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June 9, 2021 2:48 pm  #1

ARO: Possible meeting

Ray's POV:

Christina makes an unexpected trip to Northern California to see your grandfather, since he is over 100, he is delicate and you are worried about him. By chance I am working in Los Angeles with a friend of mine, when you send me a message telling me you are around, I get a train ticket for the weekend to go and meet you, we meet in Saint Frank Coffee in Polk Street in the early morning, as it is the least crowded hour, knowing you will be sensitive because of your grandpa. I arrive early (as usual), I see you get in the coffee shop and I wave at you, you approach me, I get up and give you a tight hug, we sit, I am facing the door (I don't like giving my back to entrances) and you sit in front of me, giving your back to everyone else (as the tables are at the borders of the shop).

I ask you how do you feel, you tell me you feel pretty excited to meet me, but at the same time worried about your grandpa, when you say this could be the last time you see him, I see your eyes fill with tears, I lean on the table and touch your shoulder as I say: "It's ok, the shop is empty and the barista is too far to notice you crying". With that, knowing how you trust in me, you stop holding your tears in and allow big, round, hot tears fall unchecked down your cheeks. I am stunned as, even though I have seen you cry in a video, I had never seen you cry in front of me, I see a tear from the middle of each cheek leave a thick streak as they are rolling slowly down your face, I lean a little further and gently pull you by the shoulder I was touching as I bring my other hand to your cheek.

When you feel the back of my fingers wiping your tear streak drying it all the way down until I catch the tear, the rest of your walls go down, you lean towards me, I see your lips pouting, slowly forming a curl and I bring the hand I had on your shoulder to your other cheek, wiping the tear from your chin all the way up to under your eye, drying the tear streak as well. I notice you feel like sobbing, but you are afraid of what the barista or passing by costumers might think, so I get up and gently walk you to the bathroom and we both get in, nobody noticed, the barista because he is at the center of the shop and we went through the corner, and people, because I have noticed most people in the U.S. are too focused on their business to notice anyone else.

We get in the bathroom, I lock the door and tell you: "It's ok, it's safe here, far from the rest and the outer noise will cover your sobs, feel free to sob if you like". With that, the dam breaks and tears stream down your face from everywhere, leaving several streaks on your cheeks. Knowing you like to be held when sobbing, I pull you into my arms, holding your trembling body with one arm, resting my hand on your shuddering back, feeling your sobs as I switch my other hand between caressing your hair and wiping the tears from the outer corner of your eye. You pull your face from my shirt to take a breath, I hold both your shoulders as I get emotional seeing you so sad, I take a quick look at your entire face and gently approach and kiss a tear from each cheek, wiping the rest of your tears and streaks with my thumbs, from the inner corner to the outer corner of your cheeks.

You continue sobbing and bury your face in my chest again, I hold you in my arms the same way as before, and you feel a tear that is not yours landing on your cheek, surprised you break the hug and look at me, I have one thin tear streak on one of my cheeks and my eyes are watery, you stay like that, you freeze, I feel your heartbeat start to increase, you get a little anxious, not knowing how I will react, even though we have been friends for a while, it's not the same online and writing as being there in front of each other. I stop blinking, forcing a second tear to leave my eye, as I know there will be no more tears, you slowly and hesitantly lift your hand to my cheek, still doubting if you are allowed to wipe my tear or not, I lean my face to your thumb and rub my cheek against it, wiping my tear against your thumb. I see a smile forming in your face in spite of your sadness.

Seeing my watery eyes made you shed another wave of tears, this time you were not sobbing anymore, it was more emotional tears for seeing me, you had already released your issue. I gently wipe streak after streak of tears from the inner corner of your cheeks, the middle and the outer corner of your eyes, clearing the tear streak until I catch the tear, alternating between my thumbs, the pads of my fingers and the back of my fingers. You smile as you are enjoying me wiping your tears, your joy becomes too much that you stop crying.

