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August 2, 2020 8:20 am  #51

Re: Truth or Dare

Kylie's POV:

Connor and I spent the best night ever at the motel, it was full of surprises, that will stay in that motel and in our memories.  I slept until I felt Connor jiggling my thighs and calves. Remembering last night I tell Connor: "Do you know I'd love to have you right now, receive your most precious liquid and keep it with me."
He sounds confused and answered: "You want me to cry to you?"
I started laughing so hard at the answer he gave that I fell off the bed, still giggling on the floor. I noticed Connor had a boner, and I cleared it to him: "That's what I was talking about silly, I'd love to squeeze every single liquid ounce you have in there, I want you to make my body tremble with desire."

Connor blushes: "Princess, you know the only thing I don't share with anybody is tears". I just stare at him, he continues: "Don't get me wrong, I am not having sex with the first girl that passes by either, I mean..." He laughed nervously: "What I'm trying to tell you, I'd rather be seen by someone having sex than crying, if you know what I mean".

I continue teasing him: "So, you want to have me in public instead?". The thought of it made me put on a big smile on my face.
Connor defends himself: "I wouldn't want to say no, honestly, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, I would be the envy of everyone, but at the same time, I'd rather keep your body for just me, in the intimacy of the just you and me boundaries".

Hearing that I get up and jump at Connor, who catches me by my thighs and says: "As much as I love having the sexiest girl alive naked in my arms, we have to get going baby, I'll make it up to you after we go see your dad. By the way, have I told you how grateful I am with you dad?"
Now I am the one who didn't catch it:  "Why would that be, you don't even know him?"
He answers, as serious as I've seen him: "He provided your mother with the genes of the most beautiful woman in the whole universe."
I blush and ask him for a minute to put on my clothes, as he goes to wake up Tyrell and Abby I put on a cozy argyle sweater and a silky lace miniskirt with a lace trim, as well as a pair of white sneakers.

We eat breakfast and go to dad's place. He opens the door, I introduce Connor, we go sit in a two person sofa, I crossed my leg and, immediately I feel Connor's gentle hand caressing my calf. Connor and dad have quite an emotive conversation, I get emotional and, for God's sake, I didn't even try to hide it, I am with the two persons I love most, my dad and the love of my life. I love when Connor tenderly kisses my tears and wipes the remaining. When we were about to leave, my dad started, for the first time in my life, I think, to devoutly wipe my tears, I lean into him, feeling his warmth and love. Almost immediately, Connor kisses and wipes the tears from my other cheek.

After a waterfall of tears, Connor and I happily say good bye to dad, he was awesome. And we go back home.

To be continued...


August 16, 2020 4:26 pm  #52

Re: Truth or Dare

Tyrell's POV:

We left Connor and Kylie at Kylie's father's house, and decide to go to a library, after searching for a while, we found the Greenfield library at St. John's college. We get there and see it's quite a big and nice library, we go searching for books, each or own way, then we meet, I had in my hand The Lays of Beleriand by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Abby had Clean by Amy Reed. We go and sit in a comfy big couch, side by side, I can feel the warmth of her body next to mine.

I get immersed in the book, until I heard a sniff, I thought the AC could have caused allergy to Abby, so I didn't even look over, still reading. I heard her sniff more frequently and she placed her head on my shoulder, I stopped reading and I turned around, to my surprise, she had a thin tear streak down the middle of one cheek, with a split track caused by the tilting of her head to the outer side of her beautiful cheek, and three wide streaks on her other cheek, still big, shiny round teardrops were falling at that moment down her cheek, I followed a tear to her lips, which looked extremely sensual forming a pout, they looked more prominent than usual.

I close my book and cup her cheeks, kissing a pair of tears from each cheek first, then wiping her tear streaks afterwards. She half smiled with her pouty lips as she said with a hiccupy voice "It's so sad, it could have been me, poor girl". I crossed an arm behind her, holding the back of her head, caressing her hair and I brought my other hand down to caress her well shaped thigh, it felt soft and warm, I love feeling her smooth skin in my hands, she buried her face in my neck, rubbing her cheek against mine every now and then, I felt her warm tears on my cheeks as I kept soothing her hair and caressing her thigh, firmly squeezing it every now and then.

After a few minutes, we break the hug, she giggles and says "crying can be quite a good exercise, I got tired, allow me to lay down for a few minutes". She laid her head on the couch, lifted her book to continue reading and she lifted her legs and placed them on my lap. I was extremely distracted seeing her calves hanging from my lap, her thighs on my lap, her cute cotton shorts, exposing a good portion of her thighs, I was lost admiring her, my hands got busy caressing her calves and thighs, massaging them, feeling her soft muscles molding in my hands.

Time went by, she puts the book down, I pat her thigh, motioning it's time to get up, we go to get a coffee and a pastry, just enough to not starve while we go pick up the other guys.

We go pick up Connor and Kylie, we had to wait a little while before they came out. When I saw them, something caught my attention in Kylie's face, it shone as if she had been crying, it's like, even if you wipe your tears your skin is still shiny and feels a bit yucky. When they got closer, I confirmed it, her eyes were slightly red and the makeup had faint tracks, even though she had her tears wiped, betrayed the streaks that had run down her cheeks. I didn't say anything to avoid embarrassing her.


