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May 19, 2020 8:38 pm  #21

Re: Truth or Dare

This is the same chapter seen from Connor’s POV

She doesn’t say a word, she is still tense, her body still shivering from the cold, wet clothes, I decide to get her some fresh clothes, so I pick up the first thing available in her wardrobe, I grabbed her a shirt, it was cute, like a candy cane, sleeveless, I thought it could not be enough for the weather, then I remembered the heating was on, I also grabbed a pair of baby blue pajama shorts (I don’t think Kylie would show her upper thigh in the street) and I almost forgot, but got some socks and her slippers.

I got back to the couch with Kylie, she is still silent and distant, so I decide to help her change her clothes, I gently take her boots and socks off, then her jacket along with her undershirt, I immediately lifted her arms to help her put the top on,then comes the difficult part, I unbuttoned her pants and with a strong and swift movement I pulled them down, making Kylie lift her hips, I couldn’t avoid feeling her soft, silky thighs while I was taking her pants off, involuntarily I shivered, Kylie rarely shows her thighs, I remembered the last time I felt them, it was that time we cuddled with no clothes on. Now is not the time to go that way, my teenager hormones are playing me bad.

I help her dress up, even though I really love her legs, I don’t think this is the appropriate circumstances to leave her like this, I lift her feet to put her shorts, as I am raising her shorts I had a hard time not to feel a sexual spark, I lost it when I was involuntarily caressing her trembling, shapely calves, knowing I was on my way to her stunning, soft thighs, I was getting lost in my senses, feeling her silky skin while finishing putting her shorts on, when I got startled by the sound of a sob.

Immediately I finished with her shorts, still kneeling, I looked up at her, I was dumbfounded at the sight, even though I had seen Kylie cry before,  and boy, she can be a profuse crier, I had never seen her cry so intense, her face contorted, her eyebrows tensed, her lower lip protruded in a prominent lip curl, the biggest teardrops I had ever seen raced down her beautiful face, leaving it almost completely wet, as the streaks were very thick and a heartbreaking, yet lovely sound came out from her as she sobbed loudly.

After a couple of seconds I reacted, I briefly leaned my left hand on her right thigh to get up, I wish it lasted longer, if only for a moment I felt her tender quads give in to the pressure of my hand, got up and sat on her left side. Kylie was still trembling, at least I now knew it was not because of the cold weather, but anyways I placed my right hand on her left thigh, it was still cold and shaking, I lean on it to kiss her tear streaked cheeks, I feel her thigh give in while I kiss a big, round tear from each cheek, they felt hot on my lips, not her usual warm tears, instinctively I reach and kiss her lips, she is still unable to respond to my kiss, so I lean back, releasing the pressure on her thigh.

I start caressing her thigh slowly going down from her upper thigh to her knee, turning to her inner thigh and up until I felt the fabric of her shorts, I smoothly slid my open hand several times, feeling her thigh tremble against my hand, until I felt warmth coming back to her body. At the same time I took care of her tears with my other hand, I wiped one cheek with my thumb, the other with the pad of my fingers, as I allowed her to sob her pain out. I continued this way until Kylie’s sobs subsided.

Finally Kylie is talking, as soon as she blurted out talking quite fast, her voice broke and became wavy as a stream of tears rushed down her cheeks like a waterfall, not a single tear streak was visible, her face was shiny, completely covered with tears. I moved away from Kylie a little and tenderly lifted her closest leg and placed it in the couch, I slid as close to her as I could, I cupped her cheeks with both hands, lovingly wiping her tears with my thumbs, then went in for a hug, I knew she loved hugs and she hinted she desperately needed one.

As I hug her, I feel her head fitting in the crook of my neck, I can feel her ragged breathing again, as well as the impact and wetness of her tears, from the pressure I feel they are as big as the previous bout of tears, I can feel them splashing in my skin, rolling down my collar bone to end in the collar of my shirt. I was starting to get in comfort mode, feeling her frail body in my arms made me feel warm and cozy, but when I felt her lovely abs hitting mine with her sobs. I couldn’t help to get turned on by the contact.

I am not sure if she noticed it, I guess she did, as she started caressing the side of my abs with her leg, bending it and stretching it, I felt she was now teasing me, I was glad her pain had vanished in her sobs and tears and now, as usual after crying, this was turning into something more romantic.
I honestly shuddered feeling her bare thigh, even through the fabric of my shirt, on my torso, I broke the hug, inevitable smiled at Kylie’s stunningly beautiful tear streaked face and instinctively, strongly grasped Kylie’s outer thigh, feeling it jiggle with the sudden contact, I firmly caressed it and slid my hand feeling it sink a bit in her skin all the way down to her knee, went further down to her shapely built calf, feeling it unusually jiggly, as I didn’t even put any pressure on it, seems Kylie and I were in the same channel, feeling her shudder, I squeezed her calf a few times, feeling her outer calf jiggle, going down the back, then her inner calf, feeling her soft muscles give in to the pressure of my hand.

