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June 15, 2018 8:13 am  #11

Re: Crying Roleplay

Jack saw Maddie and Ronny along with Tori and Kira, both couples approached him and Summer. When they surrounded the couple, Ronny asked: “Jack, can we have a moment with Summer, please?” . Jack was surprised to see them all, he perceived something was not right by the tone of voice, he had no choice but to agree to the demand, Jack firmly patted Summer’s thigh, turned to see her in the eyes and squeezed her thigh as he told her he would be nearby. Summer was nervous but she nodded affirming. When Jack left, Maddie told Summer to double check her feelings, and told her about her feelings for Ronny. Summer thought about it, and felt Jack was the one she wanted to be with.
Tori went out for Jack and brought him back in, she escorted him to stand in front of Summer, Kira told Summer about Lily having feelings for her. Summer was confused, having shared a lot with Lily, bar ely knowing Jack, the issue with Maddie, she hesitated.
Jack felt he was losing her, and for the first time he acknowledged this was not losing a girl, it was losing “the” girl. He wanted to say what he felt but knew he might break, but he would not resist losing the girl of his life. Jack said to summer, straight in the eyes: “I love you, for real”, as tears slowly started to fill his eyes. Summer saw this came from the heart and was shaken, she took both of Jack’s hands in hers as tears quickly filled her beautiful blue eyes. Jack felt relieved for letting out what he felt, but at the same time ashamed because he had never cried in public before, less in front of a group of beautiful girls. The girls stood breathless waiting for Summer’s reaction. Summer held Jack’s hands firmly for a little while, Jack, unable to keep his tears at bay and unable to wipe them, he allowed his tears to fall unchecked. Summer was in shock as she had never seen a man cry, less over her, she was overwhelmed by his love, her cheeks turned red and the dam broke as she approached Jack and kissed his tears under his eyes, then gave him a kiss on the lips. Jack felt his hands were released and a hand on his waist pulled him firmly close to Summer.
When the kiss ended Jack felt loved and aroused, he never expected that to happen, nobody had ever wiped his tears, he never imagined a beautiful girl would kiss his tears, as Summer returned to her position, Jack saw her tear stained face with tears still marking several streaks on her cheeks. He couldn’t resist, he approached and kissed under her eyes as well as a couple more tears from her cheeks, tenderly wiping the remaining tears with the back of his index and middle fingers, leaving no trace of tears.
The girls were stunned, could not believe what was happening, when Jack pulled Summer next to him, and they went out of the coffee shop.

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November 22, 2018 2:34 pm  #12

Re: Crying Roleplay

The four girls looked at each other their faces glistening with streaming tears.

"Someone needs to tell Lily." Maddie said wiping her cheeks.

"We will." Tori volunteered. Her and Kira wiped their tears away and hand in hand left the restaurant.

Ronny wiped her cheeks free of tears and together she and Maddie left together walking hand in hand back to the hotel.

"I have to edit my film." Maddie said to Ronny. "Are you going to be okay." Ronny nodded and the couple shared a kiss before they separated, Maddie going upstairs and Ronny going into the lounge to read a book.

She selected one off the shelf, unzipped her boots and sat down on the nearby sofa her legs tucked up beneath her.

She became so ingrossed in a motor racing thriller called 'Chequered Flag' she completely lost track of time. Her head was starting to hurt with her hair tied back so she started to undo it. But she got it tangled up as she slowly undid her updo.

Luckily a pair of warm hands tenderly untangled it and dropped her now loose hair round her shoulders.

"Thanks Maddie." she said.

"Sorry, it's only me." Ronny looked with an angry scowl at the figure of Jack.

"I knew it." Ronny spat. "You were just leading us on."

"Actually I'm not." Jack told her. "I DO love Summer, and she is the girl of my dreams. Wish I could say that Maddie is yours though."

He paused for dramatic effect before continuing.

"Do you know what I'm thinking about Ronny." he said. "That day at the hotel when you apologised for being angry at me the night before. It was such a shame you ran off, why was that?"

Ronny's eyes filled with tears again, but she was determined not to let them fall.