October 6, 2020 3:37 pm  #53

Re: Truth or Dare

Abby's POV:

After leaving Connor and Kylie at her father's house, we go to St John's College library, it's a big library and has a lot of books, more than the one I am used to go to. Tyrell and I finally pick a book and sit together to read, I think I chose a bad book to read in a public library, I was in tears as I read Clean by Amy Reed, I tried being as discrete as possible, but I couldn't avoid sniffing, as tears started to roll silently down my cheeks. Since we were sitting side by side, I leaned my head on Tyrell's shoulder, as soon as I leaned my head on him I felt my tears take a sudden turn, making new tear streaks on my face.

When Tyrell felt my head on his shoulder, he turned to see me and I felt my lips involuntarily forming a pout, he closed his book and cupped my cheeks, lovingly kissing a couple of tears from each of my cheeks, I felt my heart leap and skip a beat as he kissed and wiped my tears and the streaks left by them. I couldn't help smiling when I felt his hands caressing my tears and, still with pouty lips, said: "It's so sad, it could have been me, poor girl". He held the back of my head, caressing my hair as, surprisingly, with his other hand he caressed my thigh, I love feeling his hands on my skin.

I buried my face in his neck and ocassionally rubbed my cheek against his, feeling my tears transferring to his face, as he kept caressing my hair and my thigh, which he lovingly squeezed every now and then, I felt my thigh muscles molding to his hand's will, giving in when he squeezed them, this gesture had my heart racing like a galloping horse. After a few minutes, we broke the hug, I giggled shyly and said: "crying can be quite a good exercise, I got tired, allow me to lay down for a few minutes". I laid on the couch, picked up the book once more to continue reading as I placed my legs on Tyrell's lap. I felt extremely good when Tyrell started to caress my calves and thighs, massaging them, I felt my muscles softly giving in to his soft hands' command, taking whatever form he wished as he rubbed them, sinking his fingers in them, squeezed them, and finally, when it was time to go, he made my thigh jiggle when he patted it.

We get up and go for a coffee and a pastry before going to pick up Connor and Kylie. We had to wait in the car at Kylie's dad's house for a few minutes before they got out. I was surprised to see Kylie's face shiny with dried tears. We got out of the car to switch places, when I got out and Kylie was in front of me, I softly caressed her cheeks with both my thumbs, feeling her skin a bit sticky, she had definitely been crying. Tyrell and I go to the back seats as Connor and Kylie get in front.

After a little more than three hours, we reach home.


October 11, 2020 1:22 am  #54

Re: Truth or Dare

I liked how Abby can cry for other things than just being sad and how she can still be comforted Tyrell. It was a very cute chapter that I liked a lot. I like when people are still willing to comfort someone who is only crying over something such as a book  or movie not just something sad. That seems very intimate to me.


December 23, 2020 5:13 pm  #55

Re: Truth or Dare

Tyrell's POV:

A few months have gone by, summer is at it's highest, I ask Connor if he can bring Kylie over for a reunion, he says it can be any day since we are on vacation from school. So I decide to make it as soon as possible, I schedule it on a weekday afternoon.

Connor puts on a red wine colored, linen, short sleeve shirt, black formal pants and shiny black formal shoes, I am more casual, I wear a black cotton short sleeve shirt, a pair of cotton shorts, around an inch above the knee, and a pair of black, brogue shoes. We see the girls arrive, immediately I see two stunning, beautiful women coming in, Abby looked extremely beautiful, she was wearing a white, sleeveless, mid-thigh dress with a cute kind of cord in her waist and black lace sandals, I really loved how her hair waved, caressing her bare shoulders as it comes and goes. I also see Kylie, she looks very beautiful as well, I have noticed that, since she started dating Connor she dresses more girly, and quite a sensual one, she is wearing a white puff sleeved top, a kind of pearl pinstripe, mid thigh shorts and nice light brown lace-up sandals and a round white purse I had never seen her use. Both, Connor and I stand dumbfounded, until they came and kissed us.

I had prepared a turkey piccata, lemon garlic pasta and totally loaded veggie nachos, for drink, I had white creamy chardonnay, dry rosé, ginger cranberry sparkler and Applejack mulled cider. We have an awesome early dinner and a few drinks, then we go to the living room. We all sit in a large four person sofa, Connor on one end, sitting next to him Kylie, Abby in the other end and I end up sitting between Abby and Kylie. We are having a lot of fun, drinking Apple cider and sparkler, and I find the moment to make the big announcement. I suddenly pat both girls thighs, leaving my hands there for a few seconds, I can feel all six eyes on me, I lean on the girls thighs to get up, feeling my hands sinking in both quads.

I stand up and take a little box out my shirt pocket, take out a 1.6 carat engagement princess diamond ring in a 14 carat white gold band. I smile as I see Abby's face in shock, I see a smile slowly forming in her face and tears starting to fill her beautiful eyes, I focus my eyes on hers as I kneel in front of her and present the ring. I ask her: "Would you give me the opportunity of spending the rest of my life with you by being my wife?".
Abby's cheeks slowly adorned with streak after streak of big, round, clear, warm tears that graciously slid down her beautiful face.