Suddenly, I felt a shift in the weight, Kylie was leaning towards me and kissed my lips. It was a quick kiss, I didn’t even have time to react, when she placed her cheek against mine, I felt her now warm tears on my cheeks, sending my heart in a race I didn’t think I could survive to it, I was extremely aroused by now, I just patted her thigh, feeling it jiggle against my hand. Kylie starts undressing me as I see leftover tears slowly sliding down her pretty cheeks, which I gently wiped with the pad of my fingers as foreplay starts, we had the best sex I could ever imagine, but I will leave the details in the couch.


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Re: Truth or Dare

Amans Lacrimae...I loved your continuation of Azutid's story. I feel you did it justice and I hope she does too.


June 4, 2020 7:15 am  #23

Re: Truth or Dare

[As per request, here is my continuation of the story from where I last left off! This part of the scene is from Kylie's perspective. It's a little short, but I'll be posting the rest of it from Connor's perspective soon--I'm currently in the middle of writing his part.

Also, feel free to let me know if you guys have any requests for this story! I'd love to hear the type of content you guys would like to read.

Anyway, here goes nothing!]

“I’m sorry,” I manage to whisper, keeping my gaze on the floor in front of me.

 “What do you have to be sorry for, Kylie?” Connor asks. He puts his arm around me. Without thinking, I lean into him, hoping that some of his warmth will seep into me. 

 “I’m sorry I bothered you.” Tears begin filling my eyes. I take shallow breaths, hoping to delay the breakdown for as long as possible. Maybe if I hold on long enough and pretend to be okay, Connor will leave. Then, I can break down in the privacy of my room.

 “Kylie,” Connor sighs. “Kylie. Look at me.”

 I allow myself to look into his eyes. Seeing the concern etched into his face only weakens my resolve--the tears are dangerously close to falling by now.

 He gently cups my face. “I love you.”
Something inside of me breaks, and a sob wrenches out of me before I can stop it. I squeeze my eyes shut. Hot tears pour down, blazing trails across my still-frozen cheeks. I try to turn away from him and hide my face, but he only pulls me closer to him. Years and years of pain swirl inside my chest--years of being yelled at, criticized, and put down for not being enough. Years of never hearing the words “I love you.”

​I can’t stop sobbing.

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Re: Truth or Dare

[Hello, hello! I just got done writing Connor's perspective, and I'm pretty excited about it. Big shout-out to Amans, who pointed out something I forgot to write about--I was a little stuck, and his observation actually helped me figure out what to write.

I also wrote a bit from Kylie's perspective, which I'll be posting right after this.

Also, thank you so much, Cryophilia! That means a lot to me!]

My own heart shatters inside my chest as I watch Kylie break down. I scoop her up and into my lap, wishing that I could somehow reach inside her and heal her heart. As it is, all I can do is hug her and whisper that everything is going to be okay--even though I’m not sure she will be okay anytime soon. The only thing I’m sure of is that I love her with all my heart.

 Kylie’s torso shakes as she sobs. I stroke her silky hair and rock gently from side to side, silently praying that I can fix whatever’s wrong. As I do so, I notice how tense she is--it’s like she isn’t accepting the comfort I’m trying to give.

 “You’re safe,” I whisper in her ear. “I’m here for you. Please trust me. Everything is going to be okay--I just know it.” Moving my hand down, I begin rubbing her back. Kylie relaxes almost imperceptibly. I continue rubbing her back, waiting until she calms down enough to talk.

 A few minutes after her sobs die down, she pulls away. Her face is smeared with tears. Before I can offer the sleeve of my hoodie, she wipes her face with her own sleeve.

 “What happened?” I rest my hand on her cheek, wiping a stray tear with my thumb.

 Kylie avoids looking at me, choosing to stare at the floor. Her eyes are full of so much sadness that my chest aches.

 “Kylie? Please talk to me.” I stroke her hair and lean in to kiss her forehead.

 Finally, she looks at me, tears still in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Connor,” she whispers.

 I stop, confused. “Why do you keep saying that? We made a promise to each other, and you’re only fulfilling your end of the promise.”

 She shrugs, clearly miserable with the situation. “I don’t know.”

 Another tear falls from her eye, and I kiss it away. I plant a soft kiss on her lips. “I don’t understand,” I say when I pull away. “Why did you call me in the first place if you don’t want me to help? I’m glad you did, but why?”

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I dissolve into tears about ev'ry half hour.
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Re: Truth or Dare

[Aaand as promised, here is the bit from Kylie's POV. Hope you guys enjoy!]

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Connor sits there, waiting for my answer--an answer that I don’t even know for certain. It’s like those moments in therapy when they ask you a deep question, and it feels like the answer is hidden deep inside of you--so deep that you can’t even find it. I hate those moments with a passion. In fact, I hate those moments almost as much as I hate crying.

