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July 27, 2020 11:13 pm  #1


Jason and Jessica are siblings, he is about to turn 20, she is 17, Jessica is studying performing arts in Tara Performing Arts HS and Jason studies Classics in th UC Boulder campus. They are quite open with each other, they confide everything.

Jason has been dating Rebecca for almost two years now, she is 19, freshman at UC Boulder, she plays tennis and usually rides her motorcycle. She is pretty much an outgoing, outdoors kind of girl, a little bit opossed to Jason, who lives in classical books and music.

Jessica just started seeing a boy from her high school, Dante, who is similar to her brother, intellectual, likes to play chess, would rather read or play music than go to a club or out to the countryside.

Who knows what fate and life experiences lie ahead of these young persons.


July 28, 2020 4:58 am  #2

Re: Siblings

Spring is here, after a hard week at school Jason and Rebecca agreed to spend friday afternoon together, tennis practice took a little longer than expected, as soon as she finished practice, she ran to her motorcycle, not bothering to pick up her backpack and change to everyday clothes. As soon as she could, she arrived at her boyfriend's house, knocking the door. Jason opens surprised to see her, especially like that.
Jason: "Becca, I thought you wouldn't come".
Even though Rebecca is very outgoing, she smiles sheepishly. "Practice took a little longer, that is why I didn't change, I even left my backpack in the locker.
Jason's teenager hormones kicked in, seeing her girlfriend, still a bit sweaty, in her tennis skirt, sitting in the couch, he tried looking discreetly at her athletic legs, it was a trait he liked about Becca, besides her firm breasts, which round shape was well defined in her practice clothing, Jason had never had the courage to at least caress or even touch her legs, less think about her breasts.
After talking for a while, Rebecca regained her breath and managed to rest with Jason, he was still very shy to be straightforward with her.
Rebecca asked: "Honey, would you like to go to the movie theatre this evening?"
Jason loved going to the movies with Becca, they made out during the movie. "Sure Princess, I'd love to, no matter where, wherever you are."
Rebecca went out and got on her motorcycle, Jason's heart started beating, her thighs looked stunningly defined, her muscles flexed, her skirt raised a bit more because of her position, it wasn't the first time he got on with her on the motorcycle, just the first one with her showing that much skin.
He hopped on the back, Rebecca warned him: "Hold on tight, we'll arrive in less than five minutes".
Jason held Rebecca tightly from her waist, noticing he was giving her a hard time breathing, a minute or so afterwards, the bumpy roads on Colorado weren't helping, without thinking, Jason changed his grip from her abs to her thighs, feeling her silky skin on her thighs for the first time in his life. The experience was so intense, that after a couple of minutes feeling her thighs jiggle because of the bad road, he had a "boy accident". When they arrived to the movie theatre, Jason hurried off the motorcycle to try to avoid showing an angle that could embarrass him, fortunately it was getting dark.

The movie is about to start, the theatre goes dark...

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Re: Siblings

That's a great set up. I can picture all the characters. I'm wondering if the movie theater scene will have a bunch of crying? I can't wait for the next chapter.


July 30, 2020 4:02 pm  #4

Re: Siblings

Dante and Jessica waited the whole week to go out, high school has been a lot of work lately. They go out of school, each go to their home to change from school clothes to something more casual. Dante goes and changes to a gray long sleeve t-shirt, denim pants and sneakers, while Jessica chose a yellow plain long sleeve t-shirt, knee length floral skirt and sandals.

Dante: "Jess, you look stunning, mind if I surprise you with an out of this country lunch?".

Jessica: "Thank you Dante, you don't look half bad either, sure, surprise me".

Dante takes Jessica's hand and takes her to the Rincon Argentino, they order assorted empanadas and to drink, yerba mate, after chatting and having fun for a while they finish with an alfajor, which they shared and dulce de leche ice cream. Jessica loved the argentinian taste.

Dante takes Jessica to the movie theatre, which is located in the same Village shopping center. Dante picked Come as you are, Jessica liked the idea of having a good laugh. As they go through the people in the row seats Jessica feels her calf bump with another person's shin, she was a bit surprised feeling her calf jiggle like it did considering she felt a skin as fair as hers, she felt a quite muscular leg, she looked to see the other girl, only to see it is her brother's girlfriend, Rebecca. Jessica apologized and sat next to her, having Dante sit next to her.