I thought that meant a yes, but I didn't want to assume, so, I waited, the longest couple of seconds in my life, when she said yes I was overwhelmed by emotion, I placed the ring on her finger, kissed her hand, leaned on her thigh to stand up, when I stood up she also stood up from the sofa, I couldn't wait any longer, I cupped her cheeks, kissed a tear streak from one cheek, kissing a rolling tear from her other cheek, lovingly wiped her cheeks and hugged her. I felt a few warm tears splash on my neck, as well as a couple of tears that Abby rubbed on my cheek.

I didn't notice when Connor and Kylie stood up and came next to us, when Abby and I broke the hug, I saw Kylie's eyes sparkling with tears, seems that love is making her more emotional, she smiled at me and, surprisingly, she cupped my cheeks, I was so excited about the engagement that I wasn't even aware I was crying too, until I saw Kylie's fingers coming wet from my face. I was so happy this time, that I didn't even feel embarrassed for crying, and I found Kylie's gesture as an intimate friend's act. Kylie gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to Abby. Connor came next, he hugged me tight and, while breaking the hug, he caressed the outer corner of my right cheek, I turned to see his hand, his fingers came wet, this is the second time Connor wipes my tears, I guess this is what best friends do.

​After Connor went with Abby, we all sat in the sofa again, this time I was in the corner, Abby sat next to me, leaning one hand on my thigh and her side against my chest, Connor sat between Abby and Kylie and Kylie sat at the other corner of the sofa.

We got another round of drinks, this time we go for the alcoholic ones, Abby and I go for the rosé and Connor and Kylie choose to drink chardonnay, we talk about our future in the next couple of years, when I suddenly hear a slapping sound and Connor in a louder tone says: "Guess what? I have a surprise for all of you, I got a mortgage for a country house in South Carolina, if Kylie likes the idea, this will be her new home once we graduate, you can come visit whenever you want, even if you want to stay over, there will be space for you guys." I see Kylie forming a big, wide smile, leans on Connor's thigh to get closer to him and gives him a deep long kiss in his lips.

I lean on Abby's well shaped thigh and see Connor close his eyes as he kisses Kylie, I can see tears slipping down Kylie's cheeks as she is kissing Connor. Wow, seems like a lot of strong emotions came to us today.

Abby and I get emotional as well, I was thinking how great it could be to have a wedding in the country, outside the city, no contamination or traffic. Abby brought me back when she kissed my cheek and ran her fingers through my cheeks, I was crying again! what's happening to me, seems I am an emotional waterfall, I don't remember ever crying on and off like this.

The conversation lowered in emotion, we talked over trivial matters and the evening ended.



December 24, 2020 7:07 pm  #56

Re: Truth or Dare

Connor's POV:

It's the long vacation period in school, we are about to start our senior year at the university, the weather is very hot compared to other summers. One day, Tyrell invites me to an intimate reunion, it will be Tyrell and Abby, and Kylie and me. I call Kylie, we all agree on the date and the day is come, I dress formal, my favorite red shirt, black cotton pants and I shine my black shoes, they were a bit dusty. When I get out of my room, I see Tyrell in a not so formal attire, he was wearing a cotton shirt and shorts, I never expected shorts on an important meeting, at least not coming from a guy, his shoes were cool though, I liked those fancy shoes. 

We waited a little while for the girls to arrive, the time was worth it, they both looked wonderful, Kylie had a lovely fancy white top, the sleeves neither long nor short, around the elbow, the top was kind of airy, wavy, I don't know how to describe it, going lower I see an almost her skin tone color, with faint stripes, pair of shorts that ended around mid thigh, which I noticed had that sexy jiggle I love when she walks towards me, I didn't bother to be discreet, my gaze went lower, seeing her shapely calves, ending in a kind of Wonder Woman style sandals, even the color, kind of light brown. Abby was a bit more daring, wearing a white dress that showed her whole arms all the way to the shoulders, I saw her hair slightly caressing her shoulders as she walked, around her waist a sort of karate belt that molded her waist, and that dress ended mid thigh, I noticed she has been working out since she started dating Tyrell, I saw her thigh muscles a little defined, I remember when on spring break her thighs were shapely but not toned, her thigh muscles jiggling as she walked towards us, and her calves were being held by laces from her black platform sandals.

Tyrell is quite a good cook, he even paired the wine and soft drinks with the turkey and the side dishes, after dining, we sat in the large sofa, I was in one corner and Abby in the other one. We had a good conversation, and I don't know how, I didn't even expect it to, but as we were drinking soft drinks, I saw Tyrell suddenly pat Kylie's thigh and based on the sound he also patted Abby's thigh, but as I was glancing Kylie's, I only saw hers. I was kind of turned on, yet a bit confused, I mean, I love seeing and making Kylie's thighs jiggle, but I never expected to see someone else jiggle her thighs, I guess the bond that we all have is a strong one I guess it's normal for this to happen.

After a few seconds of seeing Tyrell's hand on Kylie's thigh, he leans on it and stands up, taking a little seemingly expensive small box and takes out a quite expensive diamond ring, I turn to see Abby, the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face is forming and her eyes are quickly filling with tears. Tyrell kneels and proposes marriage to Abby, big, round droplets of tears start to roll down Abby's cheeks, in less than a couple of minutes her face had six streaks on her right cheek and five on her left, all the way from the outer corner of her eyes to the inner corner next to her nose.