 Still, the words start pouring out of me before I can stop them. “I need someone, Connor. No, not just anyone--I need you. It’s like a game of tug-of-war inside of me, and all I can do is hope I’m doing the right thing. Maybe I did the right thing by calling you. I don’t know. All I know is that this--asking for your help, allowing you to see me in this state, even breaking down in your arms--is against everything my mother taught me. I can’t help feeling like I’m doing the wrong thing. Maybe one day I won’t apologize profusely for breaking down in front of you, but that day is in the distant future. For now, all I ask is for you to stay with me. Please don’t leave.”

 Connor wraps me in a tight hug--so tight I almost can’t breathe. “I’ll never leave you. I’m here for you, I love you, and I support you.”

 Little by little, I relax in his arms. “Okay,” I whisper so quietly I’m not sure he hears me.

 A couple minutes into the hug, he speaks up. “Also, have I ever told you how much I dislike your mother?”

 I break away from the hug, laughing. “Actually, you have. Many times.”

 He smiles softly. “Good. Now, back to business--what’s going on?

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June 13, 2020 6:45 am  #26

Re: Truth or Dare

[Sorry I took a little bit longer to write this scene--I've been kept pretty busy preparing for my mission. I'll try to crank out as much writing as I can in the next two weeks, and we'll see if I can find a good stopping point.

In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy! I included a happy ending, which I hope is okay with everyone. I didn't add any dirty details (smut isn't exactly my forte, lol), but the conclusion of this scene definitely made me giggle as I wrote it.

As always, if you guys have any requests for the story or suggestions, let me know!]

Kylie sighs, rubbing her temples like she has a headache. “I let it slip to my mom. About us, I mean. She started asking all of these questions about you--where you’re from, what you’re studying, what career you plan on going into. Stuff like that. It wouldn’t have been a problem--she’s my mother, you know? Naturally, she wants to know more about you. But then, she started lecturing me about what it means to have a boyfriend in college. She told me all of the things that could go wrong, like getting pregnant, losing focus of my grades, getting my heart broken, and more. She even went as far as to forbid me from getting married while I’m still in college, as if that’s a thought in my mind right now. Hell, she informed me that if I do get married as a college student, she will not be attending the wedding. It was awful. And my dad jumped in the conversation, agreeing with everything my mom was saying.” She stops, shaking her head as fresh tears pool in her eyes.

I try not to let it show, but my blood is absolutely boiling. Opening my mouth, I hesitate before speaking. It probably wouldn’t help Kylie if I let my anger show--especially considering how much she still loves her parents. Instead, I rub her back again. “I’m so sorry, Kylie. That sounds horrible, and I wish I could do something to help.”

She looks up, smiling sadly. “You are helping. I don’t tell you enough, but I’m so grateful for everything you do for me. I love you, Connor.”

I smile back. “I love you too, and I’m glad I’m helping.”

Kylie leans toward me and rests her head against my shoulder. We sit there for a few minutes before she interrupts the silence.

“Also,” she says, nuzzling closer to me. “Have I ever told you how much I love back rubs?”

“No, but I kinda noticed. You just about purr like a kitten when I do that.” I chuckle softly, wrapping my arm around her.

“Hm. And have I told you how cold I am at this moment?”

Slightly confused, I turn my head to look at her. “No, you haven’t. Do you want me to grab you a blanket?”

She looks up at me, grinning mischievously. “You know, I can think of one other way you could help me warm up.”

​It suddenly dawns on me, and I grin. “Well, what are we waiting for?” I scoop Kylie into my arms and stand up, making my way over to her room. We lose a couple of clothes on the way there.

Still, by the clock's revolution each hour,
I dissolve into tears about ev'ry half hour.
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Re: Truth or Dare

Hello! I just thought I'd let you guys know that, since I start my mission at the end of this week, I've decided not to continue Truth or Dare. I've been kept busy with all the preparations for it, so I haven't found the time to write anything. I will also be absent from this forum for the next year and a half while I'm on my mission.  I would like to focus on the work I'll be doing, and I feel like I would become distracted if I continued posting here.

I've really enjoyed the time I've spent on this forum! You guys are awesome, and I hope this year and next year will be amazing for each one of you! Also, thank you for all the kind comments you guys have said about Truth or Dare. I loved writing it while it lasted!

P.S. If you guys would like to continue the story, feel free!

Still, by the clock's revolution each hour,
I dissolve into tears about ev'ry half hour.
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Re: Truth or Dare

Well, since we'll have to wait more than a year, I'll give it another shot and continue this amazing story.

Connor's POV:

A few months go by, winter ends, spring is here, Kylie has been feeling down because of her parents not wanting her to be with me, it is affecting her too much. Connor has been trying to cheer her up, but he has not achieved it.