Rebecca thought: [I think I know this girl, if it wasn't so dark I could identify her, anyways, she was polite, her voice seems really familiar though.]
Jason didn't notice what happened, he was too busy covering his pants, he was still embarrassed and only hoped the pants dried.

The movie starts, laugh after laugh, both couples laugh so hard, their abs start to hurt. At one point Dante dared to place a hand on Jessica's thigh, Jessica politely took his hand and placed it on the arm rest, keeping her hand on his.

At the funniest point in the movie, Jason was laughing so hard, tears started to roll down his cheeks and he had already forgotten about what happened earlier.
Rebecca turns to see him and thrilled thinks [I had never seen him shed a tear, even from laughter, he looks beautiful, tears enhance his lovely face], she carefully approached her hand to his face wiping a tear with the back of her index and middle fingers, smoothly wiping along the tear streak to just below his eye, turning her hand and cupping his cheek with her thumb, slowly approaching her face to kiss his lips.

Jason became aware of his tears and his whole body shivered, Becca had never wiped his tears before, he got extremely aroused and responded to her kiss passionately, letting himself go, his moral and social boundaries fell as he allowed himself to feel. Jason started caressing Rebecca's face, hair, leaving one hand on her fair face while allowing his other hand to go down on her body, caressing her toned arms, firm abs, well shaped waist, daring even to go lower, firmly grasping her defined thigh, squeezing her inner thigh gently, lifting it closer to him, he slid his hand from her thigh to her shapely calf, feeling it jiggle, gave it a gentle squeeze, coming back slowly the same way across her calf, thigh, waist, abs, arms, finally resting on her cheek.

Meanwhile, Dante thought: [I think I messed up with Jess, it was too early]. He turned to look at Jessica, in awe as he had never seen Jessica with tears streaming unchecked down her cheeks, she was laughing so hard that she didn't bother to wipe her tears that ran all the way to the collar of her t-shirt.

Dante mustered up courage to, hopefully, not mess up again. He cupped her face and wiped several tears from her cheek with his thumb, then closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss a tear streak from her other cheek.

Jessica froze, she never expected Dante to wipe her tears, less so lovingly, her heart skipped a beat, she placed a hand on his thigh and turned to kiss him, the kiss was a mix of sweetness, desire and hope.

Dante responded to the kiss the best he could (high school students are not the most experienced kissers), and he cupped her other cheek, taking care of the rest of her tears.

Eventually the movie was over and the two couples became aware that they were next to each other.

Jason: Hey Jess, guess I'll see you home, don't be late. Dante, take good care of her.

Dante was dumbfounded at the beauty of Rebecca, Jessica noticed and pulled his hand away from them as she replied: "Be sure of it, I'm going straight home".

Rebecca felt she was being looked at and felt between uncomfortable and desired. She mounted on her motorcycle with Jason on her back, the ride home started.

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July 31, 2020 4:13 am  #5

Re: Siblings

I wasn't expecting this chapter to go this way, but I think it was really sweet, nonetheless. <3


August 1, 2020 5:28 pm  #6

Re: Siblings

Jason and Rebecca reached his house in less than ten minutes, they said their goodbyes.

Rebecca: "I'm glad you took the next step, I was hoping you kissed me as passionately as you did and hold my body with desire, I love to know you want me and you love me, both ways, physical and emotional."

Jason: "I guess I didn't think what I was doing, honestly since we were on our way to the movies I had a hard time, literally, refraining myself from touching you without your consent."

Rebecca: "Jason, do you think I wasn't aware of it, I even felt when you spurted out inside your pants, your body was literally against mine."

Jason blushes: "And I was trying to hide it since I got off the bike, halfway through the movie, until you..." Jason's mind wanders in a flashback when Becca wiped his tear.

Rebecca: "Until I what? Until I kissed you?"

Jason: "Yeah, that".

Rebecca: "All right, I guess this is too much to process tonight, see you tomorrow. Love you".