She answered yes to Tyrell's proposal, he put the ring on her finger, kissed her hand and leaned on her thigh, sinking in her now visible muscles, getting up, Abby got up as well and Tyrell immediately cupped her face, tears starting to well up in Tyrell's eyes, he lovingly kissed a tear streak from her right cheek and a teardrop from her left cheek, wiping across her whole face with his finger pads, erasing all streaks from the middle of her face (they were still visible in the upper part of her face), and hugged her tight.

I gently pat Kylie's thigh, giving her a signal to get up and gather around them, we both stand up, at this point Tyrell also has tears rolling down his cheeks, when they broke the hug, I saw Abby's face completely covered in tears and Tyrell's face with three streaks on his right cheek and two on his left. Kylie goes to hug Tyrell first,  I can't see Kylie's face as she is turning her back on me, I see she softly cups his cheeks and wiped a single tear with one thumb and a tear streak with the other. I smiled as I saw Tyrell's eyes going towards Kylie's fingers, yet, this time he didn't seem embarrassed, I guess he was too happy to care for crying in front of his closest friends. I was surprised when, after hugging Tyrell, Kylie kissed a tear streak from his cheek, going to Abby next.

I go and congratulate Tyrell, giving him a strong hug, when we broke the hug, I instinctively wiped a tear from the outer corner of his cheek, I didn't give it too much importance, I went to congratulate Abby next. I give Abby a strong, tight hug, this day seems full of surprises, I didn't expect Abby to lean her cheek against mine, I felt a tear from her cheek transferring to mine and another tear that rolled from her cheek to my cheek, rubbing her tear streaks on my cheek. When we broke the hug, she had a radiant smile on her face as more tears streaked her cheeks, I couldn't help but congratulate her, kiss a tear from each of her cheeks and wipe her face with my fingers, I gently rubbed the outer part of my little finger, wiping from the inner corner to the outer corner of her cheeks, taking care of all the tears and tear streaks from almost her whole face.

I turned and saw that Kylie was sitting where I was, in the corner of the sofa and Tyrell was sitting on the opposite corner, so I sat next to Kylie and Abby sat next to Tyrell.  Tyrell gets up for a round of drinks, this time we are drinking alcoholic drinks, Kylie and I have a creamy, white chardonnay, and Tyrell brought rose wine for him and Abby. Kylie's eyes were sparkling, seems that tears were slowly gathering there, after a couple of drinks and talking about Tyrell and Abby's wedding plans, I find a moment to give a surprise announcement, I firmly pat Kylie and Abby's thighs jiggling them afterwards for emphasis, keeping my hands there while I talked, I told them I got a country house in South Carolina and wanted to move there with Kylie once we finished our bachelor's, inviting them over to celebrate and stay whenever they wished.

I saw everybody's surprised faces, and Kylie, leaning on my thigh, feeling her soft, delicate hand sink in my quad muscles, gave me a kiss on the lips, I responded to her kiss passionately, I forgot our surroundings, I closed my eyes, started to slide one hand on Kylie's thighs, applying a little pressure to her muscles, feeling her soft quads mold in my hands, her inner thigh jiggle against my hand as I softly squeeze it, returning it the same way it went, feeling her silky, warm skin as I softly slid my hand, caressing her bare skin. I slowly released her thigh and brought my hand to her lovely face, caressing her cheek, surprisingly finding tears on my fingers, I couldn't help but shed a couple of tears, I am so in love with this girl, I hope we marry soon too, like Tyrell and Abby, I contain myself and push the rest of the tears back in. We break the kiss, and Kylie, before returning to her place, kissed a tear from my cheek and wiped the tear streak left. I continue kissing and wiping her tears until there are no traces that she had been crying, I gently pat her thighs and we both turn to continue chatting with Tyrell and Abby, and the evening ends.


December 24, 2020 10:42 pm  #57

Re: Truth or Dare

Abby's POV:

Tyrell asks me on a home dinner date, I thought it would be the two of us, so I chose a flirty outfit, a couple of days later I find out its a double date, Connor and Kylie are also invited, I think this could be fun, I really enjoy being around them, Kylie has been my room mate for over two years now and I have always liked Connor.
The day arrives, I choose a white sleeveless short dress, it shows from my mid thigh on, a pair of cute black sandals with a slight platform to gain height, and I let my hair loose, I know Tyrell likes it that way. When I get ready I see Kylie, oh my god, is she gorgeous or what, this girl is pouring out sensuality, she looks very sexy in a puff sleeved top that adds volume to her chest, a pair of cute pearl pin striped short shorts, same length as my dress, she is showing a lot of skin nowadays, and her calves are beautifully laced in a pair of light brown sandals.

Tyrell cooked a delicious turkey piccata, a lemon garlic pasta as a side dish and delicious nachos with vegetables and ground beef, I love the drinks he chose too, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, I really loved the cranberry carbonated drink he prepared, it matched the food quite nice. After our lunch/dinner, we sat on the sofa and started fooling around, having fun and chatting, until, all of a sudden, Tyrell patted my thigh, leaned on it and stood up, I didn't even have time to be surprised when he took a small square box, my eyes quickly filled with tears, these tears did not sting nor was there a knot in my throat, these were happy tears, I was extremely happy and I guess the only way my body would express it was through tears. Tyrell took out a diamond ring, honestly, I didn't care if it was diamond or a ring pop, I love him for who he is, how he loves me, how he cares for me.