After several dates and gifts, I haven't been able to cheer Kylie up, she still seems sad because of what their parents think of our relationship. I think we need to go out, but really out, far off state, far from home, far from anything that reminds her of her parents. I know, I will take Kylie to Florida on spring break, but I won't tell her just yet.

I call Kylie to ask her out: ""Hey sweetie, what are you doing later today?"

She answers: "Hey Connor, not doing well today, I'll stay home and watch tv."

I reply: "Come on, let's go out, I'll get you a new outfit, let's go shopping".

Kylie accepts: "Ok, give me a moment to get ready".

Excited, I pick a striped blue shirt, cargo pants and hiking boots, go grab a coffee, take my time to allow Kylie to get ready, and go pick her up.

I knock on her apartment's door, Abby opens: "Hey Abby, is Kylie available?"

"Hello Connor, sure, come in, take a seat, anything to drink?"

"No, thanks Abby, just had iced coffee". As soon as I sit, Kylie comes out of her room, no matter what she's wearing she looks stunning, still, I'd love if she dressed a little more girly. She is wearing a long sleeve white shirt, loose cotton pants and sneakers.

I get up and motion Kylie we're going out. We go to the shopping center and look for a clothing store, we manage to get to one who has good prices and good quality clothes. I start searching for a short sleeved t-shirt for Kylie, I found a couple and pick them, it's a yellow one and a white one. Then I go to the shorts section, I never thought it would be so difficult to pick up shorts for the love of my life, there are so many options to choose from, bermuda, above the knee, three quarter thigh, mid thigh, running shorts, swimming shorts, short shorts, mini shorts, wow, thinking on both, Kylie and myself, I decide not to pick short shorts, but I am not going for bermudas either, so I pick orange swimming shorts, red mid thigh shorts and an additional pair of black running shorts.

Kylie was just looking around, not sure why did I bring her here, when I come back with all the clothes I picked for her: "Honey, I brought you a few outfits, I'd love you to try them one and pick what you like."

Kylie is kind of dumbfounded, as if I didn't know she doesn't dress like this. "What is this about Love? I don't understand why this.

I couldn't avoid smiling with a wide grin imagining how Kylie would look like in any of these "I am taking you on a surprise trip and you will need them".

Kylie looks confused "I don't understand, where and when, should I be getting ready? Should I ask for vacations?"

I laugh "No, well, maybe just a couple of days off, I can't tell you where we are going because it wouldn't be a surprise trip anymore".

Kylie half smiles and hesitantly goes to the fitting room and a minute later comes out wearing the white t-shirt and the orange swimming shorts, she looks stunning, I looked at her in detail, her beautiful face, long hair, her nice slim arms, nice pair of breasts defined through the fabric of the t-shirt, lovely flat abs barely visible at the bottom of the t-shirt, stunning well formed, fit, thighs, amazing well shaped, toned calves, and her sneakers.

I couldn't keep my hands off her: "Can you come closer my Love? Kylie walks towards me, leaving me breathless as I watched her breasts barely bouncing with each step she takes, her thighs jiggling in consonance with her calves as each foot hits the ground. When she stopped in front of me she had a grin on her face, and teased me "you could have undressed me in my room, why bring me here to indulge you with my body?

I blushed: "Like I told you, we are leaving next thursday and we need to have everything before then. Let me show you a preview of what will happen there". I lift Kylie like a princess, feeling her thigh muscles give in allowing my fingers to sink in her skin as well as her soft calves hitting my hand jiggling in contact.

She bursts out laughing "What are you up to Connor? What am I supposed to guess?"

I place her feet on the floor, "Do you like what you're wearing?

Kylie blushes, "You know I never wear revealing clothes, but I noticed you loved it". She looks below my waist, I blush.

I clear my throat: "Would you like to keep it, or try another one, or both?

Kylie grins "Are we on offer, can I pick another? Let me show you".

Not long after she comes out in a pair of red shorts, she kept the same t-shirt, what can I say, she looks stunning "You look like Aphrodite my Love, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen".

Kylie laughs and stomps her foot on the floor in the laughing bout, I will never get tired of admiring her lovely, shapely legs.

Flirting I tell her "I wish you could go with this outfit on for the rest of the day"

Kylie answers making a pout "I can't sweetie, we have to pay it first".

I kiss her lips: "as much as I don't want you to take it off, change back and let's go".

We go to the cashier and pay, I take her to lunch to a sandwich place, then we go back to her place.


June 30, 2020 4:08 pm  #29

Re: Truth or Dare

Kylie's POV:

The day finally arrives, I am not sure if I am more anxious or curious, anyways I force myself to get up and pack, I pack what Connor bought for me and I wonder what should I wear today, assuming I will need those shorts for the trip. A little against my will I pick from a box of rarely used clothes a pair of over the knee cargo shorts, hiking boots, but I also pack a pair of tennis shoes, I put on a short sleeve black t-shirt and pack on a colorful royal blue one.

