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February 2, 2019 4:59 am  #21

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman’s POV:

As hot tears burn my skin I get lost thinking what just happened, I had never seen a woman so strong, so fast, perfect technique... as I am lost in thought I feel a pair of strong hands on my shoulders, ashamed knowing it’s not Mera anymore, I raise my eyes and see Arthur’s concerned gaze, which makes tears rush like a wave reaching the beachfront, I felt my face getting warmer as I felt my tears overflowing my eyes and slowly, as if not wanting to fall down my cheeks marking several trails, leaving streaks all the way down from my eyes to my chin and some even rolled down my neck being stopped by my shirt.

Feeling Arthur’s hands on my cheeks brought me back to the present, I feel his cold hands cup my face as he slowly slides his thumbs from the inner corners of my eyes all the way to my ears, wiping some tears and clearing my cheeks from the tear stains. I felt embarrassed and lowered my gaze.

I hear footsteps, I hope no one else comes, I wouldn’t like to have anybody seeing me cry. I tilt my head downwards and to the right, feeling tears rolling in different ways down my face, I smell the scent of Kal and breath relieved it was him, I lift my face to meet his eyes as, not surprisingly, he tenderly wiped my tear streaked face. Feeling his hands caressing my face felt like a mix of comfort, arousal, protected and, sensing Arthur‘s and Mera’s gaze, embarrassment and shame.

Seems like Kal read my mind, he gave a look at Arthur and Mera and unexpectedly lifted me like a princess, I just felt my tired quads sink in his fingers and my calves shake like jello against his hand. As soon as he walked out of the room he flew me back home, I got extremely aroused when he kissed a couple of stray tears as soon as they left my eyes.

He landed at the doorstep and I told him where the keys were, he unlocked the door and placed me on the couch, sitting under my legs, I stay in the same position for a couple of minutes, waiting for him to make a move, he doesn’t, so, I lift my upper body and slide next to him, bending my legs but still on his lap. I felt him hesitant for a moment, but he understood my body language.

He started caressing my calf with one hand, carefully feeling it, its shape, its consistency, I turn to see him in his eyes and couldn’t avoid a smile. He became more confident and squeezes my calf and slides his hand through my calf stopping at the back of my knee, I playfully trap his hand between my calf and my thigh, he gives me a questioning look and I nod affirming. Kal expertly  slides his hand to my inner thigh and surprised me by gently patting it (I should start getting used to it), after a couple of seconds (seems he really enjoys making my thighs jiggle) he reached with both hands my shorts and lowers them to my knees. I react immediately by removing my legs from his lap and planting them on the ground to take my boots off, I never stopped seeing him, at this moment he stared at my legs, which jiggled at the strong impact with the floor, with this momentum I got up and finished removing my shorts and go straight to Kal and remove his shirt then unzip his pants.

Kal raises his lower body to remove his pants and underwear, I can see he is very aroused by now. I slowly stand with his legs inside and my legs a little spread, outside. I start to slowly straddle him (I am sure he will love to feel my thighs against him), at first the contact is gentle, I can feel my quads very hard as they tense to keep me in that position, I feel Kal trying to grasp my outer thighs, which he is only able to caress as they are extremely firm, and my adductor muscles caressing his quads.

As intercourse continues, I start moving faster and stronger, our bodies clashing with force, I can see his face, he is smiling as I feel my adductors jiggle as they encounter his hips as well as my outer thighs giving in, jiggling against his hands and his fingers cleaving my now soft muscles. Suddenly, he holds a tight grip against my jiggling vastus lateralis and biceps femoris (outer thigh muscles) and lifts me to position me laying my back on the couch. This time he shifts position, he kneels in front of me, raises my legs by grabbing my calves, shaking his hands making my calves jiggle all over, at the same time as my inner thighs jiggle with the strong contact of his hips. My heartbeat is raising, my breath as well, I am flushing as I feel about to lose control. At that moment Kal strongly grasps my jiggling quads and I place my calves on his shoulders, which started bouncing immediately , I felt my calves and thighs jiggle like jello as I climax hard, I feel a very strong emotion that the only thing I can do is allow tears to roll unabashedly and unchecked down my cheeks.

After what seems like a moment, I shift my body on top of Kal’s, feeling his strong chest against my breasts, and as tired as I was, I felt goosebumps when Kal kissed my tears from my face and lovingly wiped the tear streaks left. After that rush of emotions we both fall asleep.