Tyrell kneels in front of me and says a very gentlemanly proposal, I am still in shock, I felt the happiest moment in my life, all the tears that were contained in my eyes sprang at the same time, obviously not fitting a single streak, I felt warm, thick tears, proudly rolling down my cheeks, I feel my whole face getting wet with streak after streak, then a happy yes came out of my mouth, that was the trigger Tyrell waited for, he put the shiny ring on my finger, leaned on my thigh and got up, I stood up too, and he, as he always lovingly does, cupped my cheeks, kissed my tears and gently wiped the rest of my tears along with the tear streaks left. Oh, how I love when he does that, not a moment did my dry cheeks stay dry, after Tyrell wiped my tears he hugged me, I kept crying, I felt some of my tears fall on his neck and I rubbed others on his cheek.

As soon as we broke the hug Kylie took over and hugged Tyrell, I was still happily crying non stop, when Kylie broke the hug I saw her eyes filled with tears, I was surprised she wiped Tyrell's tears so naturally, she didn't hesitate, as if she had done it before, and that was not all, I froze when I saw Kylie kiss a tear streak from Tyrell's cheek and he didn't react. She came to me and gave me the most heart warming hug I had ever received from a friend, I felt she was truly happy for me, which I confirmed when we broke the hug, I saw a couple of tears had started to roll down her fair cheeks. As I brought a hand to wipe her tears she had already wiped both my cheeks, I smiled as I softly wiped both tears and tear stains from Kylie's cheeks. She goes to the sofa and I see Connor wipe a tear from Tyrell's cheek, he then comes to congratulate me, he gives me a tight hug, it felt like Kylie's, these guys truly appreciate us, I guess I can fully trust them, I mean, Kylie has been a friend for a while, but now we are taking this friendship to a different intimacy level. As I think this, I automatically rub my tears against Connor's cheek, feeling new tears roll from my cheek to Connor's, I am really comfortable with him, I think I could trust him fully, when we broke the hug he really surprised me, he was quite shy and now he has such confidence that he kissed a tear from each of my cheeks and sweetly took care of all my tears by tenderly wiping with his whole outer pinky finger across my cheeks, from the inside corner to the outer corner. I couldn't help but smile at him.

When he finished congratulating me and taking care of my tears, I saw that Tyrell and Kylie were already back at the sofa, I quickly went to sit next to Tyrell, not bothering to adjust my dress as it raised a bit, about three quarters of my thighs were showing, I saw Tyrell couldn't help but glance at my thighs, I gave him a smile and he firmly yet gently patted and jiggled my thigh asking me what I wanted to drink, I never knew how much I loved when he did that until he started making a habit of it.

Tyrell came back with drinks for all of us and we had another round of good conversation, laughs and fun, after a drink and good conversation, out of the blue, Connor raises his voice a little above his usual, and I feel his hand patting my thigh, and more surprising, he kept his hand in my thigh and jiggled it, I didn't expect this, I think this is part of our bonds becoming stronger between us four, I kind of liked it, his firm hand molding the shape of my thigh muscles to his will, the warmth of his skin, based on the sound I heard, he did the same to Kylie at the same time, so it's nothing personal. He announced he is getting a house in the countryside in South Carolina and planned on moving there with Kylie, he also invited us over to stay as long as we wished. I see Kylie leaning on Connor's thigh, her hand sinking in his strong quads, kissing him softly on his lips, they close their eyes, I turn to see Tyrell, tears rolling slowly down his cheeks, I kiss a tear from the middle of his cheek and lovingly wipe the rest of his tears along his tear streaks, then I lean against Tyrell's warm thigh, feeling his relaxed muscles give in to the weight of my hand, I rested like this for the rest of the conversation we had after Connor and Kylie finished kissing.

When we are about to leave, I discreetly give Tyrell's inner thigh a squeeze as I got up from his chest (I was leaning my side against his chest) and give him a flirtatious smile, he just stares at me and smiles at me, Itelling me with his eyes to stay, I motioned him no with my head, almost imperceptibly, I give him a light kiss on his lips as I got up and said goodbye to Connor and get ready to leave with Kylie.


December 26, 2020 12:25 am  #58

Re: Truth or Dare

Kylie's POV:

Connor calls me and asks me to check when I have time for a reunion with Ty and Abby, I check my schedule and agree on a time and date, I tell Abby and she tells me it's a double date, I get really excited, this is something not usual, especially in home, since the reunion will be in the guys apartment. Abby and I get busy choosing what to wear for the date, she decides to wear a sexy short dress and I, not trying to contrast too much by hiding most of my body, I went along her line and chose a white puff sleeve top, a cute pair of mid thigh shorts and comfortable, yet cute sandals. The day arrives, we get ready, almost on time, for some reason we couldn't get ready faster, anyways, we reach the guys apartment a few minutes later than scheduled and went up two stairs at a time, I was teasing Abby, I could see her underwear from a couple of steps behind.