Connor arrives wearing a similar pair of shorts, his are a bit longer, they cover his entire thighs and go as far as below the knee, he is with Tyrell, who is also in beach clothes, he is wearing a shorter pair of shorts, showing about a quarter of his thighs and, what I didn't notice was that Abby was also near the door ready to go, she is wearing a pink top that just covered her breasts, showing her abs and a pair of short shorts that her buttocks peep through them.

I assume we are going to the beach, so I get in a better mood, it's been years since last time I saw the ocean. We get in the car, Connor is driving, Tyrell is at his side with the GPS, Abby and I go to the back seat, the scenery is nice, my mind is clearing up.

After a few hours we stop to walk and get something to eat, when we get back to the car, Tyrell takes the wheel, Connor goes to the back, Abby sits next to Tyrell and I sit next to Connor, it's getting late, we stop at a motel and spend the night there, I sleep with Connor and Abby and Tyrell share bed, we are trying not to spend too much in the motel.

Friday morning, getting up early, took a shower with Connor, I wish we could have had sex there but time was running fast, we eat breakfast and leave, when we reach our destination I couldn't believe it, it's the famous Fort Lauderdale. We get to the beach, we get into our beach outfits, Connor is wearing a pair of intense red mid-thigh shorts, I couldn't avoid staring at his thigh and calf muscles flexing while walking, running or playing volleyball, I got so distracted that I even got hit by the ball once. Tyrell was also shirtless and wore a pair of swimming shorts with a palm theme, Abby changed into a purple two piece bikini, enhancing her pear shaped figure, and I decide to wear the pair of orange swimming shorts with the white t-shirt, for some reason even Abby turned to look at me.

We spent most of the day playing volleyball, splashing in the shore. In the evening we were having dinner at the hotel room, when I got a call from home, it was a cousin who I seldom talk to, he told me my mom went to his parents crying, he was freaked out, he had never seen my mom cry, he said she was a waterfall of tears and with her voice breaking and waving said that she had a huge fight with my dad because of me. I started to feel tears pricking my eyes and a knot forming in my throat. I set my mind in stopping this feeling, I even stopped listening to what he was saying.

I stood up from the table and went to the bed to try to calm myself down, but Connor ran to my side and hugged me, I always lose it when he hugs me, I didn't tell him to not touch me, as Tyrell and Abby were there, it would be quite unpolite, but on the other hand this was making it more difficult for me to force the tears back, they were starting to leak through my nose, Connor gave me some tissue paper to wipe them, he even wiped my snot before handing me the tissue. I felt myself flush and my whole body was getting hot as Connor caressed my hair and placed a hand on my thigh. 

Tyrell and Abby came to us, concerned, I was trying to control my facial expression, I would not allow myself to break down sobbing in front of them, even though I couldn't afford losing either of my parents, the pain is too much, the knot in my throat is growing larger and the tears are pushing stronger against my eyes. I feel a tight pressure in my chest and I clench my teeth, biting the inside of my cheeks to produce pain to avoid crying.

Connor is not helping, he moved from my side to kneel in front of me, both hands caressing my thighs, I feel supported, yet that made me feel more vulnerable. Tyrell and Abby sit each at one of my sides, I feel my lips are forcing a downward purse and my eyes are filled to the brim. I look up as if that would force the tears back into my eyes, thinking if it's better to blink or not to blink as either will send tears down my face. I can feel Connor's hands rubbing my thighs faster and with a stronger grip, as if he is unable to get rid of Tyrell and Abby politely. I manage to not break down sobbing, I swiftly put the phone down and bring my hands to my eyes to cover my tears, I can feel that both Tyrell and Abby know that I am crying, yet I don't want them to see the signs.

I feel a hot tear fall from the middle of each eye simultaneously, hoping they don't go beyond the cover of my hands. I tilt my head to normal position with my hands still covering my face, when I feel a hand in my back and a couple of hands embracing me by my shoulders. This gesture is not helping me containing my tears, I feel a couple more tears fall down my face, I blinked sending two couples of tears, one from the inner corner of each eye and on my left eye a tear parallel to the first one in the outer middle of my cheek and on my right eye from the outer corner of my eye.

I guess the tear from the outer corner of my eye escaped the shield of my hands, as I felt a hand wipe it gently, staying on my cheek, I instinctively removed my hands to see who it was, unaware that I was uncovering the rest of my tears. I was glad it was Connor, but I felt very embarrassed of Tyrell and Abby seeing my tear streaked face. While I was thinking this, unaware of the time, I see Connor's hands approaching in slow motion, wiping the tears from mid cheek with the pad of his fingers and with the thumbs the tears from the inner corner of my eyes. I feel a small hand rubbing my back, so I assume it's Abby, Tyrell removes his hands from my shoulders and starts caressing my hair. 
I feel more tears roll down my cheeks but Connor swiftly takes care of them with his thumbs.

