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April 16, 2020 6:06 pm  #31

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Superman's POV:

Diana went after Bruce, so I took the iniative to use my x-ray vision and enhanced hearing to find Selina, I know I am not supposed to use them for selfish purpose but I felt the need to help my friend.

I managed to hear her voice afar, so I went out of church and followed her voice, while heading out I saw Arthur leaving as well.

I reached in a couple of seconds, again, shouldn't have used  my powers, I saw Selina with her hair as if her hands had been running constantly through it. I knocked, pretending I didn't see her through the wall,  she opened the door, her hair was tousled, her face looked distressed, a detail that caught my attention was that she was wearing a dress she almost never used, It was a black dress with two splits, revealing her bare thighs, a pronounced cleavage, a green belt that pronounced her small waist.

I bluntly ask "why did you leave Bruce waiting, with everyone there, without notice". Selina stood silent, at the doorstep, I think I saw the sparkle of tears in her eyes, but I couldn't be sure, her face seemed angry, yet, frustrated, I don't know, Selina has always been difficult to read. She hesitated, but decided to let me in. I think I can see impotence in her face and now I can definitely see tears trying to stick out of her eyes.

I am surprised, Selina is not a crier, I go softer on her, I didn't expect this reaction, I walk towards her, she turns and goes to a small couch and lets herself fall on it. I softly say: "I know we are not even close to being best friends but, if Bruce loves you, you can count on me". I saw Selina gulp, trying to dissolve the knot that was forming in her throat and willing her tears to go back in. All I could do was sit on the floor in front of her and say: "I know it can feel shameful, weak, not good at all, but be sure that you'll feel lighter and better after crying... especially if you have a friend to support and hold you".

Selina seemed to falter, tears surfaced faster in her eyes, threatened to spill over. I touched her knee and my hand rested there, I said: "It's ok to cry, the secret is safe with me". As I said this I gently squeezed her knee reassuringly, this triggered a river of tears to rush down Selina's cheeks. I could tell she was containing her emotions inside her still, as her breathing pattern felt as if she was forcing It to remain steady. I gently caressed her thigh, then suddenly patted it once and squeezed it softly while standing up, I didn't wait for a reaction, I couldn't help but think of Bruce and how he would feel if he saw Selina like this, I approached her face with both my hands and very delicately, cupped her face and wiped her tear streaked cheeks. I said: "Don't hold anything back Sel, trust me, it's better."

Silent sobs started to make her body tremble and violently shake, I hugged her with one arm while still wiping her tears with my free hand. When the sobs ended, her face was very flushed and she wouldn't make eye contact, I whispered to her ear: "Don't feel bad, you are human, you know, you are not the first girl who cries, and if it makes you feel better, you are not the first girl whose tears I've wiped and whose trembling body I have embraced."

Selina smiled reassured, and looked at me, I wiped the leftover tears from her face and I told her to think what she was doing, asked her if she would be ok. She said: "Thank you for being so supportive when I was most vulnerable, I have to confess no man had ever done that for me, I have always cried alone, I was ashamed anyone could see me like this, but if I am honest, I felt comforted being held while I sobbed, and I felt a rush of adrenaline when you wiped my tears, thank you for doing so, I have to really think about my future, don't tell Bruce what happened here".


April 22, 2020 4:51 pm  #32

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Mon El's POV:

I go to the wedding, accompanied by Imra but not as a significant other, I saw Barry, Kal and Diana, Oliver and Dinah, Arthur and Mera, among other, I was looking for Kara, I couldn't find her, so I took a seat and waited to see if she arrived or moved if she was there. After quite a while, it seemed like an eternity, I see Bruce go inside the back of the church, I see Diana run after him, I see Kal go outside, I see Arthur going out as well, followed a few steps behind by Mera and I hear a sob that I am almost sure came out from Kara.

I take a look at the now chaotic church, I see Kara sitting, curling in fetal position, starting to tremble, I go to her side and sit right next to her, she was wearing a pink dress that showed her soft calves and lace. I gently caress her calf, as it was over the bench, trying to catch her attention, it seems as if she didn't even notice my presence there, I press my hand a few times squeezing her calf, feeling her silky skin and her relaxed muscle jiggle against my hand. she turns her head to see who it was, before giving her time to react, I go and kneel in front of her face, cupping it with both hands, leaving her no option but to look at me.