My eyes are no longer watery and there is no trace that I shed tears, your eyes are a little bit puffy and red, but I took care of the rest of the signs that you had been crying. We leave the bathroom, order a great cup of coffee and a frozen chai (that's the closest to ice cream I could get you there) and a couple of cookies. We chat for a little while longer, then you had to go back to do your errands, I give you a tight hug and a kiss on your cheek, I can still feel the slight wetness that your tear streak had there minutes earlier, giving me goosebumps, caress both your cheeks and look straight in your eyes, as I say: "hope to see you again". With that your eyes become watery once more, I smile and say: "Are you this sweet, are you giving me goodbye tears so I don't forget?" I see you smile and you let a couple of thin lukewarm tears fall down your cheeks. I, without even thinking, react kissing one from the middle of your cheek, wiping the other one with the pad of my thumb, tracing the streak until I catch the tear. You tremble slightly as, for the first time in your life, someone has taken care of your tears and comforted you like you have always dreamed.


June 9, 2021 3:10 pm  #2

Re: ARO: Possible meeting

i loved when Ray was caressing Christina's hair and wiping her tears while holding her against his chest. I also loved that he shed tears openly for her and even let her wipe them (even guiding her to do so).

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June 9, 2021 8:44 pm  #3

Re: ARO: Possible meeting

Christina's POV:

I decided it was high time I made a trip to California to see my grandfather. He was over 100 and in poor health. I decided to message you telling you I was going to be around; who knows when we'd be that close again. You messaged me back and to my surprise you told me you were in LA on a  business trip and would love to stop up for a visit. You decided to catch the next train up to Northern California. We decided to meet at a local coffee shop. When I arrived I saw you already sitting there wondering how long you had been waiting. You waved at me as I rushed over to your table in excitement. You got up and we both hugged before we both sat down; you pulling out my chair like a gentleman.

We started chatting, just some small talk. You asked me how I was doing. I said that I was excited to be meeting you but worried about my grandfather's failing health (the real reason for my trip). A tear sprang to my eyes thinking this may be the last time I'll see him. Noticing the tears filling my eyes you tried to comfort me by telling me its ok if I needed to cry. Putting my full trust in you, and the fact that my tears were already on the edge of my lashes, I finally decided to stop holding back and let my tears flow down my cheeks unchecked. You've never seen me cry in real life before so I began to blush. I then debated trying to hold back any more tears but just then I saw you lean over the table and gently place one hand on my shoulder and the other on my tear stained cheek.

I could feel your fingers slowly tracing one of the thick tear streaks that was running down my left cheek. I couldn't help myself but lean in just a bit closer. With that I could feel my walls slowly starting to break. My lip finally started to curl. Before I realized it I could feel your other hand on my right cheek this time drying all the tears off starting at my chin and ending at just below my eye. At that I tried my hardest not to sob as I was afraid others might hear. You could see my hesitation so you quickly and discretely grabbed my hand and led me to the restroom for a bit more privacy. Once inside I asked if anyone saw us. You told me you doubted it as everyone looked too busy to be paying us any attention. I was sure hoping you were right.

You quickly locked the door and I felt a little more at ease. You saw more tears filling my eyes and you told me it was ok to cry if I'd like as you hated to see me holding in my pain. That was it. I could no longer hold my tears back so I decided to stop fighting it and just let them flow. Thick, hot tears started flowing down my face from all directions. Before I knew it you then pulled me into a hug; I guess you remembered when I told you that's how I like to be comforted. With that I completely let my guard down and began sobbing uncontrollably. I then felt you take one hand off my back and start running it through my hair which I found very comforting. You then took your other hand and began wiping the thick tears from the corner of my right eye. After a minute I had to lift my head to take a breath. I didn't realize how hard I had my face pressed junto your chest. With that you removed both your hands and placed them on my shoulders to get a better look at my face. You immediately started looking into my eyes and you seemed to be getting a bit emotional yourself. You took a deep breath and began kissing my tears away. I was blown away by how comforting that felt as no-one had ever done that before. Then you thumbed the rest of my tears away that were still lingering on my face.

