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July 26, 2020 6:23 pm  #1

CSI roleplay

"There you go ladies" the waiter said to Lindsey Willows and Morgan Brody as he put their starters in front of them. "Enjoy"

"So where did you find this place?" Lindsey asked her work colleague.

"I have this tradition where I dine in a different place first Tuesday of every month" Morgan explained. "This was one of the few places, I hadn't been"

Lindsey took a bite of her pork sliders and took a look around. Everybody seemed to be having a good time, except for a girl sitting in the booth directly behind Morgan.

She seemed to be alone and judging by the fact that the restaurant staff had enquired several times if she wanted to order and been turned down, she appeared to be waiting for someone.

'A boyfriend or a girlfriend possibly' Lindsey mused to herself. She caught sight of a pair of tears gently glide down the girl's cheeks and dropped her eyes to her plate not wanting to pry.

"So what's it like working with your Mum?" Morgan asked

"Not too bad actually." Lindsey confessed. "We get to see lots of each other, and at least I know now why she was so busy when I was young."

Suddenly there was the sound of breaking glass and a large scream. Lindsey looked up to see a small hole in the window next to the crying girls booth, the girl herself had disappeared from view.

"She's been shot." a sob cried out.

"Everybody under the tables now." Morgan ordered. There was a scramble as everybody did as requested.

Lindsey grabbed her mobile and dialled a number.

"This is CSI Lindsey Willows, I'm at the Entryway restaurant with Morgan Brody. Single shot fired, one fatality."


It didn't take long for the cavalry to arrive. After a few minutes of barked orders from outside, Lindsey and Morgan heard Mitch one of their LVPD colleagues enter the restaurant.

"Linz, Morgan you're all clear."

"I'll get my kit." Morgan said. As Mitch organised the staff and customers Lindsey went over to a waitress who was crying in a corner.

"Is she dead." she said shakily a single tear streaming down her face.

"Yes I'm afraid so." Lindsey told her. Morgan came back in with her forensic kit and the two girls got to work. David Berman arrived to deal with the body.

"Cause of death is no mystery" he said. "Single gunshot to the side of the head. That's not a welcome thing to hear given what happened in Paradise last year."

"Hey Morgan look at this." Lindsey said as she pulled an envelope from the victim's jacket. It was unmarked and unsealed with what appeared to be a card with a single word written on it rather childishly in green crayon

"Patience" Morgan read. She had a thought come to her head.

"Do you remember the film 'That Fateful Night' she asked Lindsey.

"I'll never forget it." Lindsey replied. "Hardly any films make me cry but this one had me in tears on four occasions"

"The lead actress was on Big Brother hijack last month, and her assignment to the house was a cocktail party and the theme was the Contrary Virtues; Patience, Kindness, Humility, Chastity ... I can't remember the others."

"Diligence, Abstinence and Generosity" Lindsey told her, reading the details of her phone. "And that's not all. Every virtue has a deadly sin as it's diammetric opposite."

"Are we talking about a copycat?" Morgan asked her

"Somebody who is a very big fan of Seven." Lindsey replied slightly scared

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