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December 15, 2018 9:07 pm  #11

Re: Truth or Dare

[I know that this chapter also doesn't include any crying, but I want to do justice to the story. There will be another crying scene ahead, rest assured.]

Kylie and I eat our lasagna and talk in further detail about what we're going to do now that we're a couple. We discuss when we're available, when we're going to tell everyone else, and other random stuff. She asks my opinion on public displays of affection. I ask her whether or not she's going to tell her parents. They live all the way in New Mexico, and I've only met them once when they flew up here to visit. They're not the best parents--Kylie barely even told them which apartment complex she lives at, for sake of her privacy (and sanity). We agree that I can tell my parents if I feel so inclined, but Kylie's not going to tell her parents.

Before I even know it, we've finished eating, and are washing the dishes together. Kylie nudges me softly with her elbow, and I nudge back. We smile at each other.

After a few minutes of light conversation (and after the dishes are washed and drying on the rack), Kylie looks at me with regret. "I have to go back home. I've got a killer research essay I have to write for Psych."

"Aw," I sigh, drying my hands before pulling her into a hug. "Okay."

"Just promise me one thing."

"Yes?" I wonder what she could possibly want me to promise.

"Call me whenever you cry. I don't want you to be alone." Kylie's breath tickles my neck.

"Sure. But only if you promise me the same thing." I smile unconsciously, knowing she'll hate the fact I turned it back on her.

She groans in frustration. "Fine. I promise. Your turn."

"I promise," I say. Giving her one last squeeze, I let her go. Again, we just stare at each other, appreciating the fact that we can--we're together now.

Kylie's eyes widen. "Right. Psych essay." She walks over to the front door. I follow her. She looks back at me before opening the door. "I'll see you soon?"

"See you soon," I say.

The door closes behind her.

Still, by the clock's revolution each hour,
I dissolve into tears about ev'ry half hour.

December 17, 2018 2:40 am  #12

Re: Truth or Dare

[I know that I said that I wanted to do justice to the story, but I figured it would be okay if I skipped ahead a little. If any of you want to read the events leading up to this scene, just PM me.

This scene takes place about a month after the last.

One more thing: since Connor and Kylie's relationship has developed a lot since the last chapter, I included a few details... No worries--I'd still rate the story as PG-13.]

I'm in the middle of cooking ramen noodles when my phone starts ringing. I wipe my hands on a towel lying on the kitchen counter and take my phone out of my back pocket. It's Connor.

"Hey," I pick up. "Can I call you later? I'm kinda busy with something."

It takes Connor a few seconds to respond, which piques my concern. "This is important."

Something in his tone makes me walk over to the stove and turn it off. I take a seat behind the counter. "What's wrong?"

Again, Connor doesn't speak for a little bit. "You know the promise we made?" His voice shakes.

My concern deepens. Is he...? "Yeah, I remember." Shelby (my roommate) walks into the kitchen and starts to talk to me, but I put my finger to my lips. She nods and goes back to her room.

"You probably want to be here right now."

I stand up, stride over to my room, and grab my car keys. "I'll be right there."

"Okay. See you soon."

"See you soon." I end the call and open the front door.

"Wait!" Shelby appears again, carrying my coat. She brings it to me. "Don't forget this."

"Thanks." I throw the coat over my shoulders, walk out of the dorm, and lock the door behind me. Shivering, I walk over to my car, careful not to slip on any black ice. Once in my car, I crank up the heat and drive away.

It only takes me five minutes to reach Connor's dorm. Once there, I take out the spare key Connor gave me (even though we're technically not allowed to give keys to people who don't live in the dorm) and open the door. I close it quickly behind me.

I search the living room for Connor. When I can't find him, I walk over to his closed bedroom door and knock gently. "Connor?"

Even through the door, I can hear a sniffle. "Come in."