We finally get there, as we entered we both noticed the guys staring at us, they definitely loved what they saw, we walked towards them and Tyrell motioned us to the table, Connor came to sit with us and Tyrell went for the drinks, then the food, after eating a delicious dinner and drinking great home made drinks, we go take a seat at the large sofa, I was sitting between Connor and Tyrell, we had a good time, talking about school, hopes, projects, job, sports, regular chit chat, and at one point, Ty broke that atmosphere, patted my thigh, left his warm hand there, we all go silent, I turn to look at Abby, I noticed Ty had his other hand on Abby's thigh, she was surprised as well, so I didn't know what to expect. Ty leaned on our thighs and got up, he took a small box from his shirt pocket and took out a quite expensive diamond ring. He knelt and gave Abby a beautiful proposal, Abby was about to cry, I could see her eyes swimming in tears.

Abby said yes and stood up, the dam broke, tears flooded her face, I could see tears marking streaks in the inner corners, a few down the middle and a couple on the outer part of her cheeks, Ty lovingly kissed and wiped her tears, Abby just smiled. I felt my thigh muscles jiggle, Connor patted me gently, I turned to him and he motioned me to go to them. We got up and stood next to them, when they broke the hug and Abby stood next to Ty, I went to congratulate Ty, my eyes started to fill with tears, I was getting emotional too, I was extremely happy for them, and inside I was thinking how I wished Connor proposed to me soon. As soon as I congratulated Ty, tears slowly started to roll down his cheeks, I instinctively brought my hands to his face, when I stopped to think I had already kissed a tear streak and wiped the rest of his tears from his face, Connor was next to me, I guess there was no problem with it. I went to Abby next, she was a river of tears, so, immediately I gave her a tight hug and told her how happy I was for her engagement, the tears that were brimming my eyes finally spilled, gently sliding down my cheeks, when I broke the hug I immediately wiped her tear streaked face as she gently wiped my tears.

I went back to the sofa, Ty was sitting on one corner so I took a seat at the other corner, waiting for Connor to congratulate Abby. They came to sit, Connor sat next to me and Abby sat between Connor and Tyrell. Ty got up again and asked us what we wanted to drink, he went to the kitchen and came back with the drinks. We had a glass of wine and a great conversation, the atmosphere was cheerful, we had a great laugh and a great time overall. At one point Connor patted and jiggled my thigh, keeping his hand there, I noticed all eyes went on him and he had one hand on my thigh and the other on Abby's, I guess if Ty patted my thigh it wouldn't be offensive if Connor did the same to Abby, I am a bit confused, I'm not used to seeing my boyfriend so outgoing with other girls, guess Abby is the exception as she is my room mate and best friend.

As Connor kept his warm, soft hands on our thighs, he gave us the surprise that he got a mortgage for a countryside house, of course I'd love to go to South Carolina to live with the love of my life, he even invited Ty and Abby to stay over for a weekend or as long as they wished. I got so excited thinking about going to live to SC that I leaned on Connor's thigh and kissed his lips, he responded in a very sensual way I allowed myself to get lost in the kiss. As I kept my hand in Connor's relaxed quad muscles I felt his hand exploring my thighs, I got more excited as he caressed, grasped and jiggled my quads and my crural biceps, he gently, returned his hand to my face, wiping tears from my cheek that I wasn't aware I was shedding, I really really love when he does that, I opened my eyes to see his hand gently coming to my face to take care of my tears, only to find his lovely face with a tear streak on each cheek, I kissed one tear and wiped the tear streak left, then I wiped his other tear along with the streak, leaving no sign of crying, he was all neat. I wondered if he would always be like this as he continued to kiss and wipe my tears until they subsided. When he finished taking care of my tears, he gently patted my thighs letting me know we had to get back to the other guys.

We continued chatting for a little while longer, then the evening ended and Abby and I left to go to our apartment.


May 27, 2021 8:49 pm  #59

Re: Truth or Dare

Connor's POV: 

Summer goes by, we all survive senior year's fall semester, I invite Kylie, Tyrell, Abby and Shelby to my countryside house, I even tell them they can bring close family if they like.

The day arrives when we are meeting at the house, I am there getting everything ready for their arrival, I am wearing a long sleeve white shirt, a chocolate brown suit jacket, brown pants and recently shined brown leather shoes. Kylie arrives with her dad wearing a blue with red polka dots, tie-neck dress (long sleeve and above knee length) a burgundy top handle bag, leather brown ankle boots, pearly donut like earrings held by a chocolate colored round pin. Her father came in a classic royal blue suit.

After them, arrived Abby wearing a black hat, white stamped short sleeved t-shirt, discrete, small gold earrings, a leopard stamped coat, a short, black, leather skirt, matched with a small black leather purse and Yale Chelsea ankle boots, she came with her father, who wore a classic suit which seemed a bit worn. Finally, Tyrell arrived wearing a semi-formal suit with a very colorful tie, a nice William Wood red strap watch and nice red tennis shoes, with him came his mother, wearing a long white stamped dress. 