Jason: "I love you too princess, counting the hours."

Jason get inside his home, he was still changing to his sleeping clothes, when Jessica arrived, she slammed the door of her room and started to change to her pajama shorts and top.

Jason: "Hey Jess, I think you came in too strong, stop drinking whatever you are drinking, you don't need to be so strong".

Jessica finished changing, she got madder still at Dante, her brother already noticed she was not ok. Tears start pooling in her eyes as they sting their way outside, she keeps them at bay. A knot forms in her throat and her breathing pattern is starting to get uneven. Knowing she is inevitably going to cry, goes and knocks on Jason's door: "May I come in?" her voice broke.

Jason got worried and rushed to open the door: "What happened Jess?" The tears that were already in Jessica's eyes overflowed, big, thick, heavy tears slowly crawled down Jessica's cheeks, as if clinging trying not to fall, and she threw herself in Jason's arms.

Jason held his sister, still not knowing what happened, all he knew was that she needed comfort, and that is all he needed to know. Her tears were wetting Jason's bare chest as he caressed his sister's hair and rubbing circles in her back, soothing her.

After a couple of sobs Jessica lifted her face to get air, and before she could bury it back in Jason's chest, he cupped her face, taking his time to examine her face and eyes, her eyes were starting to get red and tears were falling down in several streams down her face.

Jason kissed her temple and tenderly wiped his sister's tears, taking his time, he wiped the inner corner with his thumbs, the middle of her cheeks with the back of the index and middle fingers, and the outer corner of her eyes with his palms, erasing the tear streaks from her face. It would be useless because a new wave of tears stained her face, but he knew she felt comforted when he wiped her tears.

He kissed a tear from each of her cheeks, taking her hand, guiding her to his bed: "Come here Jess, sit and let it all out, you'll tell me what happened afterwards".

Jessica seated on Jason's bed, and started to sob louder, Jason put an arm around her shoulders to hold her trembling body when she needed the most, wiping a tear from her cheek with his other hand. She leaned on him and layed her face against his bare thigh, still sobbing and allowing her tears to fall unchecked down her face.

Jason felt sad for his sister, he caressed her hair with one hand, while placing his other hand on her back, feeling her sobs shuddering her body as well as her tears landing on his thigh, rolling down around his thigh until they fell to the floor. This lasted a few minutes, her sobs gradually ceased, her body no longer trembling. When he felt she had calmed down, he took her face in his hands, wiping a few tears, lifted her and faced her.

Jessica managed to say: "Thank you brother for always being here to take care of me when I cry, thank you for holding me, thank you for wiping my tears, thank you for letting me take all my sadness on you."

Jason wiped the remaining tears from her cheeks, she corresponded with a big smile: "You know I'll always be here for you sis, as you are for me, we are always there for each other, never doubt to come to me when you want to, when you need, whatever it is, I'm with you, always." He wiped a stray tear that managed to squeeze from the middle of her eye, patted her thigh, cheered her up and a new sister came out of his room.

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Re: Siblings

Next morning, Jessica is still feeling sad, she doesn't know if she should end her relationship with Dante or forgive him and let it slip. She gets up, goes to the kitchen for a glass of water, and decides to go to her brother's room, she needs someone to hug. Jessica enters Jason's bedroom and slips under the sheet, cuddling him, she puts her arm around his chest and places her thigh on top of his thighs, resting her head on his shoulder.

Jason, still asleep, felt weight on his body, he throws his free hand down to his legs (where he felt the heaviest weight). Jessica felt her relaxed thigh jiggle when Jason involuntarily pat it, this is a gesture he has when he comforts her, her buried emotions awoke and she started to get all symptoms that she would inevitably cry, a knot in her gut slowly rising to her throat, temperature heating her face, tears started to gradually fill her eyes and she had to use all her will to stop the sobs that tried to escape her body, she didn't want to wake up Jason.

Jason felt wetness on his shoulder and a tremble next to him, he woke up, only to see his beloved sister cuddling with him, as she silently cried. He squeezed her thigh, letting her know he was awake, , slowly turned around, making sure he didn't remove her body from his, kissed a couple of tears from her eyes and with the hand on top wiped her cheek, clearing it from the first wave of tear streaks.