I open the door and walk in. Connor's sitting on his bed, leaning his back against the wall. A roll of toilet paper sits beside him, and a few used wads litter his bed. His nose and cheeks are red. He meets my gaze, leans to the side to look behind me, and gestures at the door. "Can you close the door?"

Wordlessly, I close it. He clears a space on the bed beside him, and I slide into the spot, enveloping him in a hug. I wait before repeating the question I asked him over the phone. "What's wrong?"

He sighs deeply. "It's this stupid job thing again. I think I screwed up the interview I had today."

"I'm sorry," I whisper, gathering him even closer.

He rests his head on my chest, only to lift it back up. "You can take off your coat. It's pretty toasty in here."

He's right. I break the hug momentarily to take off my coat and toss it onto the floor. Normally, I would take the time to hang it on an extra hanger in his closet, but these are not normal circumstances.

This time, Connor initiates the hug. He leans his head on my chest again. His body feels warm against mine, and I can't help thinking about the last time we were this close together--except that time, we didn't have any clothes on. I allow myself a second to remember that moment before returning my thoughts to the current moment. I bury my fingers in his blond, wavy hair.

While we embrace, I focus on saying calming phrases and waiting until his shaky breath evens out. I shed a few tears as well, almost feeling the sorrow he's feeling. A while after he stops crying, we break apart simultaneously. I wipe away the wetness on his face, even daring to kiss the salty tears a few times. Connor keeps his gaze cast downward. He reaches up and touches the wet spot (from his tears) on the neck of my shirt. He glances up to meet my eyes.

"Sorry," he says.

"It's okay." I struggle to find something comforting to say, but words fail me. Instead, an idea enters my mind--something that might help him feel better. I catch his hand--which is still pressed against the wet patch on my shirt--and lower it to my left breast.

His eyes widen a little as he realizes what I'm thinking. He shakes his head and gently removes his hand. "I don't think I can tonight. Sorry." He looks at me, his eyes deep with regret and still glistening from crying.

I cup his face in my hand. "Seriously--it's okay. We don't have to today."

Regret remains in Connor's eyes. Unable to stand it anymore, I hug him again. "I'm glad you were able to call me."

"Me, too."

Almost immediately after he says that, Connor's phone rings. He breaks the hug and pulls his phone out of his pocket, his brow furrowed. He answers.

"Hello?...yes, I'm Connor...really? That's great!...yes. I can start this Monday...thank you...I'll be there...'bye." Connor hangs up and stares at his phone screen, baffled.
I can't contain myself anymore. "You got the job?"

He turns to look at me, his jaw hanging open. "Yeah, I did."

"That's great!" I reach over, close his jaw, and kiss him squarely on the mouth.

Connor still looks baffled. "I thought I messed up..."

"It sounds like they were impressed, especially since they called so soon." I grin.

"Well," he looks at me, slowly beginning to grin. "I guess that's that."

"Yup," I say, my cheeks hurting from grinning so widely.

A mischievous look enters Connor's eyes. He glances down at my lips, and we kiss.

I open my eyes once we come up for air. I'm pretty sure I'm the one with the mischievous look, now. "Do you want to..."

"Hell yeah," Connor breathes. We kiss again.

[I would continue writing, but then this story wouldn't be PG-13 anymore, lol. That's the end of "Truth or Dare", unless you guys request more. Thanks for reading. ]

Still, by the clock's revolution each hour,
I dissolve into tears about ev'ry half hour.
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December 17, 2018 3:54 am  #13

Re: Truth or Dare

That story was absolutely breath taking. But if he called her when he was crying I think it's only fair to write a scene where she calls him while she's crying.


December 17, 2018 3:11 pm  #14

Re: Truth or Dare

You’re absolutely right! I didn’t even think about writing a scene where she calls him. I will write that scene ASAP.

Still, by the clock's revolution each hour,
I dissolve into tears about ev'ry half hour.
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December 26, 2018 6:37 am  #15

Re: Truth or Dare

[Alas, it is finally here! A new chapter of Truth or Dare, as you guys requested! :D Sorry for the prolonged absence--my finals went well, but a few other things happened that kept me really busy. I'm glad to say that I'm back, though.