That was so comforting that new tears began to spring to my eyes and I quickly buried my face in your chest again. This time, however, was different. Not only was I making a mess crying all over you but I also felt something unfamiliar. My hot tears were getting mixed with a few cold tears that were landing on my cheek. As I broke the hug I looked into your face only to realize that the tears were not just mine anymore but also that of yours. I never saw you cry before so I was taken aback. For a minute I just stood there staring at the tears sparkling in your eyes and the single thin tear making its way down your cheek. I was not sure if I should wipe it or not even though I was dying to comfort you. I didn't want to scare you away as this would be my first time comforting you in real life. I then noticed you forcing out the rest of your tears and letting them run down your face unchecked. I couldn't take it anymore and despite my better judgement  lifted my hand nervously to your right cheek. You then took my hand in yours and pressed it onto your cheek wiping your tears against my hand. I guess this was a signal that it was ok to wipe your tears. I couldn't help but let out a little smile through my tears.

Being the empath that I was, and seeing your tears made my eyes fill up with tears again. As I let my tears flow unchecked down my face I couldn't help but get a strong desire to comfort you again. I lifted my right hand up to your left eye and began using the pad of my thumb to clear away every tear as well as the streaks running down your cheeks. Then I alternated and began wiping the tears from your right eye with my left hand. Your tears didn't seem to last long as they were already drying up.

Drying the last of your tears I pulled my hand away to get a better look at your face. It didn't even look like you had been crying at all. I doubted I looked that good as I could still feel tear streaks drying on my cheek and my vision was still slightly blurred. You then slowly wiped the rest of my tear streaks with the pads of your thumbs saying how you knew how I'd hate for anyone to notice I had cried. It was a very sweet gesture. As soon as all my tear streaks were wiped clean we left the bathroom. We decided to stay a bit longer to chat so we ordered a couple coffees and some cookies. After a little while of lighthearted conversation I decided it was time for me to get back to my errands that I had purposely  been neglecting due to our meeting. I really hated to leave. We both stood up giving eachother a hug. Just before we pulled away you surprised me with a friendly kiss on the cheek. Feeling a slight dampness still left on my cheek you shuddered just a little. As we parted ways and said our goodbyes I could feel newly forming tears springing to my eyes. I hoped you didn't notice but then half jokingly you asked if I  was giving you something to think about later. I smiled just as a couple thick tears made their way out of my eyes and down my cheeks. I was comfortable enough that I just decided to let them flow unchecked. With that you leaned in kissing a still falling tear from my right eye and thumbing away a tear from my left. That gave me goosebumps and made me shiver slightly as I was finally being comforted as I had always dreamed.

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June 10, 2021 3:28 pm  #4

Re: ARO: Possible meeting

Ray's POV:

A couple of weeks go by, I haven't had any notice from Christina, and, after two weeks, she texts me, "I'll be leaving tomorrow, I wish I could say goodbye to you."

This time I am a little farther, so, I cancel my scheduled errands for the day and take the 8 hour non stop drive to San Francisco. I text her telling her I'll meet her before she goes to the airport.

I drive from noon until 8, text her telling her I just arrived, she decided to meet me that night, I sent her the location, she arrived in around an hour and we went to the hotel's bar (the restaurant had just closed).

We ordered non alcoholic beverages and, as soon as we sat, she got emotional, she ordered something a little bit stronger and, I noticed she had tears in her eyes and was swallowing a lump in her throat, in my experience she wanted to sob but was refraining because we were in a public place, I softly caress her cheek and ask her if she wants to go to my room, she agrees. I take her hand and walk her to my room.

Once inside and alone, I still see she is holding back, I try to get her to ease: " Why are you holding back? We are in the privacy of the room, nobody is around, plus, I have already seen you sobbing with tears streaming all over your face, or, was I really that bad comforting you, didn't you like how I kissed and tenderly wiped your tears?" Your eyes quickly filled with tears and they started to spill unchecked down your cheeks. I caress your lips with the tips of my index and middle fingers then kiss a tear from your cheeks, wiping the rest, streak after streak.

You answer: "I don't want the last image you have of me crying, but I don't know when I will see you again, you are such a good friend" you start to sob, I hug you and hold you tight against my chest, caressing your hair and, every now and then wiping a tear from the outer corner of your eye all the way down to your chin.  You ask me: " I would love to take care of your tears one last time, would you be willing to shed at least one for me?"