"I love Maddie, not you." she told Jack. "Don't speak to me again." She picked up her boots, threw her book back on the shelf and left the lounge

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December 16, 2018 2:55 pm  #13

Re: Crying Roleplay

Ronny pressed the button to go up in the lift and got in

After pressing the button to ascend to the floor that Syd was staying she put her boots back on inwardly fuming at Jack.

She was also worried about what would happen to Summer. Would Jack force her to leave her friends by poisoning them against her. She wished she knew what he was planning.

Syd was equally worried when Ronny explained what had transpired

"I'll keep an eye on him." she said. "Don't worry, Summer will be fine"


Kira and Tori had reached Lily's room but were dreading the meeting with Lily which was sure to be a bad one.

"We have to tell her" Tori eventually said. Kira nodded and the two girls knocked on Lily's door

They took no joy in Lily's tear filled eyes when they opened the door and sat down in her room. Not wanting to prolong the agony they both gave her Summer's decision.

Lily immediately stood up and wrenched open her bedroom door and went off in search of Summer. She found her outside of the hotel.

She tried to say 'is it true', to confirm what Kira and Tori had told her but the words didn't come. The tears did though flowing down her face like rain.

To make matters worse Jack arrived and tried to stop her but Lily just told him to 'shut it'

She wiped her tears away and without preamble kissed Summer on the lips.

"Hey." Jack said very annoyed

"You'd better take care of her if you want to keep her." Lily hissed at him

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December 16, 2018 6:55 pm  #14

Re: Crying Roleplay

Jack stood furiously staring at Lily which, after kissing Summer, turned and walked away, leaving Jack and Summer at the entrance of the hotel. Summer was shocked trying to process what just happened, Jack walked her to a nearby bench and sat her down, he searched for her gaze and asked her what would happen next.

Summer burst into sobbing, tears fell fast down her smooth cheeks leaving several traces that showed which path the tears followed, her voice went high pitched and broke, and her whole body started shaking.  Jack caressed her hair while sitting down next to her, he placed and arm around her, feeling her lungs trembling and leaned towards her placing his other hand on her jiggling thigh feeling it jiggle against his hand, and kissed a tear under the middle of her eye, kissing along the tear streaks.

People started staring at them (Summer was sobbing loudly), when Jack noticed, and seeing that Summer was incapacitated, he lifts her in his arms feeling his hand sinking in her soft thigh muscles and her back still shuddering. Summer reacts placing her arms around his neck and turns to see him. When their eyes meet, he kisses her tears while he takes her to his car.

Once in the car, Jack caresses Summer’s last tears with the back of his index and middle fingers from her beautiful face and turns to see her in the eyes, with a questioning look...

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July 2, 2019 3:08 pm  #15

Re: Crying Roleplay

Summer's tears are finally subsiding, her sobs less frequent and less intense, her body gradually stops trembling. Jack is driving towards his apartment, one hand on the steering wheel, his other hand resting on her still jiggling thigh (the motor vibration and the small bumping of the car on the streets is making her thighs jiggle), while Jack wonders what Summer's answer will be, anxiousness building as he gets closer to his apartment.

After a few minutes they finally arrive to Jack's place, his anxiousness at peak level as Summer is still in silence.

Jack slowly removes his hand from Summer's thigh and gets out of the car, walking to open the door for Summer, offering a hand to help her down. She takes his hand, her eyes looking down, not meeting his.

They get into the apartment and Jack guides Summer to a small two person couch, Summer takes a seat and Jack follows. He looks at her straight into her eyes, she raises her beautiful blue eyes and looks at him. Jack is frightened to ask her where her heart is, fearing the answer is not him.

Summer is still in silence, encouraging him to take the lead. With a knot in his stomach and his throat tightening, he gathers the courage to ask her if she loved him as much as he loved her. Her eyes quickly filled with tears and overflowed, a single tear fell simultaneously from the middle of each cheek, leaving a thin, shiny, single tear streak that went all the way from her eyes, down her cheeks, and without taking the natural turn on her chin, went straight down her neck.

