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June 1, 2021 3:19 am  #61

Re: Truth or Dare

Kylie’s POV:

After an amazing and emotional summer vacation, I got the energy to keep studying the last year of uni and work at the same time, it was a hard semester, finally Christmas time is here, vacations and a date at Connor’s new place. I get ready for the appointment, make a stop at my dad’s house, he surprised me with the perfect outfit for the event, a pretty blue with red polka dots, tie-neck dress (long sleeve and above knee length) a burgundy top handle bag, leather brown ankle boots, pearly donut like earrings held by a chocolate colored round pin. I had told him that I would surprise Connor proposing him marriage, he was very happy about it. Dad decided to drive there, since a flight would take at least four hours and driving it would be a little less than 9, he decided to enjoy the trip and have a good chat with me.

We leave around 5:00 in the morning, stop to have breakfast at Perly’s around 10:30, I start with potato latkes as an appetizer and my dad with schlubby fries, for the main dish I choose cinnamon babka French toast and dad a Fillmore frittata, I drink a housemade chocolate egg cream soda and dad a Blanchard coffee.

We continue a little more than 3 hours on the road, about an hour before arriving, my dad looked at me, straight in my eyes, strongly placed his hand just above my knee, I think it was more the presence felt in his gaze than the strength with which he patted my thigh, that I felt not only my thigh, but my whole body tremble when he seriously asked me what were my plans with Connor and if we already had a life plan together. I honestly didn’t think of it so deeply, I told him I would work as a psychologist and Connor already had a job in the law firm, so when he graduated he would get the position of a lawyer. Dad smiled, softly patted my thigh and told me that he wished we took over his company, if we accepted the transition would start by the end of next year. My eyes slowly filled with tears, I had mixed emotions, on one hand I was really excited to start working in my future company, but on the other, this means that my dad would be retiring and that made it seems as if he was a very old man (which he wasn’t) and the inevitable death would be close. I’m sure my dad saw the sadness behind my eyes, as he leaned on my thigh and with his other hand, very gently, blended the tear that escaped my left eye with the makeup so nobody noticed I cried and he told me: “My sweet princess, don’t cry now, you’ll ruin your makeup and there’s no time to fix it, I don’t plan to die, I just want to enjoy life without big responsibilities, I will even be a private external consultant for you, you know I will never leave you alone.” He cheerfully patted my thigh and told me to put on the adorable smile he inherited me with, that would charm everyone. My eyes sparkled and I willed the tears back in.

We arrived at Connor’s new house and he was waiting for us, he looked extremely handsome, I would dare say, even kind of sexy with that brown suit. Not long after we arrived, came Abby with her dad, then Tyrell with his mom, I was a bit puzzled, why hadn’t Shelby arrived yet? Anyways, we had a great dinner and conversation, I was communicating with Connor with just my eyes, we noticed Tyrell’s mom and Abby’s dad had made good chemistry. We went to the living room and the guys sat, leaving no room for Abby and I to sit, Abby and I looked at each other at the same time, and smiled. We sat in the guys’ laps, seems that both of them agreed on how to hold us as they both immediately went for the waist and the thigh, I’ll never stop feeling in heaven every time Connor caresses or squeezes my legs, which he did casually every now and then, both my inner thigh and my calf, as I had my leg crossed. I felt Connor lightly caressing my warm inner thigh next to my knee as well as my calf, molding it however he desired.

After teasing them a little while, I stood up from Connor’s lap and with my heart in the sleeve (even though we have been together for a while I am nervous about how he will react) and proposed Connor to set a date for our engagement. He was in shock, he didn’t expect it and I noticed he had a sensorial override that, I guess naturally?, expressed in tears. I lost myself in Connor’s sky blue eyes, which looked bluer when swimming in tears. As soon as he said yes, for the first time in a long time, I saw his beautiful lips form a curl as the biggest teardrops I have seen him shed started to roll down his handsome cheeks, the tears were so many that they marked three streaks on each cheek.

I sat on his lap again, and I couldn’t refrain myself from caressing his lovely curled lips with the tips of my index and middle fingers, smoothly going from his lips to his cheeks, wiping a couple of tears, kissing a tear from his cheek then kissing him in the lips, keeping my hands on his cheeks. I felt tears start to fill my eyes as I felt his familiar hand touch mine and start guiding me to his tears. My tears were immediately pushed back when I felt his firm hand pat my thigh several times, I felt extremely aroused and at the same time a bit self conscious, even though I love when Connor makes my thighs jiggle, this time I was the center of attention. I continued kissing him and wiping his tears with one of his hands still guiding mine for a couple of minutes until we broke the kiss.