Dinner is served, we all have a lighthearted conversation and at some point started teasing Tyrell and Abby, then I noticed Abby’s dad and Tyrell’s mom were having mysterious gazes at each other. After dinner, we went to the living room to continue drinking and talking, Tyrell and I brought a chair for everyone to be able to sit, I sat in a one person comfortable individual armchair, Tyrell’s mom and Abby’s dad sat in the couch, Tyrell sat on the chair, the girls mischievously chose to sit on us, having the option of the piano bench, Kylie sits on my lap and Abby sits on Tyrell’s. I notice Tyrell’s mother and Abby’s father staring at Tyrell’s hands as he was caressing her abs with one hand and her thighs with the other one, seems they were not used to see intimate signs of affection so soon. Kylie’s dad already knew that Kylie and I were in a serious relationship, so he didn’t seem alarmed when she sat on my lap and I had an arm around her waist, resting my hand on the lower part of her inner thigh, near her knee, lightly caressing and softly squeezing every now and then as I had my other hand on her shapely calf as she had her legs crossed.

The evening went on and we all noticed that Abby’s dad and Tyrell’s mom were starting to flirt, we were happy about it and, as the evening was ending, Kylie surprised us all standing up and asking me to set a date for our marriage. Kylie: “Connor, you know I love you with all my heart and soul, I would love to be your wife and share my whole life with you, my dreams, my hopes, my projects, my love, I want to give myself fully to you, will you marry me?”. I wasn’t expecting this to happen, I am in shock, the most beautiful girl on Earth proposing me marriage, for the first time in my life I feel this overwhelming joy and sheer happiness that I couldn’t even think of containing myself when I felt my eyes quickly fill with tears and my lip start to curl.

Dumbfounded, I look at Kylie's beautiful dark eyes and say yes, it seems that the answer opened the gates, tears rushed down my cheeks in a few streams on both corners and the middle of my cheeks as my lips involuntarily curled. Kylie sat again on my lap, brushed her fingers over my curled lips, moving them to my cheeks, wiping my tears, she kissed a tear from the middle of my cheek then kissed my curled lips. I placed a hand over her hand in my cheek and brought my other hand around her waist and softly patted her thigh several times, I felt a rushing wave of love. I didn’t notice my close friends come to me, until I felt Kylie ending the kiss and another hand caressing my hair in the back of my head while the other hand slowly brushed across my cheek, wiping a few tears on the way. I looked, my sight still a little blurry because of tears, and saw Abby with a big smile on her face: “Congratulations Connor, can’t wait for the wedding”. Tears were slowing down and I my lips were finally back to normal, as soon as Abby moved, Tyrell came and gave me a brief, strong, side hug, after the hug he held my cheek that was closest to him and softly wiped the remaining tears, Kylie kissed a couple of almost dried tears, wiping the rest and the streaks left by them, leaving not a single streak of tears on my face, I couldn’t help but smile and kiss her.

The evening ends and everyone manages to find a spot to sleep.


June 1, 2021 3:19 am  #60

Re: Truth or Dare

Kylie’s POV:

After an amazing and emotional summer vacation, I got the energy to keep studying the last year of uni and work at the same time, it was a hard semester, finally Christmas time is here, vacations and a date at Connor’s new place. I get ready for the appointment, make a stop at my dad’s house, he surprised me with the perfect outfit for the event, a pretty blue with red polka dots, tie-neck dress (long sleeve and above knee length) a burgundy top handle bag, leather brown ankle boots, pearly donut like earrings held by a chocolate colored round pin. I had told him that I would surprise Connor proposing him marriage, he was very happy about it. Dad decided to drive there, since a flight would take at least four hours and driving it would be a little less than 9, he decided to enjoy the trip and have a good chat with me.

We leave around 5:00 in the morning, stop to have breakfast at Perly’s around 10:30, I start with potato latkes as an appetizer and my dad with schlubby fries, for the main dish I choose cinnamon babka French toast and dad a Fillmore frittata, I drink a housemade chocolate egg cream soda and dad a Blanchard coffee.

We continue a little more than 3 hours on the road, about an hour before arriving, my dad looked at me, straight in my eyes, strongly placed his hand just above my knee, I think it was more the presence felt in his gaze than the strength with which he patted my thigh, that I felt not only my thigh, but my whole body tremble when he seriously asked me what were my plans with Connor and if we already had a life plan together. I honestly didn’t think of it so deeply, I told him I would work as a psychologist and Connor already had a job in the law firm, so when he graduated he would get the position of a lawyer. Dad smiled, softly patted my thigh and told me that he wished we took over his company, if we accepted the transition would start by the end of next year. My eyes slowly filled with tears, I had mixed emotions, on one hand I was really excited to start working in my future company, but on the other, this means that my dad would be retiring and that made it seems as if he was a very old man (which he wasn’t) and the inevitable death would be close. I’m sure my dad saw the sadness behind my eyes, as he leaned on my thigh and with his other hand, very gently, blended the tear that escaped my left eye with the makeup so nobody noticed I cried and he told me: “My sweet princess, don’t cry now, you’ll ruin your makeup and there’s no time to fix it, I don’t plan to die, I just want to enjoy life without big responsibilities, I will even be a private external consultant for you, you know I will never leave you alone.” He cheerfully patted my thigh and told me to put on the adorable smile he inherited me with, that would charm everyone. My eyes sparkled and I willed the tears back in.

