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April 3, 2021 4:40 pm  #31

Re: Siblings

Jason gets out of the vehicle, calls 911 to get an ambulance, gets over to the other side of the car, passing by the driver's seat, quickly checking Dante, seeing him leaning on the steering wheel, on the copilot's seat he sees Jessica, still, sitting straight, silent tears streaking her cheeks, he leans towards her and softly wipes her tear streaked cheeks, knowing he still has to check on Becca, he goes to the back seat, opening the door and seeing Becca, in shock, not moving an inch, a blank expression on her face, he leans towards her, caresses her face and asks her "How are you feeling?". Becca bursts in tears sobbing loudly, all the stress slamming her soul suddenly, Jason lovingly leans to kiss her tears from her cheeks, wiping the rest of her tears and streaks trying to clear her face from tears, but new ones are replacing the first tears.

Not a minute passed when the EMTs arrived, one experienced guy in his early 40's, a younger EMT-intermediate on his late 20's and a young 17 year old girl who is studying to become an EMT. The one in charge briefly assesses the situation and tells the EMT to take care of the girl in the copilot seat and he went straight to the driver. The girl went to Jason to start asking fact finding questions, after the quick initial ABC assessment, seeing no compromise in the airways, breathing and circulation, they started to extract Dante and both guys took him to the ambulance, meanwhile the girl opened the copilot's door, barely leaning on Jessica's thigh (making sure she doesn't get hurt) she offered words of comfort, and, seeing her silent tears, she instinctively brought both her hands (she hadn't put her gloves yet) to her cheeks and tenderly wiped her cheeks clean of tears. The guys came back and each checked a girl, the young guy went to Becca and they decided to place a collar to Jess first, and immobilize her on the board, Becca wasn't really injured and could even walk, but they decided to take her anyways to discard internal bleeding.

A backup ambulance came so they each took two patients, the girls went on the first one and the guys on the second one, which was driven by a guy in his lower 30's, and the two EMTs were female in their 20's, Jason was only taken for a checkup to discard internal damage, so he seated on the corner of the ambulance, while the two girls took care of Dante, who, seeing the dimension of his mistake, started crying, trying to suppress tears with all his will, he felt ashamed crying in front of both girls. The one who was filling the medical sheet took her gloves off, especially since there were no bodily fluids, to write more comfortable. The other one was busy enough taking vitals and other injuries. When the one who wrote the sheet finished, she went back to the patient, seeing him in tears broke her heart and she told him that every thing would turn out just fine as she slowly wiped the tears that slowly crawled down the outer corners of his eyes.


April 3, 2021 8:21 pm  #32

Re: Siblings

This was really heart wrenching (in a good way). I could picture every detail like I was a fly from above watching the whole accident and aftermath. Those are my favorite tears to wipe (the emotinal ones, which warrant the most comforting,) Hate to see anyone in pain though,; whether it be physical or emotional. (kind of contradictory).


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