Jack was extremely nervous, as this did not say anything to him, even though she looked stunning with tears on her beautiful face he did not dare to wipe her tears.

Thinking the worst, Jack felt so bad, he had never felt like this in his entire life, he couldn't control tears from surfacing, filling his eyes to the brim, Jack was trying with all his will not to let them spill over. Summer definitely noticed Jack was about to break, she gathered courage and her heart had won over her brain, the decision was taken: "Jack, even though I don't feel stability with you, my heart is yours, I can't explain how I fell in love with you in such a short time, but I made a choice, I'm taking the adventure with you". As she was finishing, her voice broke and faltered, as tears streamed like rivers down her face, there were so many tears that a single streak was not enough for all of them. Jack felt a sudden shock when he heard and a great relief, he didn't know how to handle it, he was un awe seeing Summer's face with at least three streaks of fresh tears, continually made anew, he couldn't move to wipe them.

Jack was frozen with those new feelings, he couldn't keep it any longer, he broke down sobbing as wave after wave of tears rushed down his cheeks, leaving behind several trails of thick, big, round tears down each side of his nose, the inner middle of his cheeks close to the previous one, another simmetrically down the middle of his cheeks, a close one towards the outer part of his cheeks and when he blinked, a new stream flowed from the outer corner of each eye. Had his tears chosen a new path, he would have been completely wet with tears and single streaks would not have been visible.

Summer's face was so soaked in tears, that there wasn't a spot that was not wet, she leaned to wipe Jack's tears from his eyes, he felt goosebumps (nobody had ever wiped his tears), smiled and wiped her face in response. They started kissing each other's tears and wiping the rest, until the kisses turned into something more. Summer started caressing Jack's body, his face, his arms, went to his back. He respondes to her caresses deepening his kisses, caressing her face from under her eyes to the earlobes wiping the last tears from her cheeks, went to her back, lifting her blouse to caress her skin, went forward to her abs, caressed her waist sliding his hands down to her hips, then lower to her beautiful soft thighs, Jack grasped her left outer thigh with his hand, feeling his fingers dig in her soft silky skin and her tender muscles give in to the pressure of his hand,at the same time he grabbed and lifted the right thigh from the back, feeling her muscles spread to her inner and outer thigh, she responded placing her legs bent on his lap.

Jack felt her response and lustfully brought his left hand to Summer's calf and delighted in it feeling its shape, softness, finally jiggled it. Summer was getting more aroused second by second, and insinuated she was almost ready for intercourse. Jack slid His hand from her calf to her inner thigh, giving it a gentle pat and squeezing it, resting his hand there. She started to take off her shorts, when, unexpectedly, Jack stopped her hands lifting the thumb that was on her inner thigh, and told her: "I want this to be forever, so I have to make it right, let's wait until we make it formal, then we'll delight in each other". Summer was surprised and felt her heart leap full of love.

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August 31, 2019 4:49 pm  #16

Re: Crying Roleplay

Jack and summer spent the rest of the day together, when the sun set, Jack took Summer to her place and said it was time for him to say goodbye, Summer put a pouty face and asked, with a beautiful voice, him to stay overnight. Jack hesitated and told Summer "I didn't think I'd end up here, I don't have anything to wear for the night". Summer went and brought him a large tshirt and said "hope this will do, I would really love your company tonight".

Jack: "I guess I can stay in the couch".
Summer: "I'll go change and be right back.
Summer came back wearing an orange extra large tshirt that barely covered her upper thighs. Jack could not avoid fixing his eyes on her nicely shaped, jiggling thighs.

Summer: "Thank you for staying, would you come and hold me in bed for a few minutes?

Jack: "I'd love to even sleep with you, but I guess cuddling a little is fine.

Jack and Summer went to bed and chatted for a while, when it was becoming late Jack hugged Summer until she fell asleep, he caressed her thighs in gentle movements, up and down from her outer thighs to her inner thighs, going further down to her calves in the same way, finally kissing her temple, then her thighs, leaving a trail of kisses from her thigh to her calf, leaving for the couch afterwards.

