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Roy's phone rings.
Roy: “Hello”.

Lana: (voice breaking) “Roy, my dad was involved in an accident” (sob).

Roy: “How bad is it?

Lana: “He might not live” (At the end of the phrase her voice wavered).

Roy: “I’m going to meet you, don't go anywhere”. Roy goes running to Lana's house, not longer than five minutes, he is at the front yard,where he sees Lana through the window, he sees her long, reddish brown hair, tied in a pony tail, a nice, white top, cute pink, mid-thigh shorts. I dash to the door and knock fast and hard.Lana's sister, Melissa open the door, gesturing me to come in.

Roy: I see Melissa's face, it is tear stained, from her looks she has been crying long and hard, as there are around three or four streaks on each cheek. I go to Lana's side, softly touching her shoulder, letting her know I am there for her, for them, since I started dating Lana I’ve become quite fond of all her family.

Lana: I turn around to face Roy, tears streaming down my face, I can feel tears coursing down in several streams down my cheeks, without thinking, I throw myself in Roy's arms and started sobbing.

Roy: I hold her strongly in my arms, feeling her body tremble in my embrace. I comfort her soothing her hair, telling her everything will turn out ok, encouraging her to let it all out, she is safe crying with me.After a few minutes, we break the hug. 

Lana: I meet Roy's eyes allowing my tears to fall unchecked down my cheeks.

Roy: Seeing her tear streaked face, I feel a knot starting to form in my guts, I force my feelings to the back of my mind, this moment I’m supposed to comfort my girlfriend. Seeing Lana not making any effort to wipe her tears, I gently brought my hands to her face and gently wiped her tears, clearing her face from any signs of crying. Lana gives me a smile.

Lana: “Thank you Roy, for coming so quickly, I really needed you to hold me and wipe my tears, I'll never forget it”. Mom comes in with news from the hospital: “Lana, Melissa, I just spoke with the doctor, he sees very low possibilities of recovery”. (She starts lightly crying).

Roy: I can see Melissa come next to us, to be in close to my mother in law, when she heard the message she broke down sobbing as fresh tears coursed down her already stained cheeks, I gesture her to come to my arms, she comes to me “Here Mel, you’re safe here” I tenderly wipe her tear streaked face with my thumbs, from the inner corner of her eyes to the outer corner, then she leans her head on my shoulder. “Ms Chiarello, would you like me to take you to the hospital so the girls can see their father? I can take you there then go pick up father Michael”. Both, Lana and Melissa half smile at the idea of seeing their father, so I decide to take them.
At the hospital.

Dr. Jayden: Hello Ms Chiarello, hello girls, Mr Chiarello is delicate but he is conscious, you’ll be able to see him in 40 minutes.

Roy: “Thank you doctor, if I may, I will go for a priest”.

Dr Jayden: “That’s fine young man, you may bring him but not all can go in at the same time.

Melissa: “Mom, I think father Michael should go in first, in case (her voice faltered and the last word sounded wavy)…(a couple of tears fall down the middle of her cheeks)

Lana: “I agree (goes next to Melissa and wipes her tears with the palm of her hands) Mel, it’s ok, let’s be positive, dad is strong”.

Roy: Mam’, girls, I am going to pick up father Michael, I’ll be right back, don’t hesitate to call if you need me” (I go to the church to pick up father Michael, when I arrive I take a detour to the prayer group and ask the coordinator to put my father in law in their intentions, she tells me they will all be praying for God’s will to manifest in him and the God glorifies through this situation. “Thanks a lot, it means so much to me, I will take father Michael to the hospital to prepare Mr. Chiarello”. I go to father Michael’s office, he is already waiting for me, as I texted him while at Lana’s home.
We go to the hospital, we made it just in time.

Roy: “Dr Jayden, father Michael.”

Dr Jayden: “Come with me father.”

Roy: The girls start to tear up a bit, I take a handkerchief and wipe a tear from Melissa’s cheek, she smiles and I hand her the handkerchief. “I asked the prayer group to put Mr Chiarello in their intentions, they are praying for him in this precise moment”. A fresh wave of tears streamed down all three of them, I hug Lana, she buries her face in my shirt, we stay like this a couple of minutes, I hold her tight against my chest as she starts sobbing hard but suppressing the sound.

Lana: I pour my sadness, frustration and pent up emotions on Roy, I love how he holds me, I feel safe in his arms, I am starting to feel lighter, less burdened, I break the hug, I feel myself blushing seeing his shirt wet with my tears, I smile at him. “Thanks for all you are doing honey, I don’t think we could ever repay you”.

Roy: ”You don’t have to, Lana, I love you” I see Lana’s face completely wet as she cried in my chest, I kiss the wetness below both of her eyes and slowly wipe the wetness on her cheeks (Melissa got the only handkerchief I brought) “and because I love you, I love your family” Melissa and their mom come closer and hug us.Father Michael comes out of the room. Dr Jayden follows behind.

Dr Jayden: “You may come in, I usually allow only two persons at a time, but if you promise to behave and not make too much noise, you can all go in”.

Roy: “Go ahead girls, I can wait”.

Ms Chiarello: “No, Roy, you have done so much for us, come with us, please”.

Roy: We all go see Mr Chiarello, he is in a very fragile state. I take a hand from Lana and Mel, each with a hand, I squeeze their hands, showing support, hoping they don’t break down crying, my father in law needs hope and support now.After ten minutes Dr Jayden comes and tell us it’s time. We say goodbye, best of wishes, and leave.