I didn’t notice when Ty and Abby came to us until I saw Abby’s arm cross to the back of Connor’s head, caressing his hair as she softly swiped her other hand’s thumb across his cheek, wiping a tear from each streak and slowly sliding it down clearing a tear streak from the outer corner of his eye, his eyes had an extremely beautiful intense blue color. I turned to see her, when Connor and I were facing her, she said: “Congratulations Connor, can’t wait for the wedding” as she put on a big smile on her face and Connor squeezed my thigh and kept it a few seconds firmly holding it, then Tyrell came and gave Connor a firm hug from the side, Connor never moved his hands from my thigh and waist, when Ty broke the hug, he surprised us as he, in a very touching way, he cupped Connor’s cheek and tenderly wiped all the remaining tears from it. My eyes started to fill with tears once more and I kissed some of the remaining tears from Connor’s other cheek and wiped the rest as well as the tear streaks until not a single trace of crying was visible. He smiled sweetly and kissed me lovingly.

The evening is ending and all of us select our spots to sleep. I glance at my dad, and he understood my eyes, he nodded affirming I could go and sleep with Connor. Since I didn’t bring pajamas, Connor gave me the yellow t-shirt and the black running shorts I didn’t pick when he bought me clothes for the summer trip, I shrugged my shoulders and agreed to sleep in that attire.

We got in bed and had a short but intense conversation:Connor: “I’m extremely surprised you made me cry today, especially in front of the guys AND their parents, I really loved the feeling your skin in my hands most of the time, I really felt protected when you wiped and kissed my tears, I wasn’t expecting to break down, I didn’t even have time to feel embarrassed for ugly crying with a torrent of tears streaming down my cheeks.”As I listened, my eyes began to fill with tears, I was already emotional with my dad, this just piled up, I replied: “Honestly I expected to surprise you, but I didn’t think to the point of tears, to be honest, I was thrilled, your eyes looked extremely beautiful, you know, they turn bluer when you have them full of tears, and for the first time I saw big, precious tear drops rolling down your handsome cheeks in several streams, I couldn’t help but lovingly wipe and kiss them from your face. Also, I had mixed feelings with all the eyes on us as you were jiggling my thighs and calves, you know I love it when you do, but I also felt exposed and self conscious with everybody watching my jiggly thighs and calves.”

I felt a tear swiftly roll down the outer corner of my eye, to my cheek and Connor reacted quickly kissing it before it fell to the pillow. I shivered, I love Connor kissing my tears. “You know, before our pact, I was extremely ashamed of my tears, now I look forward for you to wipe or kiss them from my cheeks, I dream about our wedding, I am sure everyone invited will see your hands lovingly wiping my tears as I say I do, can’t say I’ll be embarrassed, I guess I’ll even be the envy of every girl, and even some guys I’m sure, but I’ll proudly show my happy tears to my friends and family and, if by any chance (and I think there are good chances) I see tears in your beautiful cheeks, be sure I’ll kiss them and wipe them until there are no streaks on your handsome cheeks.”.

Connor blushed at the thought and mildly smiled, he pulled my by my waist and placed me on top of him, I intertwined my legs in his, he caressed from the hem of the shorts, all the way down to my calf (I had my leg bent) and we drifted to sleep, it was an emotional evening.


July 6, 2021 2:35 pm  #62

Re: Truth or Dare

Tyrell's POV:

When I saw Connor patting Kylie's thigh, I couldn't help but softly squeeze my pretty Abby's thigh as well, I was getting so emotional, I knew if I kept thinking about it I would eventually cry, so I thought on my marriage proposal. I've been carrying this modest ring for a while, waiting for the opportunity to propose to Abby, I guess now would be a good time and place, all of us reunited, in a great place out of the ordinary, but I wouldn't want to take away the attention from my friends, Kylie just proposed to Connor, I think one big emotion for the day is enough for all of us.

I try to distract myself, when Abby stood up and started to walk towards Connor, I followed, she wiped tears from his cheeks, and I followed, wiping a tear from my friend's cheek, I guess it was the right thing to do, plus he was my closest friend, I was shocked, I had never seen him crying before, less with curled lips and all.

The evening goes by, Abby and I went to sleep, during my sleep I resolved to propose tomorrow, no matter what.

Next morning, we all get up relatively early, as the sun hit our faces, and after breakfast, during our chat, I say: "Abby, I have a surprise for you, I have been carrying it for a while, but yesterday's emotions made me determine this to be done today." I take out a silver ring from my pocket, kneel next to Abby and place it in her  finger. "Would you give me the honor of being my wife?" I see Abby stood froze, her eyes slowly filling with tears. After about two minutes of suspense she answered: "Nothing would make me happier than to be your wife". Tears spilled down her cheeks, I got up and held her in my arms in a tight hug.