Jessica: "Sorry for waking you up, I am having thoughts that are making me extremely anxious, I don't know if I should stop dating Dante because of what happened last night, or I should forgive him and let it slip."

Jason: "What happened last night?"

Jessica: "He flirted with Becca, and it seems she liked it".

Jason: "So this also affects my relationship, I'll talk to Becca about it, don't rush on your decision, if you need to cry more, I'm here for you" I jiggled her thigh, showing her support.

Jessica: I sat on the edge of the bed, placed my elbows on my thighs and covered my face in my hands "How do I stop thinking about this and have a normal day?"

Jason: I sat right next to her, my thigh was against her thigh, I gently take her hands in my hands, remove them from her face, gently wipe her tear streaked cheeks and continue to wipe her tears as they roll down her cheeks. "Jess, give me 1 minute, come with me". As I say this, I gently place my hand on her thigh and jiggle it signaling with my head to go and change clothes.

Jessica: I go grab the first thing available in my drawers, a tank top and denim shorts. "Jason, I'm ready". He comes to my room, takes my by my hand, holds it firmly, and never letting go, he took me to get some ice cream and we walk to a lonely spot in the nearby park.

Jason: We sit on the grass, Jess is eating her ice cream as if nothing was happening, I love when she does that, she is still the my little sister like years ago. I sit next to her and she throws her legs on top of mine, I pat her calf and with my other hand caress her face, still sticky from the previous bout of tears. "Jess, how about we play chess".

Jessica: "Jay, you know I'm not good at playing chess".

Jason: "Do you know if you become proficient in chess you can make better decisions in life? Life is like a board of chess, you have to choose which piece to move."

Jessica: "I never thought about that, can you teach me instead of just making me look like a fool?"

Jason: "Is there anything I wouldn't do for my little sis?" I playfully pat her calf and jiggle it teasing her.

Jessica: "Hey, I know I need to workout a little more, don't make me self conscious right now". Jason smiles and jiggles my calf one more time.

Jason: "sis, you know you have a fit body, it reflects the sports you play, you are a very beautiful girl, haven't you noticed the genes our parents gave us?" I have a grin on my face.

Jessica: "Ok, I believe you, you are my brother and have never lied to me, never lie to me just to make me feel better, promise? I remember Becca's strong muscles and I don't have that.

Jason: "I will always be here for you, no matter if you like the truth or not, I'll make sure to guide you as best as I can." Jessica smiles and gives me a big, loud kiss on my cheek.

Jessica: I don't know how my brother does it, but I am having such a good time, I don't care what the future holds for me.

After a few hours they go back home.

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Re: Siblings

It's a very good start to the chap. I love the way Jason comforts his sister and the way Jessica looks to be comforted.


August 3, 2020 4:14 pm  #9

Re: Siblings

Jason got back home, he changed to a burned yellow short sleeve silk shirt and a pair of khaki cotton pants, with a pair of brown suede shoes. Jessica didn't bother to change, she kept her tank top and denim boyfriend shorts with a casual pair of tennis shoes.
Rebecca arrives, as expected, Jason opens the door, stunned at what he saw, she is wearing a white, short sleeve crop top, a pair of mid thigh linen shorts, and a pair of kitten heeled shoes, that enhance her already fit legs.