Ms Chiarello: “Let’s go eat something, even though I don’t feel hungry doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat”. We go and have a full three time lunch, rest for a while, then go back to the hospital.

Melissa: I am in the copilot seat, mom gets a call from the hospital saying that my dad got in a critical condition, she seems impaired to continue driving, she starts loudly sobbing and she parks in the sideway.

Roy: Ms Chiarello is incapacitated to keep driving, the girls are starting to cry, I start feeling anxious, but try to think, I am the man here, if everybody else is too burdened, I have to carry them. I kiss a tear from under Lana’s eye and place a hand on her thigh, squeezing it to show support, “Sweetie, I’d love to stay by your side and comfort you, but I have to take you back to the hospital. Ms Chiarello come to the back and sit here, I’ll drive you back”.I swiftly drive to the hospital.

Dr Jayden: “He is clinically dead, we are trying to resuscitate him but he is not responding, there is severe brain damage.”

Lana: I feel the world is crumbling upon me, tears are stinging my eyes, trying to break free, I have no will or desire to hold them back, so I allow them to roll unabashedly and unchecked down my cheeks, a waterfall of tears rush down my face in several streams. Roy holds me by my shoulders and look at me, straight in the eyes, I can see my tear streaked face in his eyes, there are so many streaks that one more would not be visible and my face would be completely wet. I feel Roy releasing my shoulders.

Roy: I can’t stand seeing the love of my life crying like this, I feel the urge to comfort her and wipe her tears, I slowly move my face to hers, I kiss a tear from each cheek, following the tear streak all the way up to her eye, kissing her several times, hoping to make her forget, or at least, ease her burden, I lovingly wiped her cheeks, both with my thumbs, the back of my fingers and the pads of my fingers, making sure her dad would not be able to tell she had been crying. I pray to God to make his will and glorify himself in this, and I dare to ask him if he so desires, to bring back my father in law.

Melissa: I can hardly see because of the tears, I take out Roy’s handkerchief to dry my tear streaked cheeks, then we all go to see my dad. Dr Jayden took us there and left us alone with my dad. There are several machines still connected to him.

Ms Chiarello: I see my unconscious husband and I can’t help but sob, I broke down sobbing “Why did this happen to you, can’t you see you are leaving two daughters and a wife behind? We have a lot of things to do still, we have a lot to share, a lot to talk”. My voice breaks and a squeak escapes through my mouth.

Lana: Mom sobbing made Melissa break down too, she started shaking and sobbing as well, she wiped a couple of tears, then found it useless, a river of tears streamed down in several streaks, she decided to allow them to fall unchecked. I turned to her and with the pad of my fingers wiped a couple of tears.

Roy: I feel tears pricking my eyes, I try hard to keep them at bay, I have to stay strong for the girls, I am the only man there to comfort them, but seeing my mother in law sobbing hard, Melissa breaking down as well, Lana is wiping
Melissa’s tears, she eventually broke down sobbing. I held Melissa’s shoulder with one hand and Lana’s with the other, “Girls, we have to have faith, remember that God is with us and, if it’s his will to take Mr Chiarello with him (I feel my voice starting to become wavy), Glory to God (my voice breaks as I feel tears about to overflow my eyes).

Lana: seeing everyone breaking down got into me, it was too much to handle, I turn to Roy, looking for support, to, surprisingly, seeing his eyes to the brim with tears. I broke down sobbing, I think this is the hardest I sobbed as an 18 year old girl. I start sobbing louder, I cling to Roy’s shoulders to avoid faltering as I allow my tears stream unchecked.

Ms Chiarello: I look at Melissa and swiftly wipe a tear from her cheek, then lay on my husband’s body, I can see my tears falling on his face, slowly rolling down his face as if they were his.

Roy: I feel Lana clinging to me, I don’t want to see her like this, she is breaking my heart, I pray to God for a miracle, as I am praying, I feel a tear escape my left eye, I try to raise my hand to wipe it, but Lana is in the way with her arms on my shoulders.

Lana: I feel Roy trying to move, I turn to look up at him, I am shocked, I had never seen Roy crying before, our eyes meet, I see him blushing, his cheeks are becoming red. I am in shock, I don’t know what to do. I allow myself to be myself, I stop thinking and, without hesitating I remove my hand from Roy’s left shoulder and bring it to his face, gently wiping his tear with my thumb. I had never felt that, it’s a mix of love, compassion, satisfaction, arousal? I lost myself in thought for a second, feeling Roy’s hand caressing one cheek then the other, drying my tears brought me back.

Roy: I am overwhelmed, I am in a sensorial override, nobody had ever wiped my tears, I was used to wiping Lana’s tears often, and Melissa’s every now and then, but I had never been in the receiving end, I gently wipe Lana’s tears with my free hand as I surprisingly feel her hand in my face again, this time she caressed from under my right eye to almost my lip, her finger came back wet, I wasn’t aware I was crying. I became self conscious. I get closer to Lana to hug her, when she stops me in the middle, her lips went to both my eyes, kissing me several times. I corresponded the same way, we kissed and wiped our tears, then, all of a sudden…
Ms Chiarello runs outside calling for a doctor, a couple of doctors arrive, mister Chiarello miraculously responded, he opened his eyes, moved his hand and his toes.

Roy: We are all happy crying, I immediately called the prayer group to thank them for praying.

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