him ceased.

Crying Fiction » ARO from a friend’s self obs » Yesterday 5:05 pm

I turn my eyes to the screen and keep caressing her thigh through the fabric of her sweatpants…

Crying Fiction » Best friends » Yesterday 5:01 pm

Amans lacrimae
Replies: 975

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As I revel feeling her sexy quads jiggle, I hear her kind of agree to my proposal of changing our way of dressing. We lose ourselves caressing until we end making love.

The weekend arrives, Saturday morning I wake up early, wake up my girlfriend jiggling her thighs: “Good morning sexy, ready to go shopping?”

We get dressed and go to the mall…

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