Jason: "Hey Becca, come in". Jessica stands nearby.
Rebecca: "I thought we were going out somewhere." Jason motions a seat.
Jason: "Jess has something to tell you, let me know what you think".
Rebecca is feeling uneasy. Jessica comes closer and sits next to Jason: "Becca, I noticed last night how Dante looked at you, and you didn't back him off".
Rebecca: "I didn't mean to be rude to your boyfriend Jess".
Jessica: "That's why you acted like you liked it?"
Rebecca seems surprised and a little nervous. Jason: "Is it true Becca, you kept the door open for him to flirt with you? Are we not serious enough to see ourselves married in a couple of years?"
Jessica:  "I have been seriously been thinking about ending my relationship with Dante, this is not acceptable"
Rebecca's eyes slowly start to get full of tears, Jason is surprised, he has never seen her before like this.
Jason: "I think we should pause this relationship to think if it's really what we are looking for, if it's worth it, if we will be true to each other."
These words stabbed Rebecca's heart, she couldn't even control the strong wave of emotion that rushed through her body. Her face started to contort, her lips forming a pouty lip curl, her eyebrows frowned, her eyes still clear, suddenly released gallons of tears, wetting her entire face.
Jason couldn't see Rebecca like this, his heart won, he got up, approached where Becca was seating, knelt in front of her, his elbows on her thighs, and his hands went to her face, he softly cupped her cheeks and tenderly wiped her tears that were rolling down her cheeks, after wiping her tears, he placed a thumb on her pouty lips caressing them. Before getting up, he patted both her thighs, smiled softly, squeezed and jiggled them, and leaned on them to get up.

Rebecca got up as well and went in for a hug, Jason opened his arms and allowed Becca to hide her face in the crook of his neck, feeling her tears drop on his skin. He kept hugging her for a couple of minutes as she endlessly cried. Jason felt like crying too, but he suppressed it, he needed to make his point stand, even if he was failing.

Rebecca finally stopped crying, got up, her face with several tear streaks, not bothering to wipe her face said: "I guess I should have been more firm, I"ll accept your proposal and think about everything, how will I know when to come or when to expect you to go to my place?"
Jason felt this was a positive answer, as she hinted she wanted to be with him, this gave Jason the impulse to kiss a couple of tears from her eyes and cheeks, wiping the remaining traces of tears afterwards: "There you go, no signs that you just cried, Becca, I love you with all my heart, but I don't want to live with the uncertainty that you will not be faithful to me, do you understand this part? It's not that I want to be apart, I just want to know we are for each other."

At this point Jessica started crying as well. Rebecca turns to leave. Jessica goes to hold Jason, preventing him from stopping Becca. As soon as the door closes, Jason's eyes fill with tears, his lips quiver, his chin trembles. Jessica cups his cheeks and swipes her thumbs across his still dry cheeks. Jason corresponds, but he does wipe away a few tears from his sister's face.
Jessica: "You can let it out, better out than in. You know I'm here for you always, to hold you, to make you laugh, to tease you, to cuddle when you need it most, to wipe your tears, to ease your burden. Don't stop the tears, I'd love to see your precious tears roll down your cheeks, I'd love to see you smile afterwards, I want you to be happy, release all sadness away, let your tears wash away the sadness inside you. Jason's first tears start to roll down the middle of his eyes, Jessica catches them at the middle of his cheeks with her thumbs, clearing the streak they left with the back of her delicate fingers.
As Jason starts to sob, tears start escaping his eyes from the outer corner of his eyes, as well as on the previously traced path and a new streak next to the one in the middle of his eyes.

Jessica: "That's ok, Jay, don't refrain yourself, you're safe with me". I continued wiping Jason's tears, he went in for a hug, but he let his full weight on me, I guided him to the couch, I gently placed him on my lap, and he, childishly wrapped one arm around my thighs and the arm that was on his bottom he wrapped it around my calf, strongly holding my body with his hands as his sobs made my whole body tremble.

Jason: I felt extremely sad about what just happened with Becca, I never saw it coming, fortunately my sister Jess is here comforting me, I feel very relieved when she wipes my tears, now I feel safe in her delicate body as she holds me, I feel cozy feeling her abs tremble with my sobs, her thighs molding against my hands as my tears run smoothly on her silky, warm skin, her calves jiggling against my hand as my whole body shivers with wracking sobs.

Jessica: I start caressing his hair and rubbing circles on his back, he eventually calms down and sits up. We have a laugh as he sees my tear streaked face and I point him that he is not that far behind.

Jason: We lovingly wipe each other's tears and give a warm hug. She pats my thigh and says: "I see you are yourself again, be the brave and bold brother I have always admired. And remember, I am here, always, to hold you when you fall and to wipe your tears when you are ready to go on."

Night time comes, time to sleep.

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Re: Siblings

I LOVED this chapter. esp the part when Jason was comforted by Becca. It was a sweet touching moment.


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