She saw who I was and her eyes widened, I could see tears filling her beautiful eyes, I caressed her cheeks with my thumbs and kissed her pouty lips as I said, no one else is watching, we are practically alone. I could see the teardrops forming in her eyes, clinging to her eyelashes, acquiring the globe form as more liquid was produced, and finally, unable to stay there, sliding down her beautiful cheeks, leaving trails behind as proof that she is crying.

I was dumbfounded, even though I know Kara to be sensitive and very kind, I had never seen her cry like this, I once comforted her when she was sad, but she didn't cry then, I froze, my hands remained cupping Kara's cheeks until, I felt a wetness in my thumbs and indexes. Without thinking I started to wipe Kara's warm tears, I felt her relax and her face made a small smile. That gesture reassured me, so I sat her up, I continued to kneel in front of her and continued to wipe the tears from her lovely face, I attentively wiped a tear from the outer corner of her eye, then another one from the middle of her other cheek, then one next to the one in the middle of her cheek.

At one point her face had several tear streaks and I noticed someone coming from behind her so, trying my best to protect Kara from shame, I wiped from the inner corner of her eyes to the outer corner of her eyes, clearing all traces that she had been crying, and I hugged her. I think this was a bad move, when I hugged her she started sobbing and I could feel heavy tears landing on my shoulder. To my surprise the two persons coming toward way were James Olsen and Winn Schott, James stood next to me, while Winn, went all the way around to be at my other side.

I didn't know how to react, I wanted to keep Kara's privacy, but at the same time, I didn't know how much to let them into Kara's personal space. I guess she felt them too, as, when they were at my sides Kara broke the hug. Trying to keep her image I immediately wiped her tears with my thumbs, sliding them from the outer corners of her eyes in a diagonal downward motion to her lips trying to clear her face as much as possible.
Seems my efforts were unsuccessful as large teardrops fell down her cheeks leaving several thick streaks behind. I didn't know how to react, she did not wipe her tears, a couple of tears later, both Winn and James approached slowly and wiped her tears, one from each cheek. Kara was still with pouty lips but no longer sobbing.

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January 23, 2021 6:32 pm  #33

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman's POV:

Bruce has his face lowered, seems he is ashamed for crying in front of me, I start feeling a bit uncomfortable, what if I was too straightforward, was he ready for me to wipe his tears? I start thinking, and my mind drifted to the moment he almost made me cry, we were trying to make up a plan to make Kal snap back to his senses when he was reanimated after being killed, Bruce was nasty and straightforward, I was just trying to help when he snapped back at me with the Steve issue I had still unresolved.

I wonder what would have happened if I cried at that moment, would Arthur comfort me, or would Barry quickly come and hug me, maybe Victor? I don't think Bruce would be the one, considering how harsh he was at the moment. I start to feel empathy for Bruce, I am pretty sure he is hard because he lost his parents when he was a child, he never gave himself the opportunity to be with someone in a personal relationship, and now that he does for the first time, he is stood up, abandoned, alone, ashamed in public, what else could go wrong at this moment for him?

I allow myself to open up with him, he needs this right now, he doesn't need to feel judged, I don't have to pretend anything. My eyes start slowly filling up with tears, not for me this time, I am feeling for him, eventually tears overflowed my eyes, rolling down the middle of my cheeks, as in unison, in a single streak, I don't feel overwhelmed or anxious, I am just feeling what he feels. Bruce still has his face lowered, I gently take his right hand with my left, waiting for a reaction, he is blushing once more but still is not looking at me, I slowly raise his hand, take it with both hands, open it, caress the back of it with my right hand, I feel his heart pumping faster, I bring it to my left cheek and softly slide the pads of his fingers from under my eye to where my chin begins, tracing and drying my tear streak until it catches the teardrop. I release his hand and smile, he slowly looked up to meet my eyes, surprise could be read in his eyes and face. He surprised me this time, as he took my left hand and brought it to his face, imitating my gesture, I felt a hot tear trail from his shaved cheek all the way down to his chin, he held my hand for a few seconds there, I felt a tear catching up, it rolled all the way to my fingers.

What he did next surprised me even more, he looked at my right cheek, as another tear was falling he leaned and tried to kiss it, barely missing, kissing my tear streak instead. He aimed lower and this time he kissed my small tear at lip level, drying my tear streak with the back of his hand. My heart started pounding, the legendary Batman was being extremely sensitive, I couldn't avoid a big smile as we hugged and our tears mingled in each other's cheeks. 

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