As we were hugging I felt her back shake, not long after I heard the most beautiful sob, I broke the hug, only to see a river of tears streaming down her cheeks, her lips curled and the most beautiful sobs escaped her mouth. I kissed her tears, then her curled lips. Connor and Kylie came over, Connor hugged her from one side, placing his hand on her back and her long hair, and kissed a tear from her cheek, wiping the rest. Kylie caressed her hair and her shoulder, nuzzling her cheek with hers saying in a squealing voice: "Abby, you lucky girl, we have to celebrate this", then she wiped her smeared cheek.

Then Abby's dad and my mom came, they hugged us both, I couldn't contain my emotion and tears filled my eyes. Abby's dad was extremely happy: "Son, I don't have much to give, but count on my advice, experience and support". The tears I was barely holding, started to roll down my cheeks, he placed both palms on my face and wiped my tears, mom kissed a tear from my cheek, wiping the second wave of tears from my face.
Abby and I hug tight, mingling the tears that fell from our cheeks.


July 7, 2021 11:39 pm  #63

Re: Truth or Dare

Abby's POV:

After the most emotional day yesterday, when I, for the first time, wiped Connor's tears, felt desired when Tyrell caressed my legs and my hips in front of all our relatives, Tyrell and I go to sleep. He says he can't wait for tomorrow, as he caressed my thighs, I smile, chat a little while with him, then drift to sleep.

The next morning, I put on my favorite earrings, moon shaped, a beautiful gold coated silver necklace, a winter red blouse, a short dress and low heeled shoes, I love how my calf muscles look in heels. We go to the table to have breakfast with the family. In the aftermath of the breakfast Tyrell says he has a surprise for me and, even asked me to marry him! I was in shock, I don't think I have been happier in my life, when he placed the ring on my finger, tears started to fill my eyes and an intense emotion coursed through my entire body and as soon as I answered yes, the tears in my eyes started to escape one by one, each finding a new route.

Tyrell hugged me, that intensified the emotion and I started to sob, to be honest, I was so happy that I didn't even think of feeling ashamed. I felt good sobbing in Tyrell's arms, and I really felt touched when Connor and Kylie came to me, Connor wiped my tears, he has done it before, but this time he even kissed my tears, and Kylie nuzzled my tears with her cheek. I was really surprised my dad wiped Tyrell's tears, and I found sweet that his mother wiped and kissed his tears, I guess for the first time.

I sobbed a little more, to my surprise, my dad kissed a few tears from my cheeks, wiping a lot more with his thumbs, his finger pads and the back of his fingers, I went to a flashback to when my dad used to wipe my tears, but this time, he even kissed them, I felt so loved by everybody that a wave of tears streamed down my cheeks unchecked. Tyrell turned to look at me and started kissing tears from several streaks on both my cheeks, clearing the rest of the tears and the streaks they left behind until my tears subsided.

Kylie came over and said in my ear: "Let's get married together and have a great wedding, we can do it here, picture it, Connor, Tyrell, you and I". Just thinking of it welled my eyes and a tear slid of the middle of my right cheek, to my surprise Kylie kissed it in the sweetest, most caring way saying after: "imagine what our guys would do to us if they see us this emotional" and giggled.

We have a few drinks in the evening and a great chat, let's see what the future awaits, one more semester before graduating...


September 10, 2021 1:00 am  #64

Re: Truth or Dare

Connor's POV: 

I worked hard, both at school and at my job, I have been supporting Kylie in her last effort to finish school, we had a few issues as she has been stressed, I understood her, didn't judge, held her, wiped and kissed her tears. Even though this shook our relationship, we emerged with a stronger bond, we survived and learned how to deal with situations like this.

Graduation day is coming, I am preparing a surprise with Tyrell, the girls do not even suspect, we go and get wedding rings, at the day of the wedding, the heat is quite high, so the girls are wearing shorts and short skirts under the toga, at the end of the ceremony a large banner unfolds from the center of the podium saying Kylie, will you marry me on July 30? Connor Abby, will you marry me next to Kylie? Tyrell.

I can see tears quickly building in the girls' eyes, as over 100 people, teachers, staff, fellow students from all grades turn their eyes on us as we walk towards them. I go and give Kylie a deep, passionate kiss on her lips as I place a hand on her back and with the other one I caress her hair. I feel her back shudder lightly and hear her breathing pattern change.