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March 31, 2019 5:20 pm  #22

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Arthur Curry's POV:

I see Kal approaching and, without need of words, we see each other and I understand that he is taking care of Diana from this moment on, so I step away. I can feel Mera staring at me, I go next to her, and when Kal lifts Diana's face and wipe her tear stained cheeks, I feel Mera's hand grasp my hand, then, when Kal lifted and carried Diana away, Mera pulled me to face her and took my other hand in her free hand, I can see she is in shock at what she had just witnessed, she had never seen Diana like this, her emotional meltdown left Mera very sensitive.

We lock eyes, I can see her astonishing deep blue eyes slowly fill with tears, we have been together for a while and, never had I seen her shed a tear, Mera tightens the hold on my hands as her eyes brim with tears, I feel the need to caress her cheeks but she won't let go of my hands, so I kiss her cheekbone. I felt more shocked than I already was, her face completely transformed, her pale cheeks flushed, her chin wrinkled a bit, her bottom lip bulged and her eyes, that were swimming full of tears, blinked, sending torrents of tears rapidly down her beautiful cheeks, leaving several tracks as they smoothly glided on her skin.

Once more, seeing her tear streaked face, I felt like I had to take care of her tears but, as my hands were still firmly held by her, I decided to kiss her tear tracks, as I approach my lips to her cheek to kiss her cheek, another tear fell fast where I kissed it, as I kept my lips on her cheek, tasting the saline liquid, another tear quicky fell on my lips. This had Mera over the edge, she started sobbing, her whole body was shaking and wave after wave of tears raced down her face, her hands released mine and she hugged me tight while resting her cheek in the crook of my neck. I hugged her tight with one arm, placing my hand between her shoulder blades, feeling her slim body shudder against mine, while with my other hand I gently wiped the tears from the eye that wasn't dripping my neck.

When I wiped the first tear, I felt her briefly tense, then relax in my arms as her sobs became more audible. I hugged her tighter for a second, then broke the hug and looked at her face, she looked completely helpless, her deep blue eyes like pools brimming with tears, her cheeks looked like a map with at least five paths of trailing tears on each cheek, her lower lip trembling and pouty. Seeing her like this breaks my heart and at the same time arouses me. I take a good look at Mera, saving her face in my memory, and tenderly wipe her tear streaked face with my fingerpads then gently wiping the paths of tears with the back of my fingers.

Fresh torrents of tears rushed down her face, I kissed a tear from each cheek and guided her to take a seat, I sat next to her, placing a hand on the back of her head, caressing her hair, and the other one on her smooth thigh, lovingly caressing it slowly moving my hand from her knee to the upper thigh and back several times. When she started to calm down I patted her slim, toned thigh that trembled a bit with the contact of my hand, and cheered her up, she smiled radiantly and I made sure no tear stains were left on her beautiful face, then we went out of the arena.

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August 14, 2019 7:49 pm  #23

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Superman's POV:

Three months have passed since the tournament, Diana and I have been seeing each other and are becoming closer. This day Diana and I spent our morning exercising together, I wore a royal blue sports tshirt, black running shorts and black with red tennis; Diana is wearing a black tight tshirt that revealed her sexy lower abs when running, bright red running shorts that sway in response to her jiggling thighs, and red with yellow tennis.
After a good workout we went to my apartment to rest, while we were laying on the sofa, we started talking about our childhood. Diana shared a memory that said terrified her to this day, some cultists chased her to offer her in sacrifice to Hecate, as she developed the story her voice faltered and broke every now and then, her nose started to flush, then her cheeks turned pink, I saw her abs lost rhythm, shaking erratically, her neck tensed on and off and her beautiful eyes filled with tears.
The tears surprisingly shined in her eyes defying gravity, as her eyes were filled to the brim, I almost stopped paying attention to her story, waiting to see the first tear to overflow. More than five minutes passed by and Diana finished talking but to my surprise, her tears had not overflowed yet, they were trembling inside her eyes.
It was my turn to share, I started talking about my childhood in Krypton, my family, culture, I felt a bit embarrassed when tears stung my eyes, Diana smiled reassuringly, she looked stunningly beautiful smiling with tears brimming her eyes.
She reacted moving closer, I keep talking about my family, I recognize it still hurts and decide to close this wound, let all out once and for all.