Abby asks me what happened and Connor is asking the same with his eyes, he doesn't even need to talk, since I stopped shedding tears, for the moment, Connor places his hands back in my thighs, I can feel my tears wetting my thighs. Since our closest friends already saw me break down I thought, what else is there to hide, hence, I decide to pour my heart to my friends.

I tell them about the call, how my parents are separating, and the thought of it brought tears to my eyes once more, this time, surprisingly I see that both Tyrell and Abby are welling up, Connor is listening closely to what I am saying, I can hear him thinking and waiting to act. I couldn't help a sob coming out of my gut as a steady stream of tears roll down my face. I don't know if my reactions are too slow, as I brought my hands up to cover my face again but I felt strange hands on my face before I could shield it. I saw Tyrell wipe a lone tear that was running from the outer corner of my eye and Abby wipe my entire cheek clean of tear streaks. Connor was still raising his hands when they beat both of us. Tyrell removed his hand from my cheek and brought it to his face, while Abby placed her hand on my thigh, I saw both of their eyes swimming with tears.

More tears streamed down my face, which Connor kissed or wiped away, he was ready this time, and I saw Abby's cheeks slowly marking with several streaks of tears, I look at Connor, then at Tyrell. When Tyrell removed his hands from his face I saw a couple of tears roll down his masculine cheeks, I extended a hand to wipe one away, he flinched but allowed me to. This is the only man besides Connor whose tears I've wiped. I turn to see Connor's surprised face when he saw my wet thumb, he hadn't noticed Tyrell was crying. Connor suddenly turned to look at Tyrell, and I noticed Tyrell was embarrassed, before he had a chance to cover his face, Connor wiped a tear from the middle of his other cheek. Tyrell turned away.

Connor turned to see Abby, her face was full of tear streaks, she didn't wipe them, as she had one hand on my thigh, Connor placed both palms on her face and wiped it clean of tears, Abby smiled and squeezed my thigh. Connor turns back to me and kisses another couple of tears, wiping the streaks left, as I bring a hand to Abby's cheek, gently caressing it, wiping a couple of tears on the way.

We finish crying and decide to go to my cousin's house the next day.


July 4, 2020 3:11 pm  #30

Re: Truth or Dare

Connor's POV:

The day for our trip finally arrives, I get my outfit ready, I am wearing military cargo shorts, just below the knee, running tennis shoes, a burgundy short sleeve t-shirt. Tyrell is also ready, we get in the car and go for the girls. We arrive to the apartment and knock, Abby opens the door, she is wearing a very revealing attire, a pink top that reveals her soft abs and a pair of denim short shorts that, in my opinion show too much, but Tyrell disagreed with me on that one.

Kylie shows up wearing a short sleeve black t-shirt and a pair of knee length cargo shorts, she looks stunning to me, I love her shapely calves. Tyrell is lost in Abby's thick body. We hop on the car, I am driving, Tyrell copilot with GPS and the girls are in the back. After around 8 hours driving, we stop to eat and walk, I am getting numb and I assume the rest as well. After walking a while, eating and going to the restroom, we are ready to continue, this time Tyrell takes the wheel, I allow Abby to go next to him, let's see if something sparks, and I go back and enjoy with Kylie. 

As dusk is near and we are still at least 10 hours from our final destination, we get to the nearest not crappy motel, since this isn't our main purpose, we get a single room with two twin beds, and I hope that Abby doesn't feel like we are setting her up but I'd rather sleep with Kylie than with Tyrell, so Kylie and I go to our bed, leaving the couple to figure out how to distribute their sleeping space. The girls go into the bathroom to change into their pajamas, and Tyrell and I do it in the room while the girls are in the bathroom.I usually sleep naked, but with Abby around, I don't think it's appropriate, so I keep my boxers on and hop in bed before the girls are out, Tyrell decided to do the same.Abby came out wearing a yellow cami top with matching shorts and Kylie surprised me wearing her baby blue shorts and a yellow sleeveless top. 

Even though I was very tired I couldn't sleep well, Kylie was teasing with me in her sleep, she placed both her legs over mine, caressing my thighs with her beautiful silky thighs, I think I spent a few hours quite aroused. When the sun rose I got up, waking Kylie up in the process, I took a shower, Kylie joined me, I heard the other "couple" get up, I wish they didn't yet, I wanted to enjoy Kylie longer in the shower, but what's done is done. We get breakfast and take highway again. We finally reach Fort Lauderdale, I can see Kylie smiling like she hasn't for quite a while now, I am happy seeing her happy. 

