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May 19, 2020 8:38 pm  #21

Re: Truth or Dare

This is the same chapter seen from Connor’s POV

She doesn’t say a word, she is still tense, her body still shivering from the cold, wet clothes, I decide to get her some fresh clothes, so I pick up the first thing available in her wardrobe, I grabbed her a shirt, it was cute, like a candy cane, sleeveless, I thought it could not be enough for the weather, then I remembered the heating was on, I also grabbed a pair of baby blue pajama shorts (I don’t think Kylie would show her upper thigh in the street) and I almost forgot, but got some socks and her slippers.

I got back to the couch with Kylie, she is still silent and distant, so I decide to help her change her clothes, I gently take her boots and socks off, then her jacket along with her undershirt, I immediately lifted her arms to help her put the top on,then comes the difficult part, I unbuttoned her pants and with a strong and swift movement I pulled them down, making Kylie lift her hips, I couldn’t avoid feeling her soft, silky thighs while I was taking her pants off, involuntarily I shivered, Kylie rarely shows her thighs, I remembered the last time I felt them, it was that time we cuddled with no clothes on. Now is not the time to go that way, my teenager hormones are playing me bad.

I help her dress up, even though I really love her legs, I don’t think this is the appropriate circumstances to leave her like this, I lift her feet to put her shorts, as I am raising her shorts I had a hard time not to feel a sexual spark, I lost it when I was involuntarily caressing her trembling, shapely calves, knowing I was on my way to her stunning, soft thighs, I was getting lost in my senses, feeling her silky skin while finishing putting her shorts on, when I got startled by the sound of a sob.

Immediately I finished with her shorts, still kneeling, I looked up at her, I was dumbfounded at the sight, even though I had seen Kylie cry before,  and boy, she can be a profuse crier, I had never seen her cry so intense, her face contorted, her eyebrows tensed, her lower lip protruded in a prominent lip curl, the biggest teardrops I had ever seen raced down her beautiful face, leaving it almost completely wet, as the streaks were very thick and a heartbreaking, yet lovely sound came out from her as she sobbed loudly.

After a couple of seconds I reacted, I briefly leaned my left hand on her right thigh to get up, I wish it lasted longer, if only for a moment I felt her tender quads give in to the pressure of my hand, got up and sat on her left side. Kylie was still trembling, at least I now knew it was not because of the cold weather, but anyways I placed my right hand on her left thigh, it was still cold and shaking, I lean on it to kiss her tear streaked cheeks, I feel her thigh give in while I kiss a big, round tear from each cheek, they felt hot on my lips, not her usual warm tears, instinctively I reach and kiss her lips, she is still unable to respond to my kiss, so I lean back, releasing the pressure on her thigh.

I start caressing her thigh slowly going down from her upper thigh to her knee, turning to her inner thigh and up until I felt the fabric of her shorts, I smoothly slid my open hand several times, feeling her thigh tremble against my hand, until I felt warmth coming back to her body. At the same time I took care of her tears with my other hand, I wiped one cheek with my thumb, the other with the pad of my fingers, as I allowed her to sob her pain out. I continued this way until Kylie’s sobs subsided.

Finally Kylie is talking, as soon as she blurted out talking quite fast, her voice broke and became wavy as a stream of tears rushed down her cheeks like a waterfall, not a single tear streak was visible, her face was shiny, completely covered with tears. I moved away from Kylie a little and tenderly lifted her closest leg and placed it in the couch, I slid as close to her as I could, I cupped her cheeks with both hands, lovingly wiping her tears with my thumbs, then went in for a hug, I knew she loved hugs and she hinted she desperately needed one.

As I hug her, I feel her head fitting in the crook of my neck, I can feel her ragged breathing again, as well as the impact and wetness of her tears, from the pressure I feel they are as big as the previous bout of tears, I can feel them splashing in my skin, rolling down my collar bone to end in the collar of my shirt. I was starting to get in comfort mode, feeling her frail body in my arms made me feel warm and cozy, but when I felt her lovely abs hitting mine with her sobs. I couldn’t help to get turned on by the contact.

I am not sure if she noticed it, I guess she did, as she started caressing the side of my abs with her leg, bending it and stretching it, I felt she was now teasing me, I was glad her pain had vanished in her sobs and tears and now, as usual after crying, this was turning into something more romantic.
I honestly shuddered feeling her bare thigh, even through the fabric of my shirt, on my torso, I broke the hug, inevitable smiled at Kylie’s stunningly beautiful tear streaked face and instinctively, strongly grasped Kylie’s outer thigh, feeling it jiggle with the sudden contact, I firmly caressed it and slid my hand feeling it sink a bit in her skin all the way down to her knee, went further down to her shapely built calf, feeling it unusually jiggly, as I didn’t even put any pressure on it, seems Kylie and I were in the same channel, feeling her shudder, I squeezed her calf a few times, feeling her outer calf jiggle, going down the back, then her inner calf, feeling her soft muscles give in to the pressure of my hand.

Suddenly, I felt a shift in the weight, Kylie was leaning towards me and kissed my lips. It was a quick kiss, I didn’t even have time to react, when she placed her cheek against mine, I felt her now warm tears on my cheeks, sending my heart in a race I didn’t think I could survive to it, I was extremely aroused by now, I just patted her thigh, feeling it jiggle against my hand. Kylie starts undressing me as I see leftover tears slowly sliding down her pretty cheeks, which I gently wiped with the pad of my fingers as foreplay starts, we had the best sex I could ever imagine, but I will leave the details in the couch.


May 20, 2020 5:08 am  #22

Re: Truth or Dare

Amans Lacrimae...I loved your continuation of Azutid's story. I feel you did it justice and I hope she does too.


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