We arrived at Connor’s new house and he was waiting for us, he looked extremely handsome, I would dare say, even kind of sexy with that brown suit. Not long after we arrived, came Abby with her dad, then Tyrell with his mom, I was a bit puzzled, why hadn’t Shelby arrived yet? Anyways, we had a great dinner and conversation, I was communicating with Connor with just my eyes, we noticed Tyrell’s mom and Abby’s dad had made good chemistry. We went to the living room and the guys sat, leaving no room for Abby and I to sit, Abby and I looked at each other at the same time, and smiled. We sat in the guys’ laps, seems that both of them agreed on how to hold us as they both immediately went for the waist and the thigh, I’ll never stop feeling in heaven every time Connor caresses or squeezes my legs, which he did casually every now and then, both my inner thigh and my calf, as I had my leg crossed. I felt Connor lightly caressing my warm inner thigh next to my knee as well as my calf, molding it however he desired.

After teasing them a little while, I stood up from Connor’s lap and with my heart in the sleeve (even though we have been together for a while I am nervous about how he will react) and proposed Connor to set a date for our engagement. He was in shock, he didn’t expect it and I noticed he had a sensorial override that, I guess naturally?, expressed in tears. I lost myself in Connor’s sky blue eyes, which looked bluer when swimming in tears. As soon as he said yes, for the first time in a long time, I saw his beautiful lips form a curl as the biggest teardrops I have seen him shed started to roll down his handsome cheeks, the tears were so many that they marked three streaks on each cheek.

I sat on his lap again, and I couldn’t refrain myself from caressing his lovely curled lips with the tips of my index and middle fingers, smoothly going from his lips to his cheeks, wiping a couple of tears, kissing a tear from his cheek then kissing him in the lips, keeping my hands on his cheeks. I felt tears start to fill my eyes as I felt his familiar hand touch mine and start guiding me to his tears. My tears were immediately pushed back when I felt his firm hand pat my thigh several times, I felt extremely aroused and at the same time a bit self conscious, even though I love when Connor makes my thighs jiggle, this time I was the center of attention. I continued kissing him and wiping his tears with one of his hands still guiding mine for a couple of minutes until we broke the kiss.

I didn’t notice when Ty and Abby came to us until I saw Abby’s arm cross to the back of Connor’s head, caressing his hair as she softly swiped her other hand’s thumb across his cheek, wiping a tear from each streak and slowly sliding it down clearing a tear streak from the outer corner of his eye, his eyes had an extremely beautiful intense blue color. I turned to see her, when Connor and I were facing her, she said: “Congratulations Connor, can’t wait for the wedding” as she put on a big smile on her face and Connor squeezed my thigh and kept it a few seconds firmly holding it, then Tyrell came and gave Connor a firm hug from the side, Connor never moved his hands from my thigh and waist, when Ty broke the hug, he surprised us as he, in a very touching way, he cupped Connor’s cheek and tenderly wiped all the remaining tears from it. My eyes started to fill with tears once more and I kissed some of the remaining tears from Connor’s other cheek and wiped the rest as well as the tear streaks until not a single trace of crying was visible. He smiled sweetly and kissed me lovingly.

The evening is ending and all of us select our spots to sleep. I glance at my dad, and he understood my eyes, he nodded affirming I could go and sleep with Connor. Since I didn’t bring pajamas, Connor gave me the yellow t-shirt and the black running shorts I didn’t pick when he bought me clothes for the summer trip, I shrugged my shoulders and agreed to sleep in that attire.

We got in bed and had a short but intense conversation:Connor: “I’m extremely surprised you made me cry today, especially in front of the guys AND their parents, I really loved the feeling your skin in my hands most of the time, I really felt protected when you wiped and kissed my tears, I wasn’t expecting to break down, I didn’t even have time to feel embarrassed for ugly crying with a torrent of tears streaming down my cheeks.”As I listened, my eyes began to fill with tears, I was already emotional with my dad, this just piled up, I replied: “Honestly I expected to surprise you, but I didn’t think to the point of tears, to be honest, I was thrilled, your eyes looked extremely beautiful, you know, they turn bluer when you have them full of tears, and for the first time I saw big, precious tear drops rolling down your handsome cheeks in several streams, I couldn’t help but lovingly wipe and kiss them from your face. Also, I had mixed feelings with all the eyes on us as you were jiggling my thighs and calves, you know I love it when you do, but I also felt exposed and self conscious with everybody watching my jiggly thighs and calves.”

I felt a tear swiftly roll down the outer corner of my eye, to my cheek and Connor reacted quickly kissing it before it fell to the pillow. I shivered, I love Connor kissing my tears. “You know, before our pact, I was extremely ashamed of my tears, now I look forward for you to wipe or kiss them from my cheeks, I dream about our wedding, I am sure everyone invited will see your hands lovingly wiping my tears as I say I do, can’t say I’ll be embarrassed, I guess I’ll even be the envy of every girl, and even some guys I’m sure, but I’ll proudly show my happy tears to my friends and family and, if by any chance (and I think there are good chances) I see tears in your beautiful cheeks, be sure I’ll kiss them and wipe them until there are no streaks on your handsome cheeks.”.

Connor blushed at the thought and mildly smiled, he pulled my by my waist and placed me on top of him, I intertwined my legs in his, he caressed from the hem of the shorts, all the way down to my calf (I had my leg bent) and we drifted to sleep, it was an emotional evening.


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