I tell Diana all about it, I feel my throat constrict and a knot in my stomach, and I know I am about to cry. I process my feelings and think the best way to handle this, suddenly, the urge to sob subsides and a sense of calmness takes over me as silent tears overflow my eyes, like cars on a highway, each rolls at a different speed and in different lanes, leaving a couple of streaks behind.
Through blurry eyes I see that finally, a big, round, thick tear overflows her left eye and, gravity does its work, faster rather than slower, the tear caresses the middle of Diana's cheek, leaving a thick tear streak that shines beautiful with the sun. Even though I have seen her cry a couple of times, this is unique, I am stunned in amazement, so much that I forgot I was crying too.
Diana leaned towards me, with her open hand wiped a tear streak from the outer part of my left cheek,  slowly sliding her fingers through my cheek, clearing the streak until the tear was reached. I am starting to like when she lovingly wipes my tears. I raise my hand to wipe her tear, when, at the same time, she leans her free hand on my thigh, causing my relaxed quad muscles to  give in to her weight, feeling her hand sinking. Her movement caused the tears in her eyes to burst out and trail down her face.

I felt a couple of her tears land on my hand as I wiped her first tear streak. We both smiled as we wipe each other's tears. She lowered her gaze and suddenly patted my thigh, I was stunned, nobody had ever made my thigh jiggle, less stare at it. I was still shocked, when Diana placed her cheek on my cheek, mingling our tears.

Diana left her hand on my thigh, moved her face back to stare at me, tears were still falling freely down our faces, we both reacted at the same time, Diana tenderly started wiping my tear streaks as I cleared streak by streak her beautiful face.

When our faces were clear of tears, Diana unexpectedly patted my inner thigh twice, I felt it jiggle against her soft hand. I was getting aroused, and Diana wasn't helping me not to as she knew what she was doing. While her hand was still on my inner thigh I patted her upper thigh and jiggled it, she looked at me with those eyes I can't resist, she playfully lifts her legs and puts them on my lap, I slapped her calves, mesmerized lost seeing them jiggle graciously.

This moment turned into something more romantic and we ended up having intense sex in the sofa, I indulged myself with her legs, while giving her pleasure, while I noticed she enjoyed my hip movement as she got lost indulging herself in my torso.

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October 11, 2019 6:52 am  #24

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Mon El's POV:

I don't know what is messing with my mind, all of a sudden I feel the urge to go back to the 21st Century, I don't know why I am feeling like my old self, I just can't fight it.

I sneak out from Imra and take a ship to go back. As soon as I get there, I feel like I am not controlling my body, I feel like someone else has control over me.

Without knowing why I am going straight to L-Corp, looking for Eve Teschmacher, which I had no trouble finding, as the stunning beauty of Eve is hard to not notice.

She was wearing a sleeveless blue tweed dress which revealed her soft but well shaped legs. I looked at her in the eyes, hinting her that I wanted her. She read my eyes and started walking, I followed from a distance until she entered a room with a sofa and a table in it.

I couldn't stop myself and rushed to her side, holding the back of her head with one hand, bringing her for a kiss, while my other hand went for her lower back.

She responds to the kiss very passionately, while I have mixed feelings about this, she is an extremely beautiful girl, but I love Kara. While I think this as we kiss, she lifts her leg to me drawing me to the sofa. I instinctively let myself fall on the sofa and firmly gripped her well formed thigh, feeling her vastus lateralis and her quads jiggle with the sudden contact and give in to my fingers cleaving her soft muscles, as well as her silky warm skin.

Eve opens her eyes wide when she felt my hand on her thigh, immediately replaced by a wide grin and a fast movement of her hands unzipping my pants and mounting over me. I don't know if she wan't wearing underwear or if she removed it, but as soon as she mounted, she expertly became physically one with me and started bouncing rhythmically her  body, as she was supporting on back of the sofa.

Seeing her chest bounce with the rhythm and feeling her thighs jiggle when she clashed with my hips, I got lost in my senses and without thinking I slapped and kept my hands on her rear end, feeling it respond like a canon to the jiggling thighs. She started moving faster and I switched my hands from her rear to her outer and posterior thighs, feeling her jiggly muscles push my hands out, I noticed Eve was about to reach climax, I grasped her upper inner thighs for control, but her jiggle kept bouncing my hands.

I felt her tense as the orgasm builds in her.  I was starting to get there when I felt her thigh muscles tense, then I lost concentration when I saw Imra, who enters wearing very short black spandex shorts and a midnight blue top that revealed her abs. Her expression sad and her eyes starting to fill with tears...

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December 11, 2019 6:52 pm  #25

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Mon El's POV:

I quickly slide off Eve's legs, lifting her calf to make space to get out briefly squeezing it, she noticed I was not staying with her and her eyes instantly filled with tears that, before I got up, started to run down her smooth cheeks. Even though my heart was with Kara and my mind on Imra, I couldn't leave without giving Eve a little comfort, so I kissed a teardrop from the middle of her cheek, while clearing a tear streak from her other cheek with my thumb, from her eye to her chin. Her eyes watered more as she smiled, when I was about to get up, I looked at her eyes reassuringly and gave her inner thigh a gentle pat squeezing it softly before leaving.