We go to the beach, we change to our beach outfits, I didn’t put a shirt on, wear my seldom worn red beach shorts, which would be too short for any other occasion, Tyrell was also shirtless and had his silly palm stamped shorts, Abby, quite confident with her body, came out with a two piece purple bikini, I couldn’t help but smile seeing Tyrell staring at Abby’s jiggling belly as she walked, if he wanted to see jiggle big time he could have pointed lower, her meaty, almost chubby thighs jiggled a lot with each step she took, unlike Kylie, who took my breath away when she came out, she looked stunningly sexy and beautiful, wearing her orange swimming short I got her a few days ago, enhancing her soft, yet, defined thighs, her muscles jiggled elegantly as she walked, the white t-shirt enhanced her nice chest, that barely bounced as she walked towards me. 

We spend the day playing volleyball, splashing in the shore, Tyrell and Abby went swimming, while Kylie and I “accidentally” touched each other as we splashed in the shore, Kylie knows I love jiggling her thighs, what was strange was that she was very focused on my thighs as well, I felt her hands on my still defined thighs more than on my chest, which had been her focus on previous encounters. Anyways, after having a fun, steamy day, we go to dinner. We took dinner at our hotel room, as we didn’t want to change into more formal clothes, we stayed with our beach shorts, Tyrell and I put on t-shirts as the sun was starting to fade. While we were having dinner, Kylie got a call on her cell, I couldn’t figure out what was happening, but I saw Kylie’s eyes glistening, as if tears were forming.

That was confirmed when she got up from the table and went to the bed we were sharing to be alone. I couldn’t leave her alone, if she was getting emotional she must have had a strong reason, as she doesn’t like to cry, sadly, even in front of me. I sprang up and ran to her side, forgetting I was being impolite to our best friends, leaving them alone dining. Without thinking I sit by her side and hug her tight, she flinched but did not resist. I see she is having a hard time pushing her tears back, they started to find a way out through her nose, I grabbed some Kleenex and wiped her nose once, giving the rest of the Kleenex to Kylie. I caressed Kylie’s hair and gently patted her thigh, resting my hand there, showing her support.

I see Tyrell and Abby coming our way with concern on their faces. I got a bit distracted as I feel Kylie tremble, I squeezed her thigh and turned to look at her, I am a bit nervous as I sense Kylie about to break down sobbing and I don’t know how to give her privacy. Seeing Kylie struggling to avoid doing what she calls her ugly face, I stand and kneel in front of her, blocking anyone who tries to stand in front of her. I start caressing her thighs in a caring way, letting Kylie know I am there to support her, I think I messed up.

Tyrell and Abby sit on each side of Kylie as I see her eyes fill to the brim. She tilts her head up, as if to force the tears back in, I am anxious, not knowing how to handle this, I caress Kylie’s thighs faster and with a firmer grip, feeling my fingers sink in her skin as my hands slide through her thighs. Kylie placed the phone on Abby’s thigh and brought both hands to her face, concealing her eyes and mouth.  I glanced swiftly at Tyrell and Abby, we all obviously know Kylie is crying, but we would rather not bring it up.

Tyrell embraced Kylie’s shoulders and Abby placed a hand on her back. I see a tear escaping the cover of her hands in her outer cheek, as soon as I see it I swiftly wipe it away, I know Kylie would be extremely embarrassed if anyone saw her tears. Unexpectedly, Kylie removed her hands from her face, exposing three streaks on each cheek. Her face flushed once more, I reacted lifting my hands from her thighs and wiping her tear streaked face, the tears from the middle of her cheeks with the pad of my index and middle fingers and the tears from the inner corner of her eyes with my thumbs. A couple more tears roll down Kylie’s beautiful face, and, as much as I love to see them roll down her face unchecked, I quickly wiped them, hoping that Tyrell and Abby didn’t see them. 

It seems that Kylie is successfully gaining control of her tears, as no more tears are falling, I rest my wet hands on her thighs again, asking Kylie silently (with a questioning look) what happened, seems Abby was more daring, she did ask her what was happening. Kylie decides to answer, she starts telling us that her parents are splitting, his cousin giving her the news, surprisingly her mother crying, as she is saying this a sob interrupted her speech and tears streamed down her face so fast I couldn’t wipe them before they reached her chin, in fact, I couldn’t even wipe them. I was shocked at what I was seeing, Kylie tried covering her face with her hands again but Tyrell beat her, wiping a tear from the outer corner of her eye. I looked the other way, only to see Abby wiping her entire cheek clean of tears and the streaks left with her open hand. 

I stare at Kylie, more aware this time, previously I got lost in what she was saying, now, seeing that our friends had clearly seen Kylie crying, even wiping her tears, I no longer tried to hide them and proceeded to kiss the tears that fell like a river down her beautiful eyes. I kissed her tears and the streaks from her lower cheeks up to below her eyes, wiping the remaining streaks and few tears that slipped by.  I see Kylie looked away from me, turned her sight to Tyrell, who seems to be removing his hands from  his face, I had never seen Tyrell shed a tear, now I was seeing him with a single tear slowly rolling down each cheek.