I stop blinking, trying to force a tear, until eventually one slowly falls through my eyelashes. You take care of my tears and eventually tell me you have to leave.

* This has many gaps for you to fill.

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June 10, 2021 3:49 pm  #5

Re: ARO: Possible meeting

Ill write Christina's pov when I have a few free min. This chapter gave me goosebumps even though it kind of felt unfinished like I know where I could add some details in the next pov.


June 12, 2021 3:00 am  #6

Re: ARO: Possible meeting

Christina's POV:

I haven't had time to talk to Ray since our tearful meeting at the beginning of my trip, but since I was leaving the next day I couldn't leave without saying goodbye so I texted him. I told him how I'd hate to leave without saying goodbye as I was leaving in the morning.

I wasn't sure if another meeting was possible as he wasn't in LA anymore. His work meeting was long since over and he had traveled back home. Just then I got a text saying he had cancelled all his plans to drive the 8hrs to see me one last time.

He texted me when he arrived. He told me he had gotten a hotel in San Francisco for the night and would love me to stop by. Although it was already 8pm I dropped everything and drove the hr to see him.

We ended up at the hotel's bar as the restaurant had just closed. We had to order something while we sat so we ordered non alcoholic drinks as I couldn't afford a hangover the next day. He pulled  out my chair as we got to the table. Always the gentleman. I didn't think such a small gesture would make me so emotional but as I was scooting myself in I could feel a lump forming in my throat. I swallowed hard a couple times but that only brought tears to my eyes. I didn't want to break down again. Not only because we were in public but also because I didn't want the last memory he had of me to be a sad one. I guess he could sense my sorrow as just then he leaned  across the table and began to caress my still dry cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. He then asked me if it'd be better if we went to his room as it was more private. I quickly agreed and we stood up. He took my hand and led me to his room ( a gesture of a true gentleman).

As soon as we got into his room I could feel my walls starting to break. I was desperately trying to hold back not wanting to spoil the evening with my pending emotions. I guess he could see me fighting my emotions and asked me why I was doing so. Why I wasn't just letting gmyself feel. He reminded me that we were now alone in the privacy of his room and that he had already seen me cry. I guess he was hoping that would help me lower my walls. He then asked me if I liked how he had previously comforted me. Half joking he then asked me if he was really a terrible comforter. Remembering how he had previously comforted me made my eyes fill up with tears again. This time it was too much and I just let them spill unchecked down my cheeks. With that he lifted his left hand and used the pads of his fingers to caress my pouting lips. He then leaned even closer and gently kissed a rather large tear from my right cheek.

I blushed a little, finally telling him that I didn't want his last memory of me to be a sad one. One in which I was crying, but that I didn't want to leave such a good friend not knowing when or if I'd ever see him again (in person). With that he pulled me into a hug and held me tight against his chest. He then removed one hand from my back and ran it through my hair ever so delicately. He then took his other hand and wiped a still falling tear from my left eye also drying the thick streak it left behind. Then without even thinking I quickly asked him if he wouldn't mind crying for me one last time so I could take care of his tears the way he just took care of mine.

Seeing how his eyes already appeared slightly damp from seeing me cry I hoped I wasn't asking too much. As I lifted my head slightly from his chest to get a better look at his face I could see he was trying to force a tear for me. He stopped blinking and I could see the tears in his eyes begin to fill up even more. My heart began to race. I wondered if he was really going to let one fall. Just then the small tear that was  hanging on his left eyelash finally lost it's battle with gravity and started rolling down his face; stopping mid cheek. I admired it along with the thin streak it left behind. I then raised my right hand to his cheek and  thumbed away the now cold tear then I followed the tear streak  back up to just under his eye also with the pad of my thumb.  After a min I realized he weren't going to shed any more tears so I released the hug. We stood there and chatted for a few more min before I told him I had to leave. It wasn't that I wanted to but I had an hr drive back to my grandfather's house to get my luggage before my early morning flight and it was already almost midnight.

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