This chapter is 100% build-up, but there will be an amazing crying scene in the next chapter. Anyway, enjoy!]


I sit up taller in my bed. There's definitely something wrong, based on the tone of Kylie's voice. I hop out of bed and pat my pocket to make sure I have my car keys. I do. "Kylie, what's wrong?" I try to sound calm.

"My parents--" Kylie manages to choke out before a sob prevents her from speaking.

I run out of my bedroom, grabbing my shoes from the floor as I do. "I'm coming. Where are you?"

She sniffles. "In the old park, near the water fountain."

I toss on my coat, careful to keep my phone to my ear. All I can hear is Kylie's ragged breathing. Catching the eye of Tyrell--who's standing near the stove, confused--I wave goodbye to him. "Hang on, Kylie. I'll be there within five minutes. Please don't hang up."

"I won't." Kylie's voice is weak.

I speed all the way to the old park and park my car sloppily by the curb, not caring if I get a ticket. Hopping out of my car, I sprint to the fountain. It doesn't take long before Kylie is in sight--she's sitting on a bench near the water fountain. I thank God that I ran in Track and Field in high school. It only takes me fifteen seconds to get there.

A little out of breath, I kneel in front of Kylie's slumped figure and gently take hold of her hands. They feel as cold as icicles.

"Come here," I say, helping Kylie stand up. She shivers violently from the cold, so I put my arm around her shoulders.

"Thanks," she murmurs, teeth chattering.

"Don't mention it. Let's get you home." I lead her to the safety of my car and help her get in the passenger seat.

I drive to her dorm, stealing glances at her every now and then. She's visibly holding back tears--they're clinging onto her lower eyelids like burrs cling to a fuzzy sweater. I reach out and hold her hand, which is still incredibly cold. I rub slow circles with my thumb, willing her hand to get warmer. Willing her beautiful, violin-playing fingers to get warmer.

It doesn't take very long to get to her dorm. I rush over to her side and help her get out. She stumbles, but I catch her before she can fall. We stay locked in that position--my arms wrapped around her, her hands on my shoulders--until she manages to steady herself. I wrap my arm around her shoulders again, ensuring that she doesn't slip on any patches of ice.

We make it up to her front door, and she fumbles with her keys, trying to find the right one. She finally does, but she begins the struggle of fitting it in the lock. 

"Here," I say. Taking the key from her, I unlock the door and hold it open for her. I give her keys back. She ducks inside, and I follow.

Abby, Kylie's roommate, is lying down on the couch and watching a movie. She takes one look at our faces and sits up quickly, sending popcorn flying. "Uh," she looks in dismay at the popcorn on the floor. "I'll pick that up later. For now, I'm going to go to the library. I won't be back for a while." Abby stands up and walks over to the coat rack. She pulls on a jacket (which probably isn't hers), stuffs her feet into a pair of boots by the door (which are also probably not hers), and leaves. Kylie relaxes a little, but she's still tense.

"Do you want to sit down?" I suggest, already leading Kylie over to the couch. We sit down, and I wait for her to speak first.

Still, by the clock's revolution each hour,
I dissolve into tears about ev'ry half hour.
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January 28, 2019 5:50 pm  #16

Re: Truth or Dare

Hope Azutid is well, she is keeping us (at least me and PrincessLucky) in suspense for over a month waiting for the next chapter.


January 29, 2019 6:25 am  #17

Re: Truth or Dare

I completely agree Amans lacrimae. I'm totally in suspense


May 17, 2020 8:22 pm  #18

Re: Truth or Dare

I don't know what happened to azutid, hope she is alright, do you think anyone should write an alternative pending chapter (the one that was coming up but never did), or should we be patient and wait for azutid to finish it?
Just giving it some thought, as the next chapter seemed very promising.