The next morning, Summer woke up early and found herself alone in bed, she expected Jack to have stayed, she thought he left, her eyes started to fill with tears.
She went to the living room, finding, to her surprise, that Jack was, with the tshirt she lent him and a pair of boxers, asleep in the couch. The emotion of him staying with her rushed from her gut to her eyes, filling them to the brim. She carefully, trying not to wake Jack up, leaned towards him to admire his facial features, when unexpectedly a couple of tears fell from her eyes and splashed on his face. She instantly got up and Jack woke up feeling his face wet.

Jack was thinking what could have wet him, when he focused his eyes and saw Summer with tears coursing silently down her beautiful face.
He lifted himself and, without a word brought his hand to her face and, very slowly and lovingly, wiped her tears with his fingers, sliding them from the inner corner of her eyes to the outer corner.
Summer stood silently for a moment, noticing how good it felt when Jack wiped her tears, it was not the first time, but it was the first with no rush or pressure to do or say something. Without thinking too much she said: "Thank you Jack for wiping my tears".

Jack was stunned, he never expected this to happen, he was so happy that he kissed Summer's tear streaks until there was not a track he didn't kiss.

Summer got an unusual feeling between comfort and getting aroused. She responded wiping the tears she shed on Jack's face from his face kissing along the streaks left when Jack got up and the tear ran down his cheeks.

Jack couldn't deal with these strong emotions and responses, His legs faltered and he sat back on the couch. Summer sat right next to him, placing a thigh on his thigh, Jack was definitely crazy in love with this girl, he closed his eyes and dropped his hand on her thigh resting on top of him, feeling her warm skin, her tender quads, her scent, all of her invaded his senses. They spent the rest of the sunday together.


September 8, 2019 12:20 pm  #17

Re: Crying Roleplay

Taylor paced up and down her living room. Her employee had missed his scheduled update and this was unacceptable. She was a blond girl and dressed in the same outfit that Sydney and the other girls had worn to the birthday meal

Her dress had white stripes and her blond hair was tied back with a jumbo clip.

She sat down in her sofa and picked up her phone. She played with a boot zip as she waited for her call to be answered.


"Jack." Taylor said curtly as her eyes filled with tears of anger.

"Yes" Jack replied in acknowledgment.

"How are things progressing."

"It's coming together." Jack told her vaguely.

"You haven't been doing anything stupid have you." Taylor asked him as a single tear made it's unobtrusive track down her right cheek. "Like falling in love for instance."

Jack was silent for a moment before telling Taylor he had everything under control and he wouldn't let her down.

"See that you don't." Taylor told him abruptly. She hung up and closed her phone case with a snap as two more tears fell lightly down her face dripping off her chin.

She was taking revenge against Sydney and her pals for not including them in their group. She'd always felt like an outsider and it was time to make them pay.


Back at the hotel Tori and Kira and Maddie and Ronny were waiting for Syd to come back from talking to Lily.

She'd been sitting in the grounds not talking to anyone and this was making the girls upset and angry.

"I'm so sick of crying!" Kira said wiping away her running tears.

"Me too." Ronny declared tears running down her cheeks.

Tori and Maddie silently wiped their faces too and waited for Syd to come back and report.

"She can't bare not being with Summer." Syd told her friends her eyes filling with tears. "She's gone to get her back from Jack."

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October 8, 2019 1:42 pm  #18

Re: Crying Roleplay

Jack's phone rang, it was Taylor, who asked him "how are things progressing", without a thought Jack answered "it's coming together". When Taylor asked Jack if he had fallen in love, he hesitated, but eventually said he had everything under control.

For the first time in his life, Jack thought breaking his word and  not fulfill his duty, he remembered how he brushed a tear from Summer's face for the first time, her beautiful legs on the beach, the first time he patted her thigh, when she kissed his tears in front of her friends then he wiped her tear streaked cheeks, and the most recent, when she wiped his tears the he kissed her tear stained face, leading Summer to want to be with him forever, and the last memory of Summer's soft thigh over his thigh, he felt like heaven when her skin met his.

Even though Jack was a player and knew how to seduce girls, this one was different for him, it was unique.


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