I rushed out looking for Imra, who I found in a solitary area of the building, sitting against the corner of a wall, with her knees bent and her hands covering her face. I stood next to her, she did not react, I gently touched her knees, she straightened her legs, avoiding my touch, as a last effort I tried to remove her hands from her face, but she resisted, so I let her be and left.

I was struggling with my mind that was being controlled as I was trying to force my will to go with Kara. I set my way to the DEO, finding it hard to keep my steps in that direction, I was mentally tired when I reached the DEO building and Alex met me.

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February 8, 2020 6:30 pm  #26

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman's POV:

Kal and I are becoming closer in a way I did not expect to, I think I am falling in love with him, the last few months have been a roller coaster, we have laughed, cried, travelled to the countryside, we have gotten to know each other deeper.

Today we are at a running track besides the gym, considering the purpose of this morning I picked a corresponding outfit, a tight, black tshirt, my favorite red running shorts and a pair of red with yellow stripes running tennis shoes that matched my shorts.

As we were running I noticed how Kal was looking at me, his eyes went from my abs, which I noticed were exposed while running, to my thighs, which I know he loves, seldom looking elsewhere.

After a couple of hours spent between the track and the gym, we went back to his apartment to rest. We decided to get to know about each other's past, so I started telling him when a cult tried to kill me, I thought I had left that in the past, but I still have to overcome it, my voice broke a few times, my breathing  pattern changed, I felt a knot in my throat and I felt tears filling my eyes. I refrained myself from crying yet in order to not lose attention, I wanted him to listen more than comfort me.

When I finished sharing I made an extra effort to keep my tears at bay and, with very blurry vision caused by the almost overflowed dam, I asked Kal to talk about his parents. I noticed how Kal has not overcome the loss of his parents, his abs shaked as if he was about to sob, his throat tensed as if trying to dissolve the knot that was noticeable, and his beautiful eyes started to fill with tears. His abs relaxed and the knot was loosed as tears silently started to overflow from his eyes like thin raindrops, first one rolled from the inner corner of his left eye following his nose, then suddenly from the middle of his right eye another small teardrop raced down his cheek leaving a thin streak behind.

Until then I hadn't moved to avoid my tears from falling, but I leaned my left hand on his thigh, which surprisingly gave in, in previous encounters I felt his thighs rock hard, this time It felt more "human" to say in a way. When I moved to lean my hand on his thigh as my right hand reached his left cheek and wiped a thin tear streak from the outer corner of his eye, slowly caressing his cheek all the way down at the height of his lips, where I reached the tear, I felt an unusual big tear overflowing down the middle of my left eye caressing my cheek as it fell down fast all the way down to my chin, where Kal saved it from falling with the back of his index and middle fingers, tenderly brushing the streak from my cheek with his thumb.

For some reason I cannot get used to Kal wiping my tears, I still get a thrill, I love when he does it, feeling his fingers wiping my tears made me shed more tears which ran down my face. We continue wiping each other's tears, I can feel he likes when I wipe his tears, we both smile and I feel a warmth inside, I felt the impulse to pat his thigh, which I didn't refrain, I lowered my gaze for a second as I patted his thigh, I noticed he was stunned when I made it jiggle, to make this a less awkward moment I leaned my cheek on Kal's cheek, mingling our tears as they were still falling freely down our faces.

After a couple of seconds I moved my face away and look at him, seems we have the same thing in mind as we wiped each other's tears. Feeling Kal's fingers gently caressing my face as he makes sure to clear all the streaks left by the tears made me feel the impulse to strongly grasp his thigh and pull him on top of me, I limited myself to, after I finished wiping his tears and the few streaks left, pat his inner thigh, thinking if he felt the same surge of desire when he shakes, squeezes and jiggle my thighs. Well, I decide to make this a field investigation, I swiftly lift my legs and place them on his lap, letting him know my legs are for his pleasure, as I expected, he patted my calves as he stared seeing them jiggle from the outer part to the inner back and forth.

This was definitely turning into something more and we started making out, I noticed he was very focused on my thighs and calves and, even though I love his chiseled chest, I was more conscious of his thighs as he swayed back and forth, his quads felt hard as rock when they clashed with the back of my thighs and his hands gently controlling the jiggle of my inner thighs as my hands cleaved in his now soft posterior thighs.

The next day we get a reminder or Bruce's wedding, which we confirm assistance to.

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