Kylie wiped away the one farthest to me. Seeing Tyrell flinch but not reacting, I decided to wipe his other tear, I’m not sure if Abby saw him, but I did my best to not allow her see him in tears. Tyrell turned his face away. I was starting to get confused, what’s going on with Tyrell crying? I guess I’ll deal with that later, Kylie is my main concern right now. I turn back to Kylie, seeing her face, placing my hands on her thighs, surprisingly feeling another hand, that wasn’t Kylie’s, in her thigh. I turn to see Abby’s cheeks with several tear streaks and tears still falling freely as she had a hand on Kylie’s thigh and the other one on the bed supporting her weight. I instinctively placed both palms of my hands on Abby's face and wiped it clean of tears, swiftly caressing from the inner corner of her eyes to the outer corner with my thumbs as well, wiping remaining tears, feeling Kylie’s hand approaching, wiping fresh tears from Abby’s cheek. Finally the crying is over. We decided to finish dinner and go to sleep, Kylie was very tired, plus, she didn’t want any uncomfortable questions from Tyrell. We change to our pajamas and have a sound sleep.

Next day Kylie asks to go to her cousin's house, since we are leaving I dress in a pair of cotton pants and a short sleeve shirt, Tyrell put on bermudas and a t-shirt, Abby comes out with a skirt, about 3 inches above the knee, the one that surprised me was Kylie, she was wearing the red shorts I bought her, she looks stunning.
Time to go, I ask Tyrell to take the wheel, I need time with Kylie. Abby goes in front with Tyrell.

I sit right next to Kylie, in the middle of the back seat, closing the space between us, I asked her: "How are you feeling now?"
Kylie answers: "A bit embarrassed for breaking down in front of our friends, yet, relieved and less ashamed because they cried too".
I try to get all my questions out before arriving our destination: "What were you thinking when you showed Tyrell your tear streaked face? I mean, he even wiped your tears, I am pretty sure with Abby it's different, I mean, you are both girls."

Kylie blushes: "I honestly was very embarrassed and frustrated for not being able to control my emotions, I even feared doing my ugly crying face, that is why I covered my face, plus I didn't want anybody see my tears, but you wiping the first tear caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting it, that is why I removed my hands, to see who dared wipe my tears, had I known it was you, I would have kept my hands shielding my face. And let me confess, even though I was ashamed and very embarrassed, I was extremely turned on when you kissed my tears then wiped the streaks left in front of Tyrell and Abby, it's something I thought I would never allow."
Kylie turns her whole body and get a leg on the seat to be face to face with me. "Wasn't it awkward Tyrell cried? Even I, his long time friend and room mate, hadn't seen him shed a tear, Kylie, you even wiped his tears". I placed an open hand in her inner thigh (she had her outer leg against the seat, so her inner leg was in front).
Kylie smiles: "Well, like I said, I was extremely embarrassed crying in front of him, Connor, I was even embarrassed crying in front of Abby. By the way, I expected you to take care of my tears, not Tyrell, I can let Abby wiping my tears slide, but I didn't give Tyrell the hint he could do so, luckily he cried and I set the score even. To tell you the truth, wiping Tyrell's tear was more of a get even than a personal liking, you know I love wiping and kissing your tears, but yours only, my hands and lips are exclusive to you".

I blush, remembering the last time Kylie wiped my tears, I get lost in the flashback until I feel Kylie's hand in my thigh. "I am also 1000% yours sweetie, never doubt it, telling you the truth, at first I was very nervous, even anxious as I was trying to get rid of Tyrell and Abby, but I couldn't find a polite way to do it, so I tried to at least protect you from them. And when I found out I couldn't do that, plus you broke down, I did feel aroused knowing Tyrell was watching me caress your beautiful thighs, then when you stopped concealing your tears, I thought I'd make Tyrell jealous for wiping and kissing your tears, I never thought he would dare wipe a tear from your face" That's why I wiped his tear, maybe he even felt humiliated because he turned his face away.
Kylie puts a serious face, pats my thigh, resting her hand there and asks: "Why did you wipe Abby's tear streaked face?".
I was caught off guard: "She started, she wiped the cheek I was about to wipe, why did YOU wipe her tears in the first place? Had I wanted something more I would have patted her jiggly thigh, but I only wanted to get even, if you know what I mean, besides, her tears are not as precious or look as beautiful as yours." I playfully jiggled Kylie's thigh. Kylie approaches her face to mine, closes her eyes, I close my eyes too and we kiss passionately, I can feel her warm tongue searching mine, her hand squeezing my thigh, I corresponded squeezing her thigh.
I didn't even become aware but we were making out in the car.

To be continued...

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