May 18, 2020 5:37 am  #19

Re: Truth or Dare

I hope azutid comes back. She was an amazing writer and I'm in suspense for the next chapter. Maybe someone else could write an alternate ending until azutid comes back to write her ending.

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May 19, 2020 8:37 pm  #20

Re: Truth or Dare

I hope Azutid is not far from here, Princess_Lucky1731 I'll give it a shot, I know I am not as good as a writer as Azutid, but here goes nothing.

Kylie’s POV

I am still shivering from cold, my clothes are very wet from the snow, Connor guides me to the couch, I slump, still tense from trying to keep the tears inside my eyes and stifle the sobs, but now that Abby has left, I am relaxing, lowering my guard,  I know that I will start crying any second now, even though I don’t like crying, this situation is more than I can handle.

For some reason I still feel tense and cannot fully release, I am still fighting the tears, that honestly, are winning the battle, I can feel them in my eyes, I can barely see anymore, my eyes are brimming with tears, my body is shaking, partly because of my wet clothes and partly because of the pressure I am holding in. I didn’t even notice when Connor took my boots and socks off and brought a white with red stripes sleeveless top, and a pair of baby blue shorts. Connor notices I was not reacting at all, I tried talking but was afraid I would burst in tears if I did, so after an uncomfortable silence, Connor took my jacket away, lifted my arms to remove my sweater and with it my undershirt, immediately putting me on the top he brought from the closet, with that set, he unbuttoned my pants and strongly pulled them down, I barely lifted myself from the couch to allow him to remove them, I was starting to come back to my senses, when I felt his hands caressing my bare thighs when he was raising the shorts up to my waist, the dam broke, all the tears I was barely holding in my eyes and eyelashes escaped and fell fast down my cheeks, I felt the huge, round liquid droplets burn my cold cheeks leaving several warm tracks on my face, I felt I couldn’t resist the pain any longer, I felt a bit self conscious as my face made an ugly expression, my eyebrows tensed, my lower lip curled, I couldn’t even silence my sobs, my whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

Connor, surprisingly, as if everything was under control, as soon as he properly helped me put my shorts on, he went back to sit right next to me, placed his right hand, open on my trembling thigh, leaning partially on it to kiss a tear from each cheek, then my pouty lips. I couldn’t even respond to the kiss, he leaned back a bit, caressed my still shaking thigh, gently moving his hand from my upper thigh to my knee then slowly moving to my inner thigh raising it along all the way to the short seam several times, giving me much needed warmth, while wiping my tear streaked cheeks with his other hand, while I was still loudly sobbing.

He kept caressing my thigh and wiping my tears until sobs subsided, he waited patiently for me to talk, I blurted out what happened with my parents and the tears, without warning, burst out like a waterfall down my face. Connor lifted my leg, from the back of my knee, sat closer to me, he gently wiped my cheeks with both thumbs and gave me a warm hug, I saw my big, round, heavy tears, fall directly from my eyes to Connor’s neck, splashing a bit and rolling down his collarbone, as I felt his fit abs crashing with each of my sobs.

I started to get turned on feeling Connor’s body so close to mine, I bent my knee, rubbing my calf agains his ribcage, I felt him shudder, he broke the hug, smiling at my tear streaked face, I continued rubbing my calf and my thigh on his side.
He grabbed my outer thigh, I felt it jiggle against his hand, and caressed all the way down to my calf, feeling its shape, smoothness, I couldn’t do anything but shudder in excitement, feeling my calf jiggle in his hand. I kissed Connor’s lips, then rubbed my cheek against his, feeling the wetness on my tear streaks transfer to his cheek, as he firmly patted my thigh, making it jiggle like jello once more.

I started undressing Connor, as the occasional tear slipped from my eyes, Connor gently brushed them with his fingers, and we ended up in the couch, naked… (I would continue, but I will respect Azutid’s lines on not going further)


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