I quickly bring the hand I have caressing her hair to her cheek, feeling a warm, big, round teardrop on my thumb, I slowly turn my hand and, with the back of my fingers, slowly and tenderly wipe from under her eye, to where the tear was, drying her tear streak completely. I feel extremely proud, kissing and wiping the tears of the most beautiful girl on school and everybody is watching me do it. I hope Kylie is somehow enjoying it as well. Let's see...


September 10, 2021 1:13 am  #65

Re: Truth or Dare

Kylie's POV:

Graduation day is here, since it's a hot summer day, I pick out a mid-thigh skirt and a sleeveless top to wear below the toga, the diplomas are given to all graduates, when I was getting ready to leave, Connor points up, I turn to look and see a giant banner with Connor and Tyrell proposing a marriage date. Connor comes to me, I can barely see him as my sight is getting blurry because of tears filling my eyes.

Connor hugs me, holding me tight between my shoulder blades and caressing my hair with his other hand. I feel my lips quiver a bit as I try to control my signs of crying, still I couldn't help a tear of joy overflow and roll down my cheek. I didn't even have time to process the fact I was crying in front of the whole school, when Connor lovingly wiped it away, even taking care of the tear streak. I felt a wave of love hit me as a few more tears started to roll down my cheeks and tenderly wiped by Connor, I felt extremely glad he was wiping my tears and, for the first time, I felt proud the whole school knew my tears belonged to the sexiest guy in the whole world. I felt strange I wasn't as embarrassed as I thought I would be.


September 26, 2021 5:46 pm  #66

Re: Truth or Dare

Tyrell's POV:

I see the banner Connor and I planned, display and cause the desired effect on the girls, Connor kissing and wiping Kylie's tears in front of the entire school, I turn to see Abby, she has the cutest lip curl I have ever seen, tears are falling on her lips and on her toga, leaving big spots on her chest. I approach her and cup her tear streaked cheeks, kissing and wiping streak after streak of tears, from the inner corner, the middle and the outer corner of her eyes, hot tears constantly roll down her cheeks each one taking a different course. I kiss a few tears and streaks before kissing her lips.

When I kiss her lips, I feel them quiver slightly as warm tears land on my lips, I am still wiping her tears with the back of my fingers, the pads of my fingers and my thumbs as we kiss. When we break the kiss we see lots of people watching us, I even noticed a camera had a zoom on our face, I saw Abby's tears giant as my fingers lovingly wiped them and my lips kissed them off her cheeks.


September 27, 2021 11:45 pm  #67

Re: Truth or Dare

Abby's POV:

As soon as I see the banner display, I was in shock, I never expected Tyrell and Connor to be so daring and creative, I have never been happier in my life, happy tears start filling my eyes. I turn to look at Kylie, her eyes are also swimming in tears as Connor approaches her, I feel tears blurring my vision then I feel Tyrell cup my cheeks. That was it, my walls were conquered, my lips started to curl and tremble and the dam broke, rivers of hot tears roll unchecked down my cheeks as I feel myself flush in front of the whole school, for the first time I feel self conscious crying, even if Tyrell is taking care of my tears wiping and kissing them.

After a little while (time is relative when you are not in your five senses) Tyrell kisses my lips, I feel them trembling against his as tears rain over them, it was magical, feeling his lips against mine, his tongue searching mine, his soft hands wiping my tears, made me forget the whole school was watching, I let myself be the happiest and luckiest girl in school, that is, until we break the kiss, I feel Tyrell wipe my face clean of tears, but I saw it in the giant screen of the school stadium, I saw huge tears and extremely thick tear streaks on my cheeks as bus sized fingers wipe my face clean of tears. I managed to suppress the lip curl and smile as Tyrell took care of my tears.

My mind went clear after the overdose of happiness, thinking again I felt happy and even proud to have the most gentle, the most kind hearted, the best gentleman I knew kissing and wiping my tears as he proposes me marriage. I really felt like a lot of girls would love to have this happen to them, I have never seen a girl having her tears taken care of so lovingly as Ty does with me, in private and in public, no matter how many people are there, he is never ashamed of me crying and kisses and wipes my tears.

I say I do and see Tyrell's eyes are starting to fill with tears, I don't know if I should let his tear roll down his cheek or wipe his eyes. I go for the safe bet, I kiss his tear from his eye, noticing as I lean back from the kiss that he has another tear rolling down from the middle of his other cheek, I softly wipe it with the back of my fingers from below his eye until I catch the tear, as his tears subside. I give him the most loving kiss I have given in my entire life, caressing